30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Cardboard Road Trip: The Swap Meet

The next morning after a quick trip to Goodwill, we went back to grab the rest of his collection.  Along the way, we stopped off at the Santee Swap Meet.  Since the weather was bad, only 15 to 20 vendors set up.  However sometimes it only takes one vendor to make your day.  I found a guy with boxes of oddball sheets and grabbed all of these for $7:

If you read my blog on a regular basis, then you know that I love these 90's Upper Deck sheets.  Some of them were SGA's, while others were handed out at card shows.  There's also a cool photo of the 1966 St. Louis Cardinals that includes Steve Carlton, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Orlando Cepeda, and Red Schoendienst.

After showing interest in his sheets, he informd me about a collection of 80's baseball sets at his shop.  He wanted $25/set, so I ended up purchasing these eight sets for $200:

As a bonus, he threw in several oddball sets and a few uncut sheets:

In the end, my buddy and I traveled close to 1,000 miles in a 48 hour period.  It was very exhausting and one of the worst road trips I've ever taken, but at least I was able to add a few cool items to my collection, while helping a buddy out.

He ended up giving me a ton of cards and a cool little care package that included:

Thanks Mike.  I appreciate you hooking me up with the cool PC items and taking me on this little adventure.

Okay... the road trip was only round one of my cardboard spending spree.  Round two covers my flea market finds.  Stay tuned.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. AWESOME find on those sets for $25 a piece, score!

    1. Thanks. I was able to pick up a bunch I've always wanted.

  2. looks like an awesome amount of cards for a great price!

    hey, any desire to trade the Washington Redskins John Riggins card? is it a team set?


    1. I think it's a team set... but I haven't checked. I'll probably end up keeping it, because it was a gift from my buddy. However, if he has more sets... I'll try to get another one from him.

  3. Why does it say "San Jose Sharks" below that framed picture of Jimmy Howard?