30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cheap Cool Cards #24: 1990 Topps Heads Up!

If you're a sucker for oversized oddballs like I am, then you'll love 1990 Topps Heads Up! Baseball Stars.  For those who are unfamiliar with these, they're giant heads of baseball players that came with a suction cup, so collectors could stick them onto lockers, refrigerators, or windows.  If you look at my Gwynn, you'll notice a huge hole in his head where the suction cup once resided.  I ended up removing it, so it would fit into my Gwynn binder.

There are twenty-four players in the set and twenty-four packs in a box.  The box I purchased off of eBay had perfect collation, which is probably what Topps had intended.  

Although there are a few players who fell off the face of this planet, I have to admit that I was pretty happy to see three Athletics and Mr. Gwynn make the checklist.  Then throw in Griffey, Doc, Bo, The Thrill, & Kirby and you have the makings of a solid set.

Best of all, you can find boxes of this stuff cheap on eBay.  I picked up my box for under $12 delivered... which breaks down to around 50¢/pack.

Just like the title says... these are cheap and cool.  Worst case scenario... they're cheap.

So what do you think?

Were the product designers @ Topps aHEAD of the game?  Or out of their minds?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. I've never seen these in my life. Awesome find....

    1. There's a Griffey for you to chase down... and if you want a challenge, then track down his 1989 Topps Heads Up. They're very, very, very, very, very rare.

  2. I think most of the card designers in the 1990s were well out of their minds, but usually that is a sign of a great artist. Many of those creations were pretty wild but they still bring back some fond memories.

    I totally forgot about those Heads Up! sets, pretty cool pick up.

  3. I haven't seen these either. Very cool.

    I'd say slightly ahead of the game. Could have easily morphed into Fatheads if they kept with it.

  4. They really were out of their minds. The only good part of it is that it's Tony! How could you go wrong with anything that him on it?

  5. Considering I have had the Dwight Gooden from this set hanging over my desk for many many years, I guess I would have to fall on the positive side. But they definitely put the ODD in oddball.