Thursday, September 7, 2023

Flea Market Finds #159: Vintage, Junk Wax, and a Cool Mug

Hello there.  Sorry I haven't been very present in the card blogosphere the past few weeks.  Life happens.

I'll spare the explanations and excuses.  Most of you who check out this blog know the deal.  Let's get to the collectible stuff.

This past weekend, I hit up the De Anza Flea Market.  I planned this trip out earlier in the week and set aside a few hours in my schedule.

In recent trips, this flea market hasn't been that good.   Although it reopened after the lockdown over a year ago... it has struggled to lure both vendors and visitors... and seemed to be clinging to life.  I'm happy to report aisles were filled with collectibles and people treasure hunting.

Made a purchase within a few minutes into the walk and it involved one of my favorite things to collect...

Purchase #1Vintage Cards $5

An older gentleman I hadn't seen before had a bunch of unopened wax boxes from the early 90's.  The only thing I was remotely interested in was a box of 1990 Pro Set PGA Tour cards.  Next to them were three monster boxes with dollar packs.  One of these boxes had a bunch of cheap, pre-priced vintage in top loaders.  I ended up pulling out two cards

1964 Topps #246

I've always pictured Mota as a Dodger.  This card will be a healthy reminder that he was a Pirate too.

1956 Topps #7

I bought this card thinking #15 in the front row was Bart Starr.  It's not.  It's Paul HeldStarr was drafted in 1956, but didn't show up on a Topps card until the following season.  There are at least two hall of famers featured on this card though:  Jim Ringo and Bobby Dillon.  Possibly more.

The back features two more hall of famers names:  Don Hutson and Tony Canadeo.

Purchase #2San Francisco Postcards $5

Two rows over, there was a family with a bunch of garage sale stuff.  The father had a box of old stereoscope photos and postcards.  There were hundreds of them related to San Francisco, but I narrowed my stack down to these five:

I couldn't find any dates on these, but the guy said they were likely from the 50's or 60's... maybe even a little earlier.  His asking price was a little steep ($3 each), but thankfully he accepted my $5 counteroffer.

Purchase #3One Lone Curry Card $1

The postcard guy's son had a few stacks of cards (wrapped in rubber bands).  I found two... but this is the only one he'd let me have for a buck:

2021-22 Panini Hoops Slam #193

Like father, like son... his asking prices were a bit extreme.  Both cards I pulled were Steph cards.  He wanted $5 for one of them and $3 for this one.  After I was about to leave empty-handed, he told me he'd take my dollar for this one.

Purchase #4Pac-Man Beer Mug $3

I have way too many mugs sitting around.  Probably because I just can't say "no" to cool mugs with affordable price tags at the flea market.

Purchase #5One Lone Junk Wax Pack $5

1989 Donruss Value Pack

As I was walking down the last two rows... there was a guy with some clothes, books, and cd's laid out in rows on the ground.  I strolled down the cd aisle and saw a box with some late 80's rack packs.  All of them had at least one star showing.  There were three that stood out.  One was a 1990 Fleer with Gwynn on top.  Another was a 1989 Topps with a Nolan Ryan showing.  However the guy wouldn't budge off from his $5 per pack asking price, so I put both of those back and took home The Kid.

That'll wrap up my recent trip to the flea market.  There were actually two more purchases (a succulent and a pot) made on this trip, but I gave them to my friend's mom before writing this post.  Sorry about that succulent fans.

Thank you for those who have stuck around and continue to support the blog... even though posts are few and far between.  I actually have plenty to write about... including a pair of recent care packages... it's just a matter of finding time in my hectic schedule.  In fact... if it weren't for the extra day off this week... this post would have been written and published much, much later.

Okay... no more moaning and groaning.  Happy Thursday and sayonara!


Laurens said...

There is a card show seller who has a stack of Donruss rack packs from 1988 and 1989 for a dollar each - I'd like to grab an 1989 to see if I can pull a Griffey Jr. for fun, but I am worried that the racks have been sequenced / searched from a long time ago.

Chris said...

Nice pickups! Love that Packers team card and the San Francisco postcards. A sealed Griffey RC (and more) for $5 is a great deal too!

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

For a second I thought that 64' was a Venezuelan card.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Is funny. Mota's 63 and 64 cards both use the same photo of him in a Giants uniform.

Also, those postcards are fantastic. I've got a post scheduled of a bunch of similar vintage (literally the same company) of Stanford and Santa Cruz. I'd've jumped all over San Francisco ones (especially the first one showing the view toward Oakland).

