30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, June 10, 2011

Who wants to win some cards? Let the games begin!

I've got some good news... and some bad news. I'm one of those guys who likes to hear the bad news first... so let's just get it out of the way.

Yesterday was the last day of the regular school year for our district... and while most of my friends get the next two months off... I'll be spending the next seven weeks teaching summer school.

Okay... that's it. That's the bad news... not that painful... right? Especially... since I'm the knucklehead that signed up to teach. Whatever... it's extra money in my pocket... and it keeps me from getting bored. Plus... I still have three weeks in August to kick back and relax.

Now... onto the good news. Today... I'm kicking off my 2nd Annual... The Chronicles of Fuji contest.

This year's contest will run much like last year's contest. As you know... I almost always have a "Question of the Day" at the end of my posts. Well... all you have to do is answer my questions and you'll earn points.

For every point you earn, your name will be loaded once into www.random.org/lists/ and the top ___ people will win prizes. So... the more you participate... the better the odds you'll win a prize.

Now... you're probably wondering why I didn't specify how many people will win. Well... one of the things I'm doing differently this year is that I'll start off by showing you five of the prizes.. and then each week... I'll be adding a prize (or maybe two). In the end... I guarantee that there will be at least 10 prizes in this contest.

Alright... let's check out the 1st five prizes packages:

Package A: 90's Football Inserts/Parallels

You know me... I love me some 90's inserts and parallels. This package includes some SP Holoviews, a sweet die-cut Charles Haley, and an extremely limited (9,400 copies produced) card of Troy Aikman. Beckett's inflated book value: $30+

Package B: 2009/10 UD Basketball "Masterpieces" Starter Set

I built this set a few months ago... and in the process have some leftovers. Here's a chance for you to start building your own set. It's a beautiful set... and the checklist is stacked. I don't have any extra Lebrons, Jordans, or Kobes... but you will be getting Wade, Havlicek, and Wilkins. Beckett value: $24.50

Package C: 2009 SPx "Shadow Box" #S-KS Kevin Smith

Upper Deck's Shadow Box cards are some of the most beautiful cards ever produced. You can check out my own personal Ed Reed here. And since I'm not a fan of the Lions or Kevin Smith... you can have my other one... if you win Package C. Beckett value: $20

Package D: 2000/01 UD ICE Base Set (1-40)

When this product came out... I was all over it. Brodeur + Acetate = Perfection. The winner won't get any of the shortprints, but they will receive one sweet looking set. Beckett value: $15

Package E: 1999 SP Top Prospects Set w/2 Autographs

I've saved the best for last... just kidding. Umm... so this set kind of sucks. But it's free. I can't believe I actually built this back in the day. Anyways... it does have early cards of Ron Artest and Baron Davis. I threw in an autograph of Donald Watts that I pulled from the box. Who is Donald Watts? Your guess is as good as mine. Since this package sort of stunk... I threw in a bonus autograph of Robert "Tractor" Traylor. I've written about him a couple of times... most recently because he passed away at the young age of 34. Beckett value: $22

Don't worry... more prizes to come. I have a few autographed 8x10's (one of them is of a HOFer)... some unopened packs... and well... I'll keep the rest a surprise.

I've been looking forward to holding this contest for awhile now... mainly because my comment rate tends to shoot up... and I love reading all of your comments. It's also a way to thank everyone who takes the time to support my blog.

I originally started this blog with the intent to document my hobby experience, so I'll have something to look back upon when I'm older... but I've really grown to love the feedback I hear from all of you. And in short... the more supporters... usually means more feedback.

And with that being said... the last component to this contest is exposure. Hopefully... when all is said and done... I'll have a few more supporters.

So... why don't we get this contest started.

Today's question of the day:

How did you find my blog? When did you first come across it?

It's simple... respond to the two questions... and you get one point. I'll do my best to update the point standings on a post to post basis... but at the very least the point standings will be updated every weekend.

And unbeknownst to them... I've handed out some early bird points to people who have commented on my blog in the last seven days... so here are the current standing:

jaybarkerfan - 2 points
John Bateman - 2 points
Martyn - 2 points
Hairylemon - 1 point
Tony Mc - 1 point
Hoopography - 1 point

And since this is the official kickoff to my contest... here's an extra opportunity for all of you to earn some extra points.

If you are following my blog and you comment below saying "I'm following", then I will add an extra point. And if you're willing to plug my contest on your blog, then leave a link below to your post and I'll give you five extra points.

Just like last year's contest... there's an expiration date for your comment entries... and it's usually my next post. So here's a heads up... you have until Sunday to comment, submit "plug" links, "follow me", and earn bonus points for this post. After that... no points will be awarded for this particular post.

Oh... and just in case you didn't read my previous post there are a couple of differences from last year. First... you are only eligible to win one prize this year, so if your name comes up more than once in the top ___ list on random.org, then I just move on to the next person. I'm doing this to spread the prizes out. And secondly... last year I handed out consolation prizes to everyone who participated. That's probably not going to happen again... since I've already given a ton of money to the USPS this year... and I'd rather spend the extra money on something else... like prizes.

