30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Domo Arigato: Jay Barker Fan's Junk

After this latest package from Wes... I've come to accept the fact that I'll never be able to keep up.  Every time I turn around there's a priority mail package with his name attached to it.  It's like he owns an unlimited surplus of sports cards.

Heck... he's like the Cardboard Santa Claus.  He delivers countless packages of sports cards to collectors all over the world.

And I'm not just talking about junk wax.  He ships out a little bit of everything: rookie cards, autographs, memorabilia cards, inserts, parallels, oddballs, numbered cards, short prints, thick cards, thin cards, shiny cards, vintage cards, small cards, big cards, football cards, baseball cards, and even hockey cards.

He's one of the most generous people (I'm not just talking about collectors) I've ever encountered.  Don't believe me?  Have a looksie.  But before you do... keep in mind that this is the fourth collection of cards I have received in the past seven months.  Now do you understand why I'm having a difficult time keeping up with the guy?

Okay... enough babbling.  Let's start with some cards for my team PC's...

Oakland Athletics

San Diego Padres

Montreal Expos

Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks

San Jose Sharks

Next up... one of my fastest growing PC's:  Japanese athletes

And finally... a few cards for my students:

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco Giants

Wes... I have no idea how you do it.  And I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to even things up.  But I want you to know that more than half of my recent COMC order is yours.  Get ready to add some new Willinghams and Crimson Tide cards to your collection.

Thank you friend.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I agree! Trying to keep up with Wes is impossible. He's constantly sends great packages.

    1. I can only imagine how many 5000ct. boxes he has laying around his place and the amount of time he's invested in sorting them. My recent project of sorting my boxes has given me a new found respect for those who have their collections organized.

    2. Thank you for the kind words my friend