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Friday, June 25, 2010

Domo Arigato: Joe from Sandlot-o

Today I received a package from Joe over at The Sandlot. In May, Joe generously held a free six box group break. Here are the 6 boxes he broke and a breakdown of what he sent:

1992 Score series 1 (21 cards, including Henderson, McGwire, Weiss, Eck, & Baines)

1996 Emotion-XL (4 cards - one of my favorite sets from the 90's - love the matted look)

1997 Metal Universe (5 cards - these cards are so unique)

1998 SPx (1 card - my Ryan Christensen was numbered to 2,500)

2002 Upper Deck Vintage (10 cards - I love the 1971 Topps Set & I love this one too)

2003 Topps Chrome (3 cards - What are the odds that I received a Byrnes? One of my favorite A's of all time)

As you can see, I was lucky enough to secure my favorite team, the Oakland A's. I was impressed by both the generosity and box selection of the break. Thanks Joe for helping me add to my growing A's collection. My doubles will be going straight into the hands of my summer school students, who will hopefully become collectors themselves one day.

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