However... at the end... if you'd like a signed copy of my personal trading card (which I use as a business card)... then I'd gladly ship you one in a PWE (I know PWE's suck... but it's not like I'm sending you a Hank Aaron autograph... LOL). Don't worry... I'm not one of "those" collectors... all prizes will be shipped securely and properly.

Oh... and Card Collectors World Forum users... if you're planning on participating... you must use reply on my BLOG... not on CCW. I unfortunately don't check CCW on a regular basis, so if you post responses there... I will not see them.

Okay... so there you have it... Let the games begin!

Have a great weekend everyone... and sayonara!


Nathan said...

I came across your blog through the Sports Card Blogroll...I keep it on my own blogroll now, as I was happy to find another blogger that collects at least some A's stuff.

I've probably been follow since the beginning of this year or so. I've always followed as "Nathan" but recently changed my blogger account.

Thanks for the contest!

Dawgbones said...

You have a blog? When did you start a blog?? Seriously, I've been following for a while now and love to hear the trials and tribulations of the San Jose Fuji. and I've been trying forever to get hold of one of those Fuji cards since I first spied it, and PWEs are fine by me. Tough luck about summer school, but then again, I work year round and have only had I think six total weekends off so far this year (but Mrs. Dawgbones LOVES time and a half!!)
and I love to pimp:


Dawgbones said...

Oops, I am an idiot:
http://dawgbonesaphilliesphan.blogspot.com/2011/06/chronicles-of-fuji.html should have been the link...

Eric L said...

I don't remember the details, but I'm certain I found your blog after someone posted a trade you did with them (it's how I usually find a new blog).

I've been following your blog since January or February because I'd been reading for a while before our first trade in March.

Matt Pederson said...

I found the blog, I think, through a trade post from another blogger I follow. Really, that's how I find most of the blogs I follow. I am currently following yours, by the way.

Posted a link: http://sanjosefuji.blogspot.com/2011/06/who-wants-to-win-some-cards-let-games.html

The Lost Collector said...

Fuji - thanks for the trade. I had seen your blogs a few times when reading others trade posts, but I officially visited when you reached out about trading for a few relics I posted. We made a good trade and I've been checking back ever since.

I'm a follower, and I have you a shout out here:


AdamE said...

I found your blog long long ago off of someone's blogroll. For some reason I didn't hit the follow button right away but i am now.

Greg Zakwin said...

"I'm following", and have been for quite some time. Here's some pimpin' of the contest (bottom of the post):


I'd be lying if I said I remember how I came upon your blog, but I'd imagine it was when reading a trade post from someone you had swapped cards with. I'd estimate it was either very early in 2011 or late 2010.

Captain Canuck said...

When someone hits the 'follow' button on my blog, I always click on their little icon to see if they have a blog. That's how I found yours... I hit the 'follow' button on your blog and have been reading ever since.

Anonymous said...

Fuji - great blog and site (very visually appealing). Found your site on the blogRoll, today! I think it was on "All About Cards" if I'm notm istaken.

Anyways, the "Follow" icon/sign up isn't working (work firewall?) but I will definitely be following from here on out so, "I'm following".

Great contest and thanks for setting it up.


The Diamond King said...

Dude, i have no idea when/where i found the blog. But I read all the time!

I also Follow!

Here's the plug:

John Bateman said...

I found your Blog through the Sports Card Blog Roll - I also love the 2008 Topps Design.

stephj32 said...

Hey, I came across your blog through Card Collectors World. I thoroughly enjoy it! I first came across it last year while I was reading one of your posts on the site!

I'm Following!

Thank you for the contest!!

Martyn said...

Hi Fuji, i'm just on a new account after deleting my old blog, got a new one.

So I'll not bother pimping as I have 2 followers you being one of them, I'm following & have been following about a year now, thanks to TMCD & Hairylemon, all 3 of you inspired me to set up a blog.

It's really great to see your site, every time facebook tells me you've posted a new post.

Good luck & I hope like last year your followers grow.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog on another blogger's blogroll (say that five times fast). I think it may have been Nachos Grande, but don't hold me to that.

I'm also following and here is your respective plug:



Anonymous said...

Sports Card Blogroll ftw

Bloggers tend to leave good breadcrumb trails, so I imagine your name popped up elsewhere in a trade post that I saw, too.

Spiegel83 said...

I follow your blog! I found your blog through an article on SCF. Then when I started to blog, I then became a follower of yours. Thanks for the contest!

BA Benny said...

I found your blog from somebody's blogroll (I forget who's) and loved what I saw so I became a follower and love checking out your stuff.

Plugged here.

Thanks for the contest!

SpastikMooss said...

I'm following!

And I found you through someone else, I think someone else you traded with. May have found you through the Retro Card Set, or vice versa. One led to the other anyway haha.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from some blogroll, don't remember which.

