30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, November 25, 2016

Back in Black

1971 Topps #118

In the spirit of Black Friday... this post is dedicated to fans of black bordered sports cards.  I'm a little tired after attending my first San Jose Sharks game of the season, but to make up for the lack of words... I have provided you guys with some of my favorite songs that contain the word "black" in the title.

So pick a song, press play, and check out some chipped borders:

1985 Donruss Box Bottom #PC-1

1985 Topps #389

2007 Topps #40

1987 Donruss #36
1993 Diamond Marks #47

2000 Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes #GH7

2013 Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes #GH-JR

1991 Fleer Pro-Vision #6
1991 Fleer All-Star Team #5

1992 Fleer Ultra All-Star #9
1993 Fleer Major League Prospects #13

1989 Kenner SLU Baseball Greats #10

1989 Kenner SLU #85

There are plenty of other black bordered sets out there... especially since Topps insists on creating black bordered parallels for almost every set they produce.  I made the decision to leave them out... because there were just too many to scan.  And there are a few that I just don't have any examples of... most notably the 1962 Topps football and 1986/1991 Toys 'R Us Rookies baseball sets.  I'm a huge fan of both of these designs, but couldn't find any laying around.

I'm sure I also have some black bordered memorabilia cards or autographs, but most of that stuff is stored at my parent's house.  I do have this scan saved on my hard drive:

2002 UD Vintage Timeless Teams Bat Quads #2

Okay... time to head to bed.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  And...  

Did anyone hit the stores and take advantage of the Black Friday deals out there?

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I decided to surround myself with thousands of people... but it wasn't at any malls or shopping centers.  I was at the San Jose Arena watching this:

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. I used to be a nay-sayer when it came to black-bordered cards. I don't know what I was thinking.

  2. Nice idea for a post. A lot of bloggers put up music clips in between their card discussions, but I'm usually not into their choices, if I've even heard of them. But your list was epic! Will have to go watch that live show from Mit-tall-ee-kuh. Yea-AH!

  3. Metallica - Fade To Black. Yaasss! One of my favorite tracks of all time.

    Also, they are the ugliest cards ever created (except maybe 1991 Fleer baseball) but I have a sentimental attachment to 1985 Topps Football. They were the first sports cards I ever saw; my dad must have bought a pack when I was 5 because I clearly remember rifling through them in the back of my parents' station wagon. The only specific card I remember is a Bob Baumhower, though I'm 80% certain there was a Bear in there. Willie Gault maybe?

    Hope you enjoyed the Sharks game. I was so hoping they would have won the Cup last year. Tell Joe Thornton to shave that godawful beard. He's going to get fleas in that thing. Brent Burns, too.

  4. I love black bordered cards for the most part. Always liked the 71 Topps, but the 2007 cards did not do much for me. I am actually going to start a set project this next week with a black bordered set. Really sharp looking cards, excited.

  5. 9 year old Matt flipped his shit when he got his first Canseco Pro visions card in 91 Fleer.

  6. That Rojas card is something I'd be staring at for a couple of hours. What a beauty.

  7. nick - we mature with age ;)

    gca - i watched them live back in the 90's (wish my parents would have let me go in the 80's)... and they were awesome!

    chris - fade to black is one of my favorite songs. love the emotional roller coaster it takes you on. as for those beards... i can't believe they haven't shaved them off yet... although i don't think i would recognize burns without it.

    snorting bull - agree... 2007 isn't one of the best designs. just wanted to show off my bush again.

    matthew s - that set was very popular back in the day. now singles are floating around dime boxes all around the country

    ana - you really can't beat a perfectly timed action shot