30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Contest Ends & Another Begins!

Sorry about the delay guys.  I took a quick trip up to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver and just landed in San Jose a little over an hour ago.  If you're wondering if I made any hobby purchases on my trip then you obviously don't know me that well.  Of course I picked some stuff up!

But I'll save that for tomorrow's post (actually... it'll have to wait until Monday's post).  Tonight I want to quickly announce July's contest winner and kick off August's contest.

Let's start off by revealing August's Post of the Month:

Five bloggers left comments on my A Few Steps Closer... post.  So The Lost Collector, Commishbob, Play at the Plate, Greg Zakwin, and Eric Bracke each received four additional entries.

And now for the final randomization:

And the winner of Griffey, Hammer, and The Big Hurt prize package is...

Congratulations Commishbob!  Email me your mailing address and I'll get this shipped out early next week.  My email address is listed to the left under my profile.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way.  Here's what I'm giving away this month:

Several people were interested in The Bad News Bears team set.  So this month I'll be giving away a complete six card set of our favorite Bears to three different people.

As usual, there are three ways to enter:

A.  Respond to today's question of the day.

B.  Plug my contest on your blog.

C.  Leave comments on my posts throughout the month of August.

On September 1st, I'll enter everyone's names from this post into the list randomizer over at www.random.org.

If you plug this contest on your blog, I'll add your name two additional times.

And as a final bonus, I will randomly select one of my posts from the month of August using the same website.  Anyone who left a comment on that particular post will have their name added four additional times.

Tonight's question of the day:

What's the worst sports movie you've ever seen?

I've already asked people their favorites in the past and have seen several bloggers ask the same question, so this time I switched things up.

I'm absolutely exhausted and I can't even begin to answer my own question... but I look forward to reading your responses in the morning.

Once again... congratulations Commishbob!  And best of luck to everyone who decides to participate in this month's contest.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Any and all of the Major League sequels.

    1. I'll see your Major League and raise you two Slap Shot sequels.

  2. Rollerball. Not the original with James Caan. That is a classic. No - the crappy remake from a few years ago. Dreadful.

  3. Must remember to comment on every post, must remember to comment on every post, must have cards!

    Tin Cup is the only sports movie that I have turned off midway.

  4. This movies star studded class included Muggsy Bogues , Shawn Bradley , Grand-mama , Del Harris , Barkley,Bird , Ewing and Gods gift to David Stern , Jordan..SPACE JAM...Even the talents of cartoon characters couldn't save this one.

  5. Ladybugs, the soccer movie with Rodney Dangerfield. It probably isn't even that bad but my only memory of this movie is going to see it as a kid and my family and I were the only ones in the theater

  6. This doesn't qualify as the worst sports movie of all time, but I feel compelled to mention that I am possibly the only baseball fan in existence who didn't like the original "Major League".

  7. Replies
    1. plug to be run tomorrow, 8/4, thanks for a GReat contest there Fuji-San!

  8. Come on, guys! I think LadyBugs is hilarious!

    Worst one...Air Bud. Does that even count?

  9. i walked out of the theater during 'any given sunday'

  10. Lol... I've never even heard of Ladybugs. I guess I wasn't missing much.

  11. The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon:


    Tony Danza...enough said.

  12. Honestly, I didn't really like Bad News Bears at all. Now wouldn't it be ironic if I won because of this comment? haha

  13. wow. Let's see...
    The Water boy
    Air Bud
    Fever Pitch
    Any and all of the Mighty Ducks movies... yeeecch.
    Like Mike
    Blades Of Glory

    any and all of those... Criteria? I couldn't sit through any of them until the end. Absolutely horrible.

  14. Space Jam is the best movie of all time...that guy up above is wrong. I had my class watch it on the last day of school this past year and they loved it almost as much as we teachers did...awesome flick.

    That said...Fever Pitch. I love the Red Sox and I loved 2004 and I love Jimmy Fallon and I love Drew Barrymore more than most people (she's in a lot of bad stuff so it's hard to love her completely haha). But wow if that movie wasn't awful. Terrible, terrible film.

  15. I'll go ahead and say that the Bad News Bears remake (with Billy Bob Thornton) was the worst sports movie I've ever seen. Everything about that film was cringe-worthy.

    That said, the original Bad News Bears is one of my all-time favorites. Those Golden Age cards are awesome!

  16. The fish that saved Pittsburgh.Awful!

  17. Remember the Titans. I know I'm the only one, but it's sappy, cheesy, and has EVERY sports cliche imaginable. It's a movie of caricatures (the racist white team captain, the strong new black star who just wants a chance, the fat white guy who sings Motown, the surfer guy from California who doesn't understand a community of racial prejudice, the white guy's girlfriend who doesn't come around as quickly as he does, etc) and not of characters, and the scene at the end where the black guy is in the hospital visiting the white guy and the nurse comes in and says "Family only," and the white guy tells her "Don't you see that this man is my brother?" Blech. It's the most ridiculous, exaggerated, and non-believable sports movie I've ever seen, and apparently, it's based on a true story.

    So, no, I'm not going to go the easy route with Air Bud or MVP: Most Valuable Primate. Those are campy family films that are supposed to be outside the realm of reality. I'm going with Remember the Titans. A movie that is supposed to be a serious lesson on judging a person on what's in his heart instead of what's on his skin, but ended up being a predictable, overdone, cram-the-good-vibes-down-your-throat kind of movie that I just can't take seriously.

    1. Yes, I know "the black guy" and "the white guy" have names. I'm just showing the point that the movie follows the same exact format that every feel-good movie involving social change does. It's a good message, but it gets lost on the fact that this same movie has been done a hundred different times by a hundred different people. It's just that this time, it's about football!

      Other than that, I have no opinion of this film.

    2. Lol. I love this movie... show it every year in my class as a team building unit.

  18. JediJeff beat me to that horrible Rollerball remake.
    But it stunk so much, it deserves 2 votes of worst sports movie ever.

  19. Whoa, a nice surprise to return to from a road trip! Thanks, Fuji, I'll send my addy on to you.

    Oh, worst sports movie I've seen? The Babe with John Goodman. I'll give the Air Buds ad Little Ginats t flicks because they are aimed at kids, but The Babe was a 'serious' movie. And it was absolutely dreadful. I enjoy John Goodman normally. He was great in Argo and Flight but he made an awful Ruth.

    1. I've always wanted to see this movie... mainly b/c I love the cards that were produced for it.

  20. I posted a link for your contest on my blog Pack War. For the worst sports movies I would go with any of the Rocky movies after Rocky III or Adam Sandler's attempt at remaking The Longest Yard (2005).

  21. Thanks for another contest...I thought I replied already! Going with The Replacements (2000). Keanu as a replacement QB and Gene Hackman as the coach. Narrowing beating out Blue Chips with Shaq.