30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Go Go Power Pitchers!

May 16th, 1984: Steve Carlton launches a grand slam off of Fernando Valenzuela during the top of the fourth inning. He ends up pitching seven solid innings and grabs his second win of the season as the Phillies beat the Dodgers 7-2. He hit twelve other home runs during his twenty-four seasons in the MLB, but that was the only one with the bases loaded.

And if you're wondering...

According to baseball-reference.com, Wes Ferrell holds the record for most home runs hit by a pitcher. He hit thirty-eight home runs in his career, but one of those came as a pinch hitter.

Which pitcher hit the most grand slams in their career? According to baseball-almanac.com, six different pitchers have hit two grand slams in their career. Bob Gibson is the only hall of famer on the list, but an even cooler story is the one written by Tony Cloninger. On July 3rd, 1966, Mr. Cloninger hit two grand slams and drove in nine runs against the San Francisco Giants.

Just a few more reasons supporting my belief that the American League should get rid of the designated hitter.

Happy Hump Day! And sayonara!

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