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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are things finally coming around for the Sharks?

Now that football season is over... I'm finally able to devote more time to my beloved San Jose Sharks. And it seems like they're starting to live up to the expectations of their fans. The Sharks struggled for most of the first half going 21-19-5 in their first 45 games and some were beginning to wonder if they'd even make the playoffs.

To make matters worse... rumors started to fly about my favorite player, Devin Setoguchi being placed on the trading block. A few of my students even told me that the fans booed Setoguchi at a couple of the games they went to. Thankfully... things have started to turn around.

Since then... the Sharks have gone 13-2-1 and have moved into 4th place in the Western Conference. During that span, they beat all three teams (Vancouver, Detroit, & Phoenix) ahead of them in the rankings... which hopefully is a huge boost to their confidence.

Best of all... Setoguchi is starting to play like he did a couple of years ago when he scored 31 goals for the Sharks. Last Saturday, Devin had the first hat trick of his NHL career against the Avalanche. Check it out:

Last night... The Gooch added two more goals against the Detroit Redwings, which gave him five goals in two games. Hopefully... his streak will continue and convince Doug Wilson that Setoguchi is a valuable piece to this puzzle.

Setoguchi wasn't the only one celebrating last night. Joe Thornton became the 176th person in NHL history to score 300 goals. He's currently 17 points shy of the 1,000 mark... so hopefully he'll reach that milestone sometime this season.

More importantly... let's hope the Sharks can finally get over the hump this year and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Green Bay Packers persevered and endured a rough season... and when all was said and done... they were the team carrying the Lombardi Trophy. It hasn't been pretty for the Sharks this year... maybe it's a sign of good things to come. Are they the Green Bay Packers of the NHL? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Today's question of the day:

Which team will be holding up
Lord Stanley's Cup at the end of the season?

Happy hump day! I hope all of you are enjoying your week... I know I am. I can't remember the last time I've golfed three days in a row... but I'm headed out to play 18 today. Sayonara!


  1. Nice UD The Cup card and sweet patch on the Opee Chee.

    I'm rooting Sabres, but thinking Vancouver.

  2. If we can get Niitymaki healthy to spell Niemi and the big guys can continue to score like they have I like the Sharks chances. If we can get higher in the West and keep home ice we can take the West. Once we are in the Finals, no one in the East is really jumping out and impressing me. I want to see the cup come to W Santa Clara St.

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