30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Change of Heart

Brand names have played a pretty big role in my life since around the time I entered elementary school.  When it came to bikes, I didn't want a Huffy for Christmas.  I wanted a Schwinn or a GT.  Shoes?  I was a Nike guy.  Toys?  Transformers, please.  Save the Go-Bots for another kid.  I can remember being embarrassed to be seen shopping with my mom at K-Mart.

Things got progressively worse until I started working in high school and received enough paychecks to understand that money didn't grow on trees.

Reality really kicked in after my parents moved to Las Vegas and I was left to fend for myself as a first year teacher living in one of the most expensive areas in the state.  I started scouring the newspapers every Sunday for this week's bargains and sales.

Twenty years later, I still consider myself a bargain hunter.  That term especially applies to sports cards.

However just like certain brand names turned me off as a kid, there are certain things that turn me off about sports cards.  One of the first things that pops into my head is logo-less cards.

Now before I offend anyone, let me preface things by stating that I firmly believe everyone should collect whatever sports cards their hearts desire.  It's your money.  Buy whatever brings you happiness.

With that being said, I tend to spend my hard earned money on MLB licensed products.  But about a year ago, I discovered this autographed card on eBay and had change of heart:

2012 Sport Kings Series E #217
$14.99 (+ $3.50 Shipping)

The 1933 Goudey Sport Kings are one of my favorite pre-WWII sports card designs, so when I returned to the hobby back in 2008, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Dr. Brian Price had resurrected the product a year earlier.  From 2007 to 2013, In the Game produced a "living set" that honored some of the biggest names in sports.

In 2014, Brian Gray announced that Leaf had acquired the rights to Sport Kings and produced a set in 2015.  The Winfield above is a buyback autograph pulled from that product.

After that purchase, I immediately started picking up any reasonable priced 2015 Leaf Sport Kings buyback autograph from this collection I could get my hands on...

2007 Sport Kings Series A #4
$28 (+ $2.67 Shipping)

I was a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan during the 80's and 90's, so Larry Bird was one of those guys I couldn't stand.  But even Lakers fans have to admire the impact he had on the sport.  The guy is truly a legend.

2009 Sport Kings Series C #109
$13.30 (+ $3 Shipping)

Another 80's legend... Lendl held the ATP #1 ranking for 270 weeks during the decade.  I don't normally buy tennis cards, but if it's part of this set I'll make an exception.

2009 Sport Kings Series C #158
$23 (Free Shipping)

We could dwell on all of the negative press LT has received over the years, but there's only one more day left before the weekend... so let's focus on the positive.  Taylor is one of the greatest linebackers to play the game.  The guy was straight up scary.  Don't believe me?  Go search up his highlights on YouTube.

2010 Sport Kings Series D #178
$27.99 (+ $2.66 Shipping)

Finally moving out of the 80's legends and getting into the 90's.  Sakic is one of my favorite hockey players to never wear a San Jose Sharks jersey.  Not only is he the greatest player in Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche history... the guy was also a class act.

Although I don't think I've announced it, I started collecting Sakic a while back.  And this particular card is special, because it's numbered to Sakic's jersey number, so it fits into my Prime Number PC as well.

2012 Sport Kings Series E #216
$22.07 (+ $2.79 Shipping)

Carew is another guy I collect, so this when I saw this card, it was a no-brainer.  Much like the Winfield, I like how In The Game shows off part of the team logo, so it's not completely logo-less.

2013 Sport Kings Series F #277
$20 (Free Shipping)

Jack Ham was a little before my time... but I remember my father mentioning his name a lot when people talked about those great Pittsburgh Steelers teams of the 70's.  The guy was a first ballot hall of famer and was included in this set, so I'll assume he's a legend.

2013 Sport Kings Series F #300
$24.25 (Free Shipping)

Another guy I collect.  Another first ballot hall of famer.  Another partial logo.  Another happy addition to my collection.

So there you have it.  Eight autographs of eight legends featuring logo-less (or almost logo-less) cards that I was more than happy to add to my collection.  Even collectors who have very specific card collecting pet peeves can have a change of heart from time to time.

Who knows?  Maybe there's a "sticker autograph" purchase just around the corner for me.  Well... probably not.  Then again... I never thought I'd drop almost $200 on logo-less trading cards.

What about you...

Do you have any personal trading card turnoffs?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Eight cards, five sports. That's cool in itself. I would barely call those logoless. I don't care for logoless cards myself. I've purchased a small number, all Ron Santo, and that's because he's in next to no Topps products. I have sticker autos but don't like them either. I got tired of all the color variations with the same image. As you said, though, no judgment on anyone who thinks otherwise.

