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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Morning Soapbox: Beckett Collectors Club Grading (BCCG)

Bloggers and collectors have been offering their opinions on card grading services for years.  Some collectors love graded cards.  Others hate them.  And then there are collectors like me, who are caught in the middle.

But today's post isn't about whether or not you collect graded cards.  Today, I'm venting my  frustrations on BCCG graded cards.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Beckett Collector's Club Grading, they were created to give collectors a more affordable option to their regular grading services in exchange for a simplified 10 point grading scale.

Unfortunately, I think BCCG does more harm than good.

How many times have you seen people mistake their BCCG 10 graded card as being perfect, because it's the highest grade they offer?  What about the dealers who take advantage of this flaw?

Yesterday, I met a woman at the flea market who had just purchased a BCCG 10 graded Michael Jordan Air Time card for her husband's Father's Day present.  She was so excited about the purchase that I didn't have the heart to tell her that the she paid way too much.  Within the five minute conversation, she mentioned that the card was graded a 10 at least five times as she told me the story about how she got the vendor to sell her the card for half off the $50 asking price.

Now, I completely understand that it's the responsibility for buyers and collectors to do their homework.  But there's no denying that BCCG's grading scale can be misleading to the novice collectors.

Here's a comparison of the simplified 10 point grading scale (used by BCCG) and the regular BGS service:

BCCG 10 Mint or Better = BGS 9 or Better
BCCG 9 Near Mint or Better = BGS 7 or Better
BCCG 8 Excellent or Better = BGS 5 or Better
BCCG 7 Very Good or Better = BGS 3 or Better
BCCG 6 Good or Better = BGS 2 or Better
BCCG 5 Poor or Better = BGS 1 or Better

If I'm trying to sell a card that's in Very Good condition, which looks better to the novice?  BCCG 7 or BGS 3?

Beckett... I know that it's a business and you guys have to make money.  But hopefully you'll take a few moments to rethink this service, because I truly think it's flawed.

Which is why, I freed my awesome 1992 Donruss Elite Tony Gwynn from it's BCCG holder.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant.  But I'm curious...

What are your thoughts on Beckett's cheaper and simpler grading service?

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. I like that it's offered but it is definitely misleading, especially to those who aren't real card collectors but just buy cards here and there.

  2. Agree 100% with ya Fuji. I have maybe two or three cards that I haven't broken out of their slabs. I want the cardboard in my hands just like when I was a kid and would shuffle through a stack of my cards and savor them.

  3. Agree. I'm not big on graded cards, but I think the different scales are confusing.

  4. I didn't realize that there were two grading scales, and I'm hardly a hobby novice... although very much a grading novice.

    What Beckett does is complete B.S., plain and simple.

  5. not a big fan of the graded cards either and this only reinforces my desire to avoid them...unless it's a great deal of course!

  6. Thanks for the knowledge, I didn't realize there was a such a difference between the two scales. Then again, I don't actively seek graded cards. To have such a wide gap is wrong on the part of Beckett; they should be closer in scale to BGS.

  7. Don't like graded cards at all. You know when you have a card that's mint/perfect...I don't need someone to tell me.


    1. Although I have my fair share of graded cards in the collection... I truly love your philosophy. I've been collecting for over 30 years and should be able to grade my own cards.

      I think the one thing I lack is the ability to tell if the cards are quality fakes or slightly altered cards.

  8. Didn't know there was a difference, but it probably won't affect me at all. Btw, gorgeous Gwynn.

  9. I don't worry if someone wants to grade cards, but I can't believe how many people submit new cards. Of course, I've never submitted a card and couldn't bring myself to send in any of the 1986 Fleer basketball cards I found at the garage sale.

  10. I do not like the idea of grading a modern day card unless it is an extreme rarity that I planned on selling otherwise I wouldn't consider getting a card graded. When it comes to pre-war vintage cards I do prefer graded cards though, especially when spending a signigicant amount I feel more secure knowing the card is the real deal.

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  12. Here is an honest review on BCCG.