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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Perfect Timing

Sometimes... timing is everything.  I've been sitting on this post for well over a month.  I thought about combining it with other posts like when I wrote about my signed Tony Oliva rookie card back in September.  Ultimately I made the executive decision to hold off and publish it today to kick off the 2020 World Series.

Plus it's the twenty-ninth anniversary of this fantastic play...

1992 Tuff Stuff World Series Sheet #1

Isn't it awesome?  Okay, technically the anniversary was yesterday and the card design is average at best.  But that photograph is perfect.  Literally... the timing and position of the photographer was perfect.  

In fact, you can watch the actual play here:

It took place in Game 1 of the 1991 World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins during the bottom of the fifth inning.  I'm sure most of you don't have time to watch then entire game, but you can click here to skip to the 1:52:45 mark to see the actual play.

Although I remember rooting for the Braves during this World Series, I don't actually remember this play.  However after seeing this card, I doubt I'll ever forget it.

The card itself came out of this issue of Tuff Stuff:

Tuff Stuff Magazine 1992 January 

Ryan over at Japanese Sumo Wrestling Cards and Menko sent me a package back in August containing a few issues of Tuff Stuff Magazine and this one was included.

Here's a look at the rest of the 1991 Tuff Stuff World Series sheet:

Greg Olson might have gotten the upper hand on the play and walked away with one heck of a photograph, but Dan Gladden and the Minnesota Twins walked away with the Game 1 victory.

1991 U.S. Playing Cards All-Stars #4D

A week later Kirby Puckett hit one of the biggest home runs of his career and forced a Game 7.

1991 U.S. Playing Cards All-Stars #AH

The next day, Jack Morris pitched a ten inning shutout and the Minnesota Twins won their third and most recent World Series title.

Hopefully this year's World Series will be just as exciting.

Although I was hoping to see the A's and Padres slug it out... it's pretty cool to see the two teams with the best records face off.  Based on my original rankings, I should be rooting for the Rays.  However, I barely know anyone on the team and I really do like guys like Kershaw, Buehler, and Betts.

The bottom line it doesn't really matter who winsNeither are the A's or Padres... and thankfully neither are the Yankees or Astros, so let the best team win.

What about you?

Who are you rooting for?  Who do you think is going to win?

I'm predicting the Dodgers win in six games... but I'm hoping it goes the full seven with Mookie hitting a perfectly timed walk off home run to win the series.

That's it for today.  Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. I'm a lifer NL guy. But in reality it doesn't matter to me, cuz it ain't the Braves.

  2. The Cover of that Tuff Stuff Magazine is an event that is almost as big in my memory as a kid as the Twins winning the World Series - Magic's retirement was such a huge deal.

    This year, like every year since 1991, I mostly am just hoping for a 7 game series. I always want the season to last as long as possible. I would be happy for different reasons if either team won. I think the Dodgers are due, and I think the Rays are a great story too.

  3. Tuff Stuff was always a magazine that I looked forward to read back in the day.
    I'm rooting for the Dodgers, and looking forward to great baseball.

  4. Rooting for the Rays. I hope Kershaw throws up a dud in Game 1, the Rays use that momentum to get Game 2, ride Charlie Morton’s magic arm for Game 3, and unload on Kershaw the next time he pitches for the 4th win. With the way they weren’t hitting in the ALCS, now everyone will have a clean slate and hopefully that will get the Rays bats going again. I’d root for the Dodgers any other time (unless they were facing Detroit).

  5. I generally root NL. And I probably will, as I know a lot of folks I consider friends who are Dodgers fans. But a little part of me will root for the Rays too.

  6. I'm pulling for the Rays, but I see it as a toss-up as to who will win.

    I miss Tuff Stuff, and not just because of the card inserts

  7. This is the first World Series in a while where I actually like both teams. I'll say Dodgers in 7, though I wouldn't be shocked or disappointed if the Rays won.

  8. That Magic Tuff Stuff is awesome!

    Dodgers in four, although rooting for the Rays. And I don't like the Rays. But I dislike the Dodgers more.

  9. Rooting for the Rays. Expecting the Dodgers to win it.

  10. Tuff Stuff was a great mag. I still have a few issues tucked away...somewhere. I want a seven game series and hope the Dodgers get a win.

  11. You'll always get a comment from me when you feature a "Man from Gladden" card on a post! He did score the winning run in 1991 Game 7, but his personal highlight was his grand slam in 1987 Game 1 vs the Cardinals. Rooting for Rays in 4, 5, 6, or 7 games!

  12. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I bleed Dodger blue. I respect the Rays and I'm sure the Rays will give us all we can handle but I'd really like the Dodgers to do it for Tommy, Vin and the recently dearly departed Dodgers Don Newcombe, Ron Perranoski, Sweet Lou Johnson and Jay Johnstone.

  13. Kershaw, Betts and Bellinger had a hell of a Game 1!

    Rooting for the Dodgers for so many reason. At least 100 of them (I should make that a blog post).

    I rooted for the Twins in '91. I remember thinking, "who the heck am I going to root for in this series? Well, I can't root for the Braves."

  14. Love those old Tuff Stuff mags! Especially the oversized issues in the early years

  15. I'm rooting for the Dodgers. The Dodgers are on my list of teams I kind of like, with the Braves,Athletics, and others.

  16. Couple of young former Padres in the Rays roster who I would like to see win rings. But the Dodgers are a really good team and i wouldn't begrudge them a trophy,

  17. Dang, I remember Tuff Stuff! I'm pulling for the Rays on the count of my uncle being a fan, even though I'm a big fan of Betts.

  18. Oh awesome, I didn’t even remember that in the magazine. A great photo for sure!

  19. Tuff stuff had some cool card inserts. I have a full sheet set of something somewhere

  20. johnnys trading spot - i would have rooted for the braves had they made it past the dodgers. that was a tough loss

    brian - i was a huge laker fan back then and i was blown away by the news of his retirement. as for the ws... i'd love to see it go 7 games too.

    john sharp - me too. i actually had more becketts, but that's b/c i worked at a card shop that sold becketts. anytime i bought a magazine, it was tuff stuff

    jeremya1um - i'm looking forward to seeing how morton does against that loaded dodger's lineup. he's been an absolute stud this year and last year during the postseason

    the diamond king - other than bloggers, i don't really know many dodger fans. that's probably a good thing, bc my friends are usually the main reason i dislike other teams.

    shlabotnik report - tuff stuff in general was a great magazine. good articles and tons of ads. also liked that they listed kenner slu's and promo cards

    nick - i won't say i like both teams, but whoever does win, i'll be happy for their fans

    the lost collector - that issue was pretty awesome. the best the dodgers can do now is win in five. gotta get past morton though

    elliptical man - after two, it's sort of a toss up. game 3 should be pretty awesome though.

    a cracked bat - they're fun to keep around as a reference as well as entertaining casual reading. ryan sent me three issues, i'm starting to read the third one now.

    mr haverkamp - you're a gladden guy? do you have a collection of his cards? if so, i'll start pulling them when i find them. hope things are going well. i wonder if serramonte will happen

    bbcardz - you guys are loaded and have a solid shot at pulling it off this year. like i said... if i were a betting man, i