30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Not So Local Card Shop

According to Google, the nearest baseball card shop is 13.8 miles from my doorstep.  The last time I shopped there was way over a year ago.  It's probably been closer to two or three years, but distance doesn't have anything to do with it.  It's their card prices.  I completely understand that they need to make a profit to pay the bills, but I have bills to pay as well... which is why I've been mostly a bargain hunter ever since I reentered the hobby a little over a decade ago.

One of the places I hit up for deals is an online card shop that's roughly 2,400 miles away from me.  A few days after my birthday, I checked out their inventory and found a few cards for my team collections, a few singles for my "sports card time capsule", a cool 1 of 1 for my hockey collection, and a great deal on this autographed card:

1998 SP Authentic Chirography #TH

Helton is one of the greatest players in Colorado Rockies' franchise history.  I was surprised at how little pack-pulled on-card autographs he has.  I was even more surprised to see the four dollar price tag on this card.

Next up are a trio of autographs for my team collections:

2013-14 Panini Rookie Anthology #179
2019 Gypsy Queen Indigo Autographs #GQA-MO
2016 Prestige Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Red #JRE

These three cards added $10 to the running total, which isn't exactly a great deal.  However there's plenty of upside for these three rising stars.

Here are a pair of singles for a project I'm currently working on:

2016 Leaf Trinity Patch Autographs #PA-DH1
2016 Donruss Optic Rookie Signatures #RR-KT

I purchased the Hudson for $7 and the Marte for $2, which brings my total purchase so far up to $23.

I'm planning on putting some cards (and possibly packs) into a box and sealing it up for one or two years... then opening it up and seeing how much their values have appreciated or depreciated.  As soon as I add a few more items to the box, I'll seal it up and write a post about them.

And finally here's one of those Vault 1 of 1 cards:

2010-11 ITG Heroes and Prospects National Pride Jersey #NATP-08

This card matched the Dakota Hudson as the highest priced cards in the purchase.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I don't really buy many hockey cards anymore, but I really like Subban and his passion for the game.  When I saw this card, I thought it would contain a piece of his Team Canada jersey, but it actually features a jersey swatch from his from his OHL days with the Belleville Bulls.

There were three more cards I added to this order, which when you tack on shipping brought the price to an even $40.  At the time of purchase, I was really eager to pull the trigger and make this purchase.  However after breaking things down in this post, it doesn't quite look like a bargain anymore.

Oh well... too late now.  It's not like I can hop into my car, drive to this not-so-local card shop, and ask for a refund.  Wait.  Do local card shops even offer refunds to customers with buyer's remorse?  Probably not.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. I've seen a lot of Helton cards, but never that one. Nice find!

  2. Helton was such a beast!I'm gonna have to google his career stats.I forgot about him.

  3. 4$ for a Helton autographed card is a great deal! Nice find.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what goes in the time capsule, although I'm hoping that you leave the stuff in there for more than a year, as such a short period of time wouldn't make for a very interesting time capsule.

  5. Good idea on the time capsule. Now don’t forget you sealed them and where you put the box.

  6. adam kaningher - i actually pulled this helton back in the day, but either sold it or traded it years ago. glad to have another one in my collection

    big tone - yeah, his numbers are pretty awesome. plus i love the fact that he's a one franchise player

    sean - thanks. definitely inspired this purchase. without this card, i probably wouldn't have placed the order

    jon - it'll definitely be one to two years. i though about doing it longer, but i don't think i have the patience to wait that long. right now i have four cards for the box.

    sumomenkoman - i'll probably just bring it into my classroom, since i have my students write letters to themselves where they open them 20 months later when they graduate.

  7. Which online card shop were these cards from? I'm always looking for great deals on Bo cards?

  8. Great stuff! that Helton is a great card.

  9. spyda-man - cincy cards and supplies

    sport card collectors - he's just one of those guys who doesn't have a lot of signed stuff out there