Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Similar, But Different

A few years ago, Dion's IP Autos only wrote a post about a cello pack of 2019 Topps on APTBNL that was handed out at an Orioles game he attended.  I commented on that post stating I ran into a lady at the flea market with a bunch of these packs.  That was four years ago.

Last month... I found that vendor and she still had all of those packs.  I ended up buying all of the packs she had.  At first glance, our packs look exactly the same.  The cards come in clear cello packaging, so collectors are able see the top card:

However the packs I purchased were a little different from Dion's.  His pack contained the same cards issued in the flagship packs but included a National Baseball Card Day information card on the back.

The packs I purchased have an advertisement card on the back for Clear, which is a membership program at airports that allows people to get through security faster.

According to Baseballcardpedia, these packs were passed out a participating airports and ballparks to people using the Clear Travel service.

Based on the packs that I've opened so far, the card fronts look pretty much identical to the ones issued in the flagship packs.  But when you flip them over, there's a CP- prefix in front of the card number.

Let's crack open that Freddie Freeman pack and take a closer look at the front and back of each card:

2019 Topps Clear Travel #CP-4

I'm a fan of Freeman... even if he's now playing for the Dodgers.  He hit a career high... 38 home runs in 2019.  As of this post, he's only hit four in 2024.

2019 Topps Clear Travel #CP-59

Not familiar with Mr. Stewart, but it looks like 2018 was his best season.  I'm not sure if he's out of baseball or not... but he doesn't appear to be at the MLB level right now.

2019 Topps Clear Travel #CP-34

Back in 2019, Ramirez was coming off a career high 39 home run season and has had pretty solid numbers every season since.  Currently (as of 5/14/24) he leads the American League with 37 RBI's

2019 Topps Clear Travel #CP-26

Jake Lamb had a stellar start to the 2017 season... but hasn't done much since.  I'm guessing the Diamondbacks roster was super thin if Topps decided to add him to the checklist in 2019.  That being said, he's currently hitting over .350 in AAA for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

2019 Topps Clear Travel #CP-10

Kicked off the pack with a future hall of famer.  Wrapping it up with another one.  This guy is a stud... especially when he's standing around the hot corner.

The final card in the pack is the Clear ad card:

I had two packs with Freeman on the front and wanted to know if players were inserted into packs randomly or if there was a pattern.  Sadly both Freeman packs contained the exact same five players.

However... I did open up two packs with Trea Turner on the front and only the first two cards were the same.  The final three cards in each pack were different.  In one of those packs, there was this Ohtani:

2019 Topps Clear Travel #CP-2

I don't really have a lot of 2019 Topps base cards laying around, but I do have Ohtani's base card for those who want to compare the two cards:

2019 Topps #250

In addition to the numbering on the back, it looks like there's one more way to tell the two sets apart.  The Topps logo on the front of the Clear Travel cards are white, while the flagship cards use a foil logo.  According to The Cardboard Connection, the Clear Travel cards also lack the CMP code under the stats that appear on the flagship cards.

As of this post, I've only opened up about ten of these packs.  I originally purchased over 200 of these packs, but flipped the majority of them to a friend to cover the cost of the packs.  It's kind of a shame, because I have since discovered that these are pretty rare compared to their flagship counterparts.  That's why I've scrapped the idea to use them for a summer school math lesson.

Instead... I'll be eventually open up the rest of the packs (except the lone pack with Ohtani showing) in hopes of building the 100 card set.  Some of the duplicates will go into my player collections.  Others will head out to fellow bloggers who collect specific teams/players.

Not sure when I'll get around to opening them up, but if there are players or teams you're interested in... feel free to comment down below to reserve any duplicatesNeed a checklist?  Click here.

Well that's all for today.  Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


Jeremya1um said...

I would be happy to take the Kohl Stewart (type 1 diabetic I collect) and any Rays off of your hands. Thanks.

night owl said...

Never heard of these. I'm down for any extra Dodgers -- even if they look like cards I already have in the collection a few times over.

The Angels In Order said...

So cool. And how fun ripping them and finding the different contents. Glad Ohtani made the checklist.

Dennis said...

Cool, I don't think I'd seen these before. I hope you can put that set together!

Xavier Higgins said...

Informative and Entertaining, as per usual.
Cards From this set I'd be interested in;
Gleyber Torres
Kyle Schwarber
Jeff McNeil
Kyle Tucker
Cedric Mullins
Juan Soto
I have a Care Package Headed your Way, Shipping out Tomorrow.

POISON75 said...

Darn I was hoping for a complete set

OhioTim said...

I would be interested in a Francisco Lindor card.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Interesting. This is the kind of thing which I'd never go out of my way to get but which I kind of love adding to the Giants or Stanford binders if some ever land in my lap. Looking at the CL it looks like it's just Giants in this one.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Need I say Braves? Not to mention the ton of PC guys to boot.

Brett Alan said...

Not sure what I have to offer in return, but I'd certainly be interested in any dupes of the Mets.

Fuji said...

jeremya1um - the stewart is yours. email me your address. blake snell is the only ray (i think) in the set... and i had to buy my copy on sportlots

night owl - pulled a few dodgers, but no duplicates. sorry

the angels in order - the angels would be the team of choice if i were doing a team break. gotta image trout and ohtani are the two most popular cards in the set

dennis - have an extra miggy and castellanos i'll send your way

poison75 - sadly i came up 19 cards short of a full set

ohiotim - you got it. email me your address.

nick vossbrink - sorry nick. i pulled a posey, duggar, and cueto... but they're part of the set build. had to buy the crawford on sportlots

johnnys trading spot - the set is heavy with braves, so i have a few for you. plus a bunch for your player pc's

brett alan - got two extra mets: conforto & frazier. email me your address and i'll send them your way