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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Good & The Sad

I've always been a "let's hear the bad news first" kind of guy... so that I can end the conversation on a positive note.  With that being said... this afternoon I was at my friend's nephew's soccer game when I found out that Mr. Fuji passed away.

The highpoint in my WWF fandom took place in the 80's when Mr. Fuji was a "bad guy" manager who most people despised.  But for fairly obvious reasons... I liked him.  He was very entertaining and although I haven't watched wrestling religiously in years, he will be missed.  Rest in peace Harry Fujiwara.

I'll wrap this post of with two cards I received this past week that have brought me one step closer to finishing two different sets.

First up is this 1995 Topps Legends of the 60's Medallions metal card of Brooks Robinson:

Back in 1995, Stadium Club members were given the opportunity to purchase these heavy metal cards for the low, low price of $39.95 per card.  Like most 90's sports memorabilia... these haven't held their value that well.

I was able to pick up this single off of eBay for $5 shipped.  There are a total of twelve cards in the set and now I'm down to only needing two.

Yesterday, I received an out of the blue PWE from an unknown sender.  Inside was this card:

Earlier in the month, I purchased a nice 1981 Topps football starter set.  KevAlan over at CCW read my Flea Market Finds post and purchased this card over on Sportlots for me and had the vendor ship it directly to me.

Thanks Kevin!  Now I'm down to needing only five more cards to finish my set.

Have a great week.  Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Nice solid gold Brooks.

  2. I remember waking up to watch wrestling on Saturday mornings with my brother. Mr. Fuji was very prominent at this time.

  3. I'll have to look but I would be surprised if I didn't have an extra Sipe. I'll take a look since I have a few cards that I am going to send you anyways.

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Fuji. I agree with the fact that he was very entertaining.

  4. Fuji!! You are welcome! Sipe should be arriving any day now!! was mailed on 8/22..

    1. Guess I don't need to look for the Sipe then.

  5. Fuji and Tanaka were the best bad guy tag team ever. Remember battles with Tony Garea and Ho

  6. defgav - thanks. it feels good to finally start chipping away at that set again.

    matthew scott - oh man... vaguely remember them having saturday morning wrestling in the 80's

    angus & uncle tiny - thanks to both of you for offering to help. uncle tiny... it has arrived and has been added to the set!

    mark hoyle - that duo was a little before my time, but i went back and watched a few of there matches on youtube