30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PC Addition - Brett Favre Autographed 8x10 Photo

Brett Favre's agent, Bus Cook answered my prayers yesterday and reported "Brett Favre retired in January." "He's retired, period".

If it's true... I'll be the happiest Favre fan in America. It was sad to see him leave the Packers organization on those terms... but it was frustrating to see him play with the Vikings the past two seasons.

But what's done... is done. Aaron Rodgers had proven to be the future Packers leader and has already brought another title to Title Town.

And assuming Favre stays retired, I can go back to collecting Favre cards and memorabilia without wondering if he'll throw another touchdown pass against his true team... the Green Bay Packers.

I actually just picked up this 8x10 autograph off of his official website for $44.44 (+ $6 shipping & handling).

He must be flooding the market at those prices, but I don't care if his autograph values drop... because I have no intention of ever selling it.

By the way... all autographs purchased from his site include an 4x6 photo of him signing the autographed item and a COA with a matching hologram.

Okay... now it's your turn.

I'm going to try something different tonight and allow you to show off your creativity.

Your assignment is to write a Brett Favre poem using 30 words or less. It can be a haiku, rhyming, or any other poem of your choosing. Everyone who takes the time to write a poem (30 words or less) will receive two points for effort, so there aren't any losers.

Plus, I'll have one of my TA's from summer school pick and rank his five favorite poems. His favorite will earn 5 extra points, second favorite will earn 4 extra points, third favorite will earn 3 extra points, and so on... which means you have the opportunity to earn up to 7 points for your creativity.

Since my last day of summer school is on Thursday, I'll have him read them that morning... so the deadline to submit your poems will be Thursday morning at 8am (PST).

Don't worry... I promise that it'll be judged based solely on entertainment value... and not on your actual opinion of Favre.

Comment moderation will be turned on again to prevent any plagiarism. This should be fun.

Well... it's getting late and I probably won't publish a contest update until tomorrow. Until then... have a good evening... and sayonara!


  1. There once was a man named Brett,
    Who couldn't stay away from his center's butt sweat,
    He's re-re-retired,
    Assuming he wasn't fired,
    Now fan's no longer need to fret.

  2. Favre, oh Favre.
    Packers fans hated when you left,
    but I thought of the good and knew the time was right because Rodgers was far better than you. HOF awaits.

  3. You were the great number Four,
    Only Gehrig's legend was more,
    But like the lockout,
    Your annual comebacks were becoming a bore!


  4. Inspired by the t-shirt I found in Minnesota late last year, and 30 words exact:

    From a retirement that was
    not to his liking,
    he would venture forth again,
    becoming a Viking.

    With one win,
    he would be heard callin'
    "Now, all 32 have Fallen!"

  5. Favre and the Vikings
    The wins did not show themselves
    Now he is leaving

  6. Brett Favre tooks pictures of his dick

    Brett Favre wears Wranglers like a hick

    Brett Favre is fical like a chick

  7. There once was Favre from Green Bay,
    Who proved to the world he could play.

    Then he went to New York,
    Showed us his dork,
    With suprisingly little to say.

  8. Favre's acting in There's Something About Mary was horrible,
    They said "Favre, stick with football."
    That's what he'll be doing forever,
    Because that's the only thing Fav-ruh's concussion-damaged brain can recall.

    Yeah, not exactly poetic, but it follows a rhyming scheme! Put it to a bohemian drum beat at a poetry house and you've got yourself something as good as anything Mike Myers could have come up with in So I Married An Axe Murderer.

  9. Fortitude... withstanding competitive punishment.
    Achievements... perfection by design.
    Victorious... on the gridiron, but off it, troubled.
    Retirement... difficult for a gunslinger in decline.
    Error... your human right, seeking forgiveness... divine.

  10. A gun slinging legend thats for sure
    Arm so strong,aim not so pure
    Hung around a little too long
    Makes you wonder if he was wrong

  11. Retire old man
    please stay in Mississippi
    Sterger's on line one.

  12. Brett was best known as a Packer,
    at the end of it, he was a hijacker.
    Most times, he was called a gunslinger,
    His downfall though, was Jenn and his humdinger.

  13. Brett Favre, not “Fav-ray”
    I’m glad you’re really gone
    You’re undeniable talent
    Will be overshadowed by your schlong

  14. "Favre" by Rhubarb_Runner

    Favre...I got nothing. Apathy, thy name is "Favre". As entropy envelopes the universe eons from now, your name will invoke slightly less emotion than it does today. Who




  15. I'm probably too late, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

    Ode to Brett

    You said I'm out,
    over and over,

    You can't help yourself,
    You're a born thrower.

    We're all getting tired,
    stay home with your wife,

    Let us all get on,
    With our Favre-less life.

    Sorry, I went over the limit.

  16. When the Jets announced that they signed Favre,
    For a Superbowl title I thought I would no longer starve.
    Instead we had in the late season your arm go dead,
    The nightmares of gang green losing were back in my head.