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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Forgive Me... For I Have Failed

It's hard for me to admit failure... but in terms of my 2013 hobby goals... I failed miserably.  

Let's go back and reflect on the goals I set for myself a year ago:

A.  I will resist temptation and keep my pack and box purchases to a minimum.  Fail.

I came so close... then I couldn't resist the Black Friday temptation and ended up going on a shopping spree.

B.  I will continue the tradition of running my annual summer contest.  Fail.

In March I made the decision to switch to a monthly contest in order to reduce some of my summer workload.  By November I scrapped the monthly contests too.  I'm a huge fan of the interaction, but 2013 proved to be overwhelming inside and outside of my cardboard world.  I'll still have contests every so often... and who knows... maybe one day I'll bring back my summer contest.

C.  I will build five new sports card trifectas in 2013.  Fail.

I built one... Ray Lewis.  I'm surprised at myself.  I really enjoy these, but that wasn't enough motivation to keep me on top of this goal.

D.  I will start and complete a full run of Topps base cards (during their active playing careers) for Tony Gwynn and Kirby Puckett.  Fail.

I didn't start either of these.  It's such an easy goal too.  I probably only need one or two Gwynns and maybe five or six Pucketts.  Truly embarrassing.

E.  I will complete my 1972 Topps Oakland A's team set.  Fail.

Not even close.  A year ago, I needed seven cards.  Twelve months later, I need six cards.  At least I'm one step closer.

F.  I will finally organize and update my trade bait lists and Photo Bucket.  Fail.

Every now and then, I'll work on this goal.  But I never actually finished the job.  I'm starting to wonder if I ever will.

G.  I will add a 1909-11 T206 card to my collection.  Fail.

For over six months, I targeted certain Athletics from this set.  Unfortunately, they never fell into the price range I set for myself.  I eventually stopped looking.

H.  Start trading again on the forums.  Fail.

I made a few trades on CCW, but not nearly enough to raise my feedback rating to 40.  Current rating = 26.

Thankfully these fails are only based on cardboard.  It's not like I'm going to die from them.  And on a positive note, at least I accomplished two out of the ten goals I set for myself:

A.  I will continue to post 3 to 4 times a week on this blog and periodically on A Pack To Be Named Later and Blog of Trade Bait.

This year I wrote 250 posts for this blog and four more for A Pack To Be Named Later.  Unfortunately I never posted anything on Blog of Trade Bait, but that's because I never organized my own trade bait in the first place.

B.  I will complete at least 12 blog trades.

Based on my blog posts, I made 10 official trades with bloggers over the past 12 months.  However, there were several blind trades completed as well.  Throw these into the mix and I'm confident I met this goal.

So what's in store for me in 2014?  Well... I'm not going to make any new cardboard resolutions. Hopefully I'll be able to build on a few of these failed goals.  But even if I don't... the only hobby goal that matters to me is embracing and enjoying the hobby.

As long as I reach that goal, I'll be content.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read any of my 2013 blog posts.  Happy New Year and sayonara!


  1. Happy New Year to you as well Fuji!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. Every blogger has an unspoken resolution to write entertaining and informative posts as often as possible and in that, my friend, you passed with flying colors. Have a great 2014!!

  3. Happy new year to you, happy to trade, always interested in a Fuji auto!

    1. Wait... I didn't send you one in our last trade? Email me your address and I'll get one in the mail (albeit a PWE) this week.

  4. So what your saying is 2013 you were at the Mendoza line and not a sure fire HOFer! lol there's always next season oh wait next year!

  5. Who cares about resolutions. You've added so much great stuff to your collection this year. There's a resolution for you. More great stuff! Happy New Year!

  6. Hey Fuji, I think goals are there to shame us for not reaching them. Don't sweat it. You're rockin' it!

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you be able to fulfill your destiny and join the dark side of the F....err....oops...wrong comment. May we be able to achieve the Changes I set out before you when you elected me Obam....oops.....wrong one again. Engaging brain....Ahh yes....I had lots of blogging goals fail this year because work and time did not want me to play much. However now that I am the boss I think I'll be delegating my workload onto others who have to prove to me that they can be worthy enough to be a part of my Empire.....or so to speak...lol. You have a wonderful blog that you do so well on here so NO WORRIES and just keep on collecting! 2014 will be a bigger year for all of us!

  8. Happy new year =)
    Don't mind the fails. It's the fun that in the end makes this hobby so good.
    Keep it going! ^_-

  9. It might not have been on your list ,but the minor league Tony Gwynn you aquired a while back was great find.

    1. You're absolutely correct. I love that card! It's one of my personal faves.

  10. Thanks guys/gals! Glad I have you guys to help me focus on the positives.