Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Better Late Than Never

Tardiness isn't my thing... except when it comes to blogging or sending care packages.  I'd apologize and promise you things will change, but I hate lying even more than being late.

So let's just jump into this post that's sort of a smorgasbord of posts that could or should have been published over the past few weeks.

First up... a quick flag update.  I shipped it out on March 10th along with a bunch of care packages and it arrived in Astoria three days later The Obon Society sent me a delivery confirmation email and let me know the next time I hear from them will be when they reconnect the flag with the family.  I'm really looking forward to that email.

2013 Topps Opening Day Ballpark Fun #BF-2

The following day was March 14th which is celebrated by educators and mathematicians because its National Pi Day.

2005 Calbee Title Holders #T-10

March 14th is also National Potato Chip Day... and this card of Munenori Kawasaki once came out of a pack that was attached to a bag of chipsAnyone else miss the energy and entertainment this guy brought to the ballpark?

A few days later, people celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the plan was to share this shiny chrome and green card that John @ Johnny's Trading Spot recently sent me:

2022 Topps Chrome X-Fractor #148

He sent me a nine-pocket page filled with A's stuff that spanned several decades.  Here are the beloved Bash Brothers from the 90's...

1992 Score Proctor & Gamble #2
1992 Score Proctor & Gamble #8

Next up was this sweet oddball issue from the Kansas City days:

1966 Topps Rub-Offs #NNO

Ed Charles spent five full seasons as the starting third baseman for the Kansas City Athletics and according to Wikipedia was a Korean War veteran.

John also hooked my A's PC up big time with this very cool piece of memorabilia from the Athletics' time in Philadelphia:

1940 Philadelphia Athletics Matchbook

This eighty-three year old matchbook contains their schedule from the 1940 season.  Sadly this team lost over 100 games and finished in last place in the American League.  Regardless... it's not often I add something this interesting and old to my collectionThank you for the generous PWE John!

2009 Allen & Ginter Cabinet #CB5

The following week... Samurai Japan beat Mexico in the WBC Semifinals... then Team USA in WBC Finals to capture its third WBC title.  I wasn't able to watch the games live, but I did follow along on my ESPN app and delayed replay on YouTube.  It was a nice treat considering March has been a pretty rough month.

Rounding out this post and in honor of National Weed Appreciation Day is this cool autograph of Bill Spaceman Lee...

1999 Fleer SI Greats of the Game Autographs #NNO

A few years ago, I remember hearing about Lee mixing weed into his pancakes back in his playing days which I'm sure made him feel like he was out of this world on the mound.

By the way... I realize that isn't the kind of weed we're suppose to be celebrating today.  Unfortunately, I don't have any cards of dandelions laying around.

Well that's it for today.  I apologize for the long delay in between posts.  There are a few partially written posts sitting in the drafts folder, including Flea Market Finds and Blog Bat-Around posts that I'm hoping to post sometime in AprilBetter late than never, right?

Until then... happy Tuesday and sayonara!


The Angels In Order said...

Nothing wrong with trying to get caught up. Love that matchbook.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Looking forward to hearing that the flag has made it to the family.

The Lost Collector said...

I've always liked those P&G cards.

Happy Thursday to you as well :-)

Fuji said...

the angels in order - feel like catch up is part of the game of life. in a sense... not sure what i'd do if i was completely caught up with nothing left to do. :D

johnnys trading spot - me too. you guys will be the first to know

the lost collector - thanks for pointing that out. this is what happens when you write a post over the span of ten-plus days. updating it right now :D

Bo said...

That matchbook is fantastic. I have a few from other teams from around that time but not that one. It's great.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Love the matchbook. Don't search for them nearly enough.

Dennis said...

I have a lot of catchup to do myself, but whatever, I'll get to it eventually. Anyway, I missed your original story on the flag so I went back and checked that out. What a cool story! I hope they can return that flag to the person's family.

Also, very cool Spaceman auto! And like everyone else said, the matchbook is amazing.

Chris said...

The WBC final was incredible. Japan has a heck of a team, and the tournament means so much to them. The TV ratings were unreal over there!

I do remember Kawasaki, he was a 4A player with an MVP personality. Wish he could have stuck with a team.

Appreciate the update on the flag as well, hope to hear that it's been reunited with the family of the soldier.

Jeff B - Wax Pack Wonders said...

I love a good Kawasaki youtube clip.

Jafronius said...

Nice stuff from John!

Jon said...

John and Bo seem to always be finding neat matchbooks. Like Nick, I never think to look for them, but really should start doing so more often.

Matt said...

Always enjoy seeing a new post from you.

RR said...

Getting caught up is good and I really have to start posting more. That is really a cool Spaceman Bill Lee card. Enjoy your posts and look forward to more.

Adam Ryan said...

Always great to see a new post from you, Fuji! Hope things are well. That's a really cool matchbook that you got. Also, looking forward to hearing about updates on the flag.

The Snorting Bull said...

I love those McGwire and Canseco cards. Strong 1990s vibe with that design, especially the color scheme.

Fuji said...

bo - that's quite the compliment since i know you know your matchbooks.

nick vossbrink - i think the first time i searched for them (for myself) was a few weeks ago. i will pick up a matchbook at the flea market if i think it's cool looking or nostalgic and the price is right

dennis - i'm hoping i get notification from the obon society soon.

chris - kawasaki had such a fun personality. it would have been fun to hang out and drink with him.

wax pack wonders - yeah, i have at least one of his videos on my favorite list

jafronius - yeah, he sure hooks up a lot of variety.

jon - i just started looking for them (matchbooks) on ebay. but i have picked up a few at the flea market in the past

matt- thanks. and thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

rr - i'm glad fleer used that photo of him in the space suit.

adam ryan - i'm hoping i have a flag update soon. the next time they contact me, it means they've found the family.

the snorting bull - a totally 90's vibe with the bright pink, purple, and teal.