30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Contest Results: Need Addresses

First off... I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to reply to my "question of the day" posts. It was a blast reading each and every comment. In fact, I'll continue having questions of the day and hope you'll continue to respond.

Here's a list of everyone's blogs & websites (that I could find)... If you haven't done so already... I encourage you to support each other's blogs:

If you don't see your name listed, I wasn't able to locate your blog/site. Send me a message and I'll add you immediately.

Now the moment you've been waiting for...

The winner of the package of his choice is: Tony Mc.. I asked him and 82Redbirds to guess how many cards I have in my new "Birthday PC" and Tony called it perfectly with "7", so there was no need for a tie-breaker. Congratulations Tony Mc! He has chosen Prize Package B: Set of 2008 TNA Impact Wrestling Cards (Cards are packaged & ready to ship).

For the rest of the packages, I entered the remaining prize packages in one window of random.org and your names (the number of times your names were entered were based on the amount of points you earned during the contest) in another window of random.org. Then I randomized each list 5 times. Here are the results:

Spastikmooss - Prize Package D: Sports Card Bust Starter Kit (Cards are packaged & ready to ship)
BA Benny - Prize Package J: Garbage Pail Kids 30 Card Lot (Cards are packaged & ready to ship)
Sports Card Report - Prize Package H: 90's Basketball Stuff (Ryan is donating his prize package to be used in a future contest held in sports card radio's forum... stay tuned for more info)
Hoopography - Prize Package E: Babe Ruth & Mini Jerseys
Martyn - Prize Package C: Set of 1994 Signature Rookies Future Flash Hockey Cards (Cards are packaged & ready to ship)
TJ - Prize Package A: TTM Baseball Autos
Martyn - Prize Package F: Topps Signature Package (donated the package to Gmoses) (Cards are packaged & ready to ship to Gmoses)
Jeremy - Prize Package G: The 4400 Wax Pack Lot w/Bonuses (Cards are packaged & ready to ship)
82Redbirds - Prize Package K: NFL Package (Cards are packaged & ready to ship)
(...Joe) - Prize Package I: 90's Basketball Stuff #2 (Cards are packaged & ready to ship)

What do you need to do next? Email me the following at sanjosefuji@yahoo.com:

a. your mailing address
b. players or teams you collect

Whether or not you won a prize package, please email me your address. Everyone will receive something for their participation and effort. Also include a list of players or teams that you collect.

I don't mind if you work out trades for each other's prize packages... however BOTH of the parties must email me to confirm by Sunday @ noon (Pacific Standard Time).

Thanks again for participating in this contest... I'll get all of your stuff in the mail by Monday. If you don't send me your address by Sunday, then I'll try to send it out as soon as I receive it. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


  1. Wow, this is by far the coolest contest I have had the pleasure to partake in. Lots of fun. Thanks Mark!!!!

  2. Sent an email,
    I've really enjoyed the past few weeks.

    Happy Birthday & thankyou for running this great contest.

  3. Great contest! Thanks for the hard work running it. I would be willing to trade the Prize Package J: Garbage Pail Kids 30 Card Lot if anybody collects them. If not I guess I now collect them. Email with my address on the way.

  4. Great contest Fuji could i just send you my adress and stuff on Sports Card Radio Forum Cuz that would be alot easier

  5. I won?! Awesome!
    Really appreciate the contest, it looks like it did really well, with a lot of people joining in.
    Email incoming shortly. Thanks again.