30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Greatest Card Show Find

I've been to so many card shows in my lifetime, that I've lost track.  But when Tony over at Off Hiatus Baseball asked us about our favorite card show find, one card instantly popped into my head.  You see... it's my favorite card in my collection, so it's technically a "no brainer".  However... his question inspired me to look back at all of my card show purchases over the past few years to see what other cool things I have added to my collection.

Let's kick things off with a pair of honorable mentions and eventually work our way down the my best card show find...

Honorable Mention #1: 1981 Donruss Baseball Set $10

This was one of those sentimental purchases, because 1981 was the year I started collecting baseball cards.  I remember owning a handful of 1981 Donruss cards... my favorite being the The Mad Hungarian.  But I'll save that story for another post.

Honorable Mention #2:  1982 Topps Baseball Wax Box $48

This is one of those purchases that may or may not come back to bite me in the butt.  $48 for wax box of 1982 Topps baseball is a steal if it hasn't been searched.  The packs look good, but I'm not an expert when it comes to unopened wax.  One of these days, the truth will be revealed and when it does... this might become one of my worst card show purchases.

Okay.  Let the countdown begin...

#5:  Commissioned Drawing $25

Bordin Marsinkul is an artist who sets up at every Serramonte Mall Cards and Collectibles Show.  I first met him back in 2012 and as soon as I saw his work, I knew wanted him to do something for me.  Twenty-five dollars later, he transformed me into Deadpool.

#4:  1967 Topps Poster Set $30

Vintage oddballs rule.  A complete set of vintage oddballs rules even more.  I grabbed this set off of a friend's table last year and it's officially the oldest completed set in my collection.

#3:  1977 Topps Steve Largent $20

Steve Largent is my all-time favorite football player and I was totally pumped when I had the opportunity to add his rookie card to my collection.  It might seem like I overpaid, but the card was originally graded by PSA and received an 8.  I freed it from the holder, because it was all scratched up.

#2:  Autographed Tony Gwynn Bat $70

I purchased this off of my buddy who had Gwynn sign it at SJSU vs SDSU baseball game two years ago.  PSA was set up at the show, so part of my $70 went towards getting the autograph authenticated.

And rounding out the list is...

#1:  1956 Topps Jackie Robinson $65

Thanks Tony for giving me another excuse to show off this beautiful work of art.  I love everything from the card design to the athlete featured and it's not just my favorite card find... it's my favorite card, period.

If any of you have a favorite card show pickup, you should head over to Tony's blog and enter his contest.  All you need to do is write up a post and leave him a link.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. All good stuuf, of course, but I'm most attracted to the 1967 poster set. Maybe because it's from my earliest days of collecting.

  2. $70 for a Gwynn bat is great, especially with the PSA backing.

  3. WOW. I know it's low on the totem pole, but that '81 Donruss set for $10 is amazing.

  4. Man you know how to find the goods! If only I had a card show to brag about lol

  5. Thanks for entering the contest, Fuji -- these are all great finds, but I'm partial to the 1981 Donruss myself!

  6. hackenbush - great set that's still a great bargain in my book

    matthew - yeah... it's definitely one of the prized possessions in my gwynn pc

    junior junkie - in the overall picture... it's actually really high on my totem pole. these were my favorite purchases out of probably 40 to 60 different purchases over the past 5 to 7 years

    sports card collectors - lol... it's taken many trips to the card show to find these deals. most of my purchases are your everyday dime box purchase.

    tony - thanks for the awesome contest and that great set of links. checked out everyone's posts today

    mr. hoyle - me too. one of my favorite sets in the collection