30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, January 16, 2017

I Have a Dream...

I have a dream that one day the Oakland Athletics will actually hold onto their homegrown talent and players like Sonny Gray will one day lead the franchise back to the World Series.

I have a dream that one day there will be card shows every weekend in communities all over the country for collectors to attend and enjoy.

I have a dream that one day card companies will figure out a way to draw more kids into our hobby, so that sports cards can avoid the same fate that Pogs and Beanie Babies suffered.


I have a dream that one day Major League Baseball comes to their senses and gives Upper Deck back their license so that they can begin producing UD Masterpieces cards of Tony Gwynn again.

I have a dream that one day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream will come true.

Happy belated birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!  Although my parents will always be my personal role models and heroes, I have always held a deep admiration for you and the role you played in fighting for equal rights for America's minorities.  Thank you.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day and sayonara!


  1. It is important that this day off doesn't simply become that a day off-instead we need to always remember what this nation was like before MLK Jr and after-history's arc bends towards justice

  2. I wish Dr. King's dream could come true. Based on the posts I've seen on Facebook from some people that I ended up cutting off my friends list and others I don't know attacking my friends, I think we are farther away than ever :(

  3. Brady - well said brother

    Billy - I agree. I don't actually get a chance to see it first hand, since I live in the Bay Area where it's so diversified. However... I've had conversations where they say racism is a lot bigger of an issue in smaller towns outside of the larger communities in California. It's truly sad to hear that there's so much hate floating around in our world. So much wasted energy that could be used for something positive.