30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog Trade #19: Starting Nine

When I started my Steve Carlton project last year, I figured his 1965 Topps rookie card would be the final piece of the puzzle. But thanks to Max @ Starting Nine that won't be the case.

Okay... you're probably staring at the huge ding at the top. Some will shake their head at the flaw... but I'm completely fine with it. Let's face it... I'll never be able to afford a high condition Carlton rookie.

Thank you Max for helping me out with my project. I'm down to needing only two more cards to wrap up this project:

1972 Topps Traded #751
1987 Topps Traded #19T

Oh... and thanks for the extras too:

90's Numbered Shark!

Japanese Refractors!

More Japanese PC Additions!

I look forward to future trades. Have a good evening... and sayonara!


  1. You can pick up the 87 for a buck on comc!

    1. I'm going to be patient. Hopefully, I'll find it in somebody's 10¢ bin. If not... I'll bite the bullet and pick one up.

  2. hey fuji - dunno if you saw this before, but if you missed it...here's some japanese ballplayers i posted at my place..


    1. I'll head over there and check it out right now ;-)

  3. Nice Japanese PC pickups! Gotta get mine up-to-date...