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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Night Five: Peyton Manning

SNL's Peyton Manning United Way Skit

Peyton Manning is one of the top quarterbacks in the game... and has been for the past fourteen years. His combination of intelligence, strong work ethic, durability, loyalty, and talent make him popular among many fans and the premier free agent this off-season. And in a few days, he's going to make either the Titans, Broncos, or 49ers fans very, very happy.

So, while we sit around and wait for Manning to make his decision... I figured what better time than to kick off a new series on my blog titled Saturday Night Five.

In this series, I'll show off five cards relating to the topic. Sometimes they'll be rookie cards... other times I'll set out some insert cards. You might even see some oddballs, promos, autographs, or memorabilia cards from time to time.

But tonight... I'm going back to my roots and giving you guys some base cards...

2007 Topps TX Exclusive #1

On February 4th, 2007... Manning helped the Indianapolis Colts win their second Super Bowl in franchise history and won the Super Bowl MVP Award.

2006 Sweet Spot Football #42

On September 10th, 2006... Peyton faced off against his brother Eli in their first Manning Bowl. It was the first time in NFL history that opposing starting quarterbacks were brothers. Peyton's team won.

2008 UD Masterpieces #68

I'm a sucker for sports cards featuring artwork. Masterpieces is one of my top 5 favorite sets from the past decade. The design is simple, yet stunning.

2010 Topps Magic #71

Another art card. Another favorite.

2006 Topps #51

If you're going to show off base cards, you'd better show off at least one regular issue Topps card.

So, there you have it... five Peyton Manning cards from my collection. I figured I'd show them off while he's still wearing a Colts uniform... since next year he'll be sporting another team's jersey.

Time to make your last minute predictions...

Who will Peyton sign with?

How many quality years does he still have left in his tank?

Personally, I think he has at least two or three solid seasons left in him. And my guess is he's going to sign with Tennessee. He has a strong fan base there from his college days and their lifetime contract is very attractive.

But with my luck, he'll go with the San Francisco 49ers... where he'll have a very solid shot at winning his second Super Bowl... while making life for my Seattle Seahawks miserable.

Happy Saturday & sayonara!


  1. If I were him I think I'd want to be a 49er. The team is just so talented and got so close with an improving Alex Smith at the helm. No knock on Smith, but Peyton even at 90% is better than most every QB, and he could be the piece that takes them to the Super Bowl.

    As for what team I think he'll choose...no idea. It's hard to picture him as a Titan for me, though I can understand why he'd go there. As for the Broncos, I think it'd be fun to see Tebow as a Jaguar.

    1. Yeah... if his goal is to win another Super Bowl, I think it's obvious the 49ers give him the best chance.