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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Love Me Some Heavy Metal!

Although I have no problem sitting down and rockin' out to a little Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica, or Black Sabbath... this post has nothing to do with music.

When I say "heavy metal", I'm talking about the 1983 to 1991 Bronze Premiums awarded to dealers who purchased cases of Topps Traded sets.  Each card measures 1.25" by 1.75" and is made of solid metal, so although they're smaller than your standard card... they're a lot heavier.

They're also embossed, so if you look closely... the players literally pop out of the cards.




The first three cards in the set featured three current ballplayers on current card designs, who at the time were in the hobby spotlight.

In 1983, Steve Carlton and Nolan Ryan were in a heated race to surpass Walter Johnson's career strikeout record.  And Pete Rose became MLB's All-Time Hit King during the 1985 season.

Strawberry's inclusion in this set is sort of a head scratcher, since everyone else is either enshrined in Cooperstown or has the most hits in MLB history.  But it's hard to find fault in Topps' decision to use Darryl.  At the time, he was one of the hottest young stars in the game.

In 1986, Topps switched over to using vintage card designs with some of the biggest names to grace the diamond.







It's no surprise that Topps went with the 1952 Mickey Mantle when they switched over to using vintage cards.  It's the probably the most famous card in Topps history.  But I'm also glad they decided to include Hank Aaron's iconic rookie card, as well as the gorgeous 1955 Duke Snider.

What are your thoughts on these heavy metal cards?

Personally... I think it's a shame that Topps stopped producing these in 1991, because they're truly amazing.  If you're a fan of oddballs, then I highly recommend these.  Best of all... these chunks of metal are pretty affordable.  If you can look past Beckett's inflated values, you can find singles on eBay in the $5 to $10 range on a regular basis.  And if you're patient, you can find them even cheaper.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. They're nice little keepsakes, but a little TOO non-cardboard for me.

    I'd take one and be done with it.

    1. Which one though? I'd be hard pressed to choose between the Carlton and the Mantle!!

  2. Loving the Carlton... but maybe it's just my Phillies showing!! And you can never go wrong with Mr. Mantle either! eBay might be cheap, but the shipping may be a bit more, with the heft of them!

  3. These are cool! Would have liked to see them continue.

  4. Look like glorified paper weights.

  5. night owl - if I could go with only one... I'd go with Jackie too.

    Richard - Carlton would be a very close second. Both Jackie & Steve are guys I collect.

    TLC - At the very least... how about a Ted Williams and Stan Musial.

    Jedi - Love it... glorified paper weights they are. Wait til I post up my 1995 Topps Legends cards... they're even heavier.

  6. I've got the Brooks Robinson. And I have a Jim Palmer that metal Jim Palmer that looks like these but is smaller and I believe is from a 1984 issue.

    1. I know the card you're referring to. It's from the 1984 Topps Gallery of Champions set. I'd love to get my hands on one of these.

  7. Love the design, they're quirky.

    I like quirky.

  8. I like the looks of those. I agree that it's too bad that they are no longer made.