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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cheap Cool Cards #44: Beastie Boys Rookie Card???

1991 Pro Set Yo! MTV Raps #102

A few weeks ago, I received some Yo! MTV Raps cards from Tiny over on CCW, which took me down Memory Lane and motivated me to track down some cheap boxes on eBay.  Unfortunately there weren't any within my budget, but I did happen to find this thirty-seven card lot on eBay:

The vendor was asking $1.99 (+ free shipping), which is probably a fair price considering it cost them nearly that much in shipping alone.  But since there was a "best offer" option, I decided to see if he'd take a buck.

He did.  The main card I wanted was the Beastie Boys card at the top of the post.  They've been one of my favorite groups for close to three decades and I've slowly been picking up pieces of their memorabilia.

Last month it was a Star Wars figure that honored their 1998 album Hello Nasty.  

Back in March I grabbed this limited edition skateboard deck that's a tribute to Spike Jonze who directed several Beastie Boys music videos, including one of the most iconic music videos ever made:

Sorry... due to copyright issues... I had to use the Beavis and Butthead version of Sabotage.  I'm not allowed to show you the actual music video on my site... but you can click here and watch it over on YouTube.

Or you can wrap up this post by checking out this pair of rap classics instead:

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. The Beasties are a bone of contention between my fiancée and I - she hates them as much as I love them. Also, U2 and Rage Against the Machine. Anyway, if I ever decide to actually start my music-related card collection, I'll have to grab some stuff from this set.

  2. Love the Beastie Boys! Just spent the last 30 minutes watching old music videos. Time well spent!

  3. Holy crap...I had that Big Daddy Kane card in my COMC cart a few weeks ago but passed on it. I did grab A Tribe Called Quest card from that set though.

  4. Awesome, need to get me some of these Yo MTV cards as well !

  5. Tony - I like U2 and Rage too. There are a few music related sets from the 80's and 90's if you ever decide to start up that PC.

    Daniel - I watch their videos all of the time... especially their live stuff. Love it when Ad Rock screams his head off.

    Spastik - A Tribe Called Quest is definitely one of my favorite rap groups of all-time. I meant to do a tribute to Phife when he passed away, but it kept getting pushed back due to a hectic schedule.

    Dutch Card Guy - Me too. I'm dying to buy an unopened box. Just waiting for one to fall into my price range.

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