I first came across it I think on SCF when it first started. I visit every now and then.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by reading others blogs and seeing their blogrolls. I don't have a blog of my own, but I do enjoy yours. I have been following your blog for the last several months, probably close to seven or so at least, and look forward to each new posting. Keep up the great job!

Kirk Jacobson said...

I am following and pimping, http://eutawstreetcardboard.blogspot.com/2011/06/plugging-in.html.

I can across your blog through some of your trades with other bloggers. I have been following your blog for 4 minutes now.

Mark Zentkovich said...

I met you on sportscardradio.com forums, your profile there led me to your blog...very interesting stuff..and it is fun setting aside Japanese players when I come across them to boost that pc


hockey kazi said...

I'm following---cant remember what site a found you on--but as myself being a short ,fat Japanese guy who collects cards, I couldn't resist--will plug on my site--http://hockeykazi.blogspot.com/ and would love a signed card for my collection

Ryan G said...

I found your blog through the continued comments on other blogs. I kept seeing your name and iconic card show up and eventually I followed one of the links. I think today may be the first time I've actually been to your blog.

And by the way, I live up the peninsula in San Francisco, and I too am a teacher, though I don't have a job right now.

Ryan G said...

Dang, I forgot: I follow, and I plug! http://thiscardiscool.blogspot.com/2011/06/friday-night-partying.html

And I have a contest too, so feel free to get in on it.

Cheap Card Collecting said...

I came across your blog today from The Lost Collector!

I'm following and I pimped the contest!

Hairylemon said...

Found your blog thanks to Tony or TMCD as we know him.I have been following for nearly a year and enjoy every post.

Tim Viola said...

I found your blog last summer through Google. I just searched "sports card blogs" and looked through the listings and yours appealed to me and I've been following ever since. I haven't commented at all, but that will have to change! :)

Tim V.

Tony Mc said...

I first found your blog when I was looking through the blogroll a long time ago.
But I didnt start following until I set up my own blog, which was actually prompted by you and the advice you gave on SCR.
So glad that you brought the contest back. Its time to defend my crown!!
Oh and heres a plug for you http://collectorfromacrossthepond.blogspot.com/2011/06/epic-fuji-contest-is-back.html

Mariner1 said...

I found you on someone's blog roll. Once I saw you were in SJ and were a Sharks fan, I know I needed to add you. Thanks for the trades in the past and look forward to more.

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

I'm following. Probably listed as Wes M or jaybarkerfan.

I began following a few months ago after seeing some of your blogs posted to CCW. You're blog is one I always check out. A good read.

Wes Moore the former JBF said...


My link is above. Thanks for the early bird points. Been following for a couple of months as Wes M. Found you through CCW. As you know, I read daily and enjoy the blog a lot.

Eric L said...

Blogged: http://manupatchesandchromescratches.blogspot.com/2011/06/answer-some-questions-win-some-cards.html

Axemanohio said...

Dawgbones sent me. Followed for a while thanks. Keep up the good work

Baseball Nut said...

Found your blog through your profile on Sports Card Radio. I think I came across it last Thanksgiving.

Contest shout out http://booboosue.blogspot.com/2011/06/check-out-contest-at-chronicles-of-fuji.html

Still waiting for you address so I can get you the cards from our Stanley Cup Playoffs Contest.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Offy said...

I can't remember exactly when I came across your blog, but I know that I first started reading it because of all of the other trade posts that I saw on blogs that I was already reading. I checked out some posts, liked what I saw and started reading here as well.

I am also following your blog.

Anonymous said...

i came across your blog on the sports card radio site today.

Anonymous said...

i'm following you

Anonymous said...

I found you thru the All About Cards blog just this morning and I'm now following you.

Curtis said...

first off, i'm following! hahaha

and as for the question of the day, I found your blog while searching for some bay area basketball blogs about a year ago.

John Bateman said...


cjtemp2 said...

I found your blog through sportscardradio and i beleive i first came across on last years contest. Thanks for the contest man!

cjtemp2 said...

I came across it on sprtscardradio and i believe i first came across it last year when you had last years contest haha

Avley said...

i first came across your blog through sports card radio.com.
just a note i love your post about when you picked up that jackie robinson at the tristar conventen

jnkben said...

I found your blog through All About Cards today! Thanks for the contest and I look forward to following your blog now!

Fuji said...

Wow... loved reading all of those comments. It was interesting to hear all of the different ways people found my blog.

Anyways... feel free to continue commenting...

However... any comments left after this one will not be counted towards points in the contest.

Next post and Question of the Day will be up shorty... along with an updated point total. Thanks again for reading and participating!

arpsmith said...

Looks like I just missed the contest points. I came across you blog thru a link to this contest on Jaybarkerfan's Junk (which I just came across today as well). Today is my first day reading it. If I had a blog, I would post a link and I am following your blog now.

Took a look through the blog and looking forward to more reading, hopefully I can get into the contest on your next post!

Fuji said...

arpsmith - jump into the contest at any time... the current post deals with 90's insert sets. head over there and reply... and you'll earn a point. glad you were able to find the blog... thanks for following.