As for dating these, in general white bordered cards like those are pre-World War 2 and started to die out in the mid 1930s. Obviously, showing the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and Treasure Island means that the image is post-1937. There's also a hint of war-time readiness in the Liberty Ships which means that they could be early 1940s. But I'd be shocked if they were any older than 1945.

John Sharp said...

That Packers team card is really cool, and, I'd like to find that Steph Curry card.
Love the San Francisco postcards, near part of your collection.

Good Job! 👍

Elliptical Man said...

Good haul.
Griffey wins it. I like the Curry and the Pac-Man mug too.

Bo said...

I thought the ghost by Pac-Man's mouth was his tongue for a moment.

Pretty good vintage price tag on the rack pack; Long's Drug was bought by CVS a while back.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Oh nice haul. I still have your 1989 Donruss rack pack with Nolan Ryan on it that you gave me. A prized possession!

gregory said...

That Pac-Man mug wins it. Not even close. Such a cool collector's piece.

Matt said...

That Pac-Man mug is awesome! I hope your school year is going well!

dayf said...

i love old postcards and am glad i can never find them for a dollar because then i'd be extra broke

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the mug. Is it a contest?

Anonymous said...

Very cool mug and can’t go wrong with Curry pickup for $1

gcrl said...

we had a couple of those pac man mugs, along with some of the glassware that you could get at fast food places in the early 1980s. hits the nostalgia button for sure.
i like the mota, too. the first pick for the expos in the expansion draft and a sneaky lifetime .300 hitter!

The Snorting Bull said...

The Pac Man Beer Mug is incredible. That is truly a great flea market find.

Jon said...

Looking through all of those postcards must've been fun. I don't ever come across large batches like that anymore, but used to all the time when I was younger.

Fuji said...

laurens - i'd buy a few 1989 donruss racks if i could find them for a buck... just for the rainy day pack stash

chris - i'm hoping the postcard guy is back next month. i'd love to dig through the box again.

johnnys trading spot - i wish :D

nick vossbrink - thanks for the help with dating these post cards. i think you'd have a way deeper appreciation for this guy's collection... because you're more familiar with bay area history than i am. i'm sure there are some really cool ones featuring buildings that no longer exist... but i was primarily focused on the golden gate bridge

john sharp - i love that steph card. i'm actually hoping i can find the actual issue on ebay to go with it.

elliptical man - thanks. i'd rank the griffey right up there with the postcards as my favorite purchases

bo - i had a long's near my childhood home... and even got banned from it. but that's another story

sumomenkoman - oh man... i totally dropped the ball with that rack. i forgot about your nolan ryan collection. if he still has them next month, i'll grab it for you. sorry buddy.

gregory - i found two other pac-man mugs online. i think i'm gonna track them down too. if you're a big pac-man fan, there's also a cool lego set they released this year

matt - thanks. some new changes that i'm adjusting too... but otherwise it's going pretty well.

dayf - i'll see postcards at the flea market every now and then... but rarely of things i'm actually interested in. if this guy is back next month... and he still has them, i'll probably spend more money with him.

anonymous #1 - yup and you're the winner. the prize? a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog posts

matt (cardsovercoffee) - yeah... love that mug. there are at least two more that i'd like to add to my collection

gcrl - i'm trying to think if i knew he was a career .300 hitter. very cool club. now i might need to track down a few more of his cards.

the snorting bull - wow. didn't think the mug would receive so much love... but happy it did.

jon - finding collections (actually a box) of postcards like this one is pretty rare. i'm hoping he comes back next month and still has them. if he does, i'll definitely spend more time digging through them.

Nachos Grande said...

Those postcards are magnificent! Also, I'm still a sucker for Donruss packs like that with the puzzle pieces - plus, with that Griffey showing it's an easy buy!

Xavier Higgins said...

Hutson is the Original GOAT 🐐 at WR an underrated Legend much in the Same way Sterling Sharpe is overlooked as a pioneer at his position.
On the other hand Pac Man is on the Shortlist for all-time Icons of his genre and holds his place in the pantheon of Modern Pop Culture. Likewise that Mug is the undisputed champion 🏆 of this post.

Jafronius said...

That's a cool beer mug!

Big Tone said...

The ol' rack pack! I loved looking through these as a kid with my cousin checking the front and back to see If anybody good was in there 😉

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