  2. I also would avoid logoless cards. But, really just because I have to draw the line somewhere. So, I pretend to draw that one. Although, I;m OK with logoless oddballs that you'd expect to be without a logo. But I too might have to make an exception for those cards. Amazing art, and great player selection.

  3. I like (BB) logos, but I won't hesitate a second on a card I want or need. Heck, I still build the Donruss sets.

  4. These are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them. I think my personal turn offs are Yankees cards. I'm not totally a fan of logo-less cards either, though like you I certainly respect people that do collect them.

  5. I have no problems with logoless cards. If the design looks nice I'm on board. For instance I think this year's Sage Hit football cards are not bad and I'm trying complete a player rainbow for the set

  6. What an awesome group of autos Fuji! I just scored an original 33 Sport Kings that was on my white whale list for a long time, it’s such a great set.

  7. That's an all-time great group of autos, the Sport Kings set is a beauty!

    I often avoid logoless cards, but if they're done right I'll add them to my collection. There are types of cards I dont care for - most oddballs and college issues, for example - but I can always make an exception. Also it's a turnoff for me if a player has done something like beaten his wife/girlfriend, said/done something racist, used PEDs, or other egregious acts. I dont dispose of all their cards but I dont go out of my way to get them, either.

  8. Fantastic cards-I shy away from logo less cards-though I have enjoyed the resurrection of Donruss to some degree-this year's set is attractive-and I am in to the Panini Golden Age issues-I generally avoid them as well-but if they all looked these, I would be all in

  9. I remember seeing some of these on eBay. Love the Jack Ham!

  10. The Sport Kings cards are some of the most beautiful modern cards available. I love all of those. I am planning to buy a box or two of them when the new series is released.

  11. Good stuff and those are really nice looking cards. I like the idea of a buyback, signing them, and then stamping them.

  12. I have to disagree with the sakic. We avs have had a lot of good players.













    And many more.

  13. That's a fantastic haul, especially for the price paid. Didn't know about the Buybacks, since they've never shown up on COMC, to my knowledge. But I have a couple base autos (Artis Gilmore & Jennie Finch) from after Leaf took over and for as much as dislike the company in general, the decision to issue autographs on the base cards was a brilliant one. They are quite simply some of best looking cards ever made and they somehow look even more perfect signed. 😍

  14. Hackenbush - Back in the day, I loved parallels... but it's kinda gotten crazy the last few years. I don't really chase rainbows, but it is kinda nice when you see guys like Collecting Cutch show off theirs.

    Section 36 - Yeah... I make an exception for logoless oddballs too.

    John Miller - I completely understand it. I've seen several posts this week that focused on 2018 Donruss.

    Peter K Stienberg - Thanks. As weird as this sounds... I can't stand the Yankees, but I actually enjoy their cards.

    ketchupman36 - If it's the product I think you're talking about (football in bottom lefthand corner), then I like them too. But in my humble opinion they'd be even better with team logos.

    shoeboxlegends - Thanks. Congratulations! Which one? I'm gonna guess that it's a hockey player.

    Chris - I could see where guys who do bad things would be a turnoff. Although I still buy Bonds and Clemens... I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy a player who beats up a woman or was blatantly racist. Although, I heard that Ty Cobb was racist and I'd love to add a vintage card of him to my collection one day.

    B Man - Panini Golden Age stuff rocks! There have been a handful of Panini products I've been into... like 2013 Hometown Heroes.

    The Lost Collector - Thanks.

    Matthew Scott - Ham is probably the guy I know the least about on the list... but it's still a great looking card.

    Kin - If they're affordable, I'd be interested in busting a box too.

    SumoMenkoMan - Me too. I like the Topps Archives buyback signatures too.

    Anonymous - Never said that Sakic is the only good player in Avalanche history. I just said that I think he's the greatest. But I understand if you and other hockey fans don't agree. It's an opinionated topic.

    Twitch - I'm not sure if I've ever purchased one on COMC, but I think I've seen them. Speaking of Finch... I'd love to add an autograph of her to my collection one day.

  15. Logoless can be OK if done right (like the aforementioned Golden Age and Hometown Heroes). But if the pictures are modified so much that the player looks like he's on a church softball team, then I'll pass.

    Worse than that is those autograph hits from other companies that are chopped up autographed original cards. Or autos and relics with no image of the player on them whatsoever.
    And why can't the companies at least acknowledge what they know about the swatch instead of denying any information about it at all in the disclaimers?

    A lot of points about "hits" which are such a minor part of my collecting...

    1. Great points. Agree on all accounts. Forgot about autographs that don't have the image of a player. That's worse than a logo-less photo.