30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Habits Usually Aren't Free

Our routine habits often cost us money.  $2 a day buys me coffee at 7-11 when I'm running late for work...

$4 a day takes care of my school lunch during the week...

And $30 A Week Habit took care of five cards from my wantlist:

Thank you Robert for hosting this generous 100 Word Challenge/Contest and for helping me get five steps closer to completing four different sets.  Stand by for a reciprocal PWE.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

P.S.  The Daily Dimwit is back and he's holding a contest of his own, so head over there... right now!


  1. I didn't even realize this was your 100 word post! Very sneaky. I did a 100 word post of my own but it wasn't as creative.

    The '81 Bradshaw is really nice, btw. When did Topps finally start using logos on NFL cards? And why did it take them so long?

  2. Five legends. Especially like the Arhives (?) cards.

  3. I'll echo those that said great job on your 100-word post!

  4. Nice job. I love that Early Wynn. That pic comes from one of my favorite old cards, his '53 Bowman Color. Terrific photo.

  5. I enjoyed how you tied cards into everyday life. Well done!!

  6. chris - i know that in 1982, the team's football helmet was incorporated into the card design. it's actually one of my favorite football designs of all-time. great looking set.

    sumomenkoman - thanks buddy!

    hackenbush - yeah... brought me two steps closer to completing my 2016 archives set

    kin - thanks!

    commishbob - good background knowledge... great looking photo.

    robert - thanks again for helping me with 4 sets. i'll have a care package out to you in the next month or so (most likely during my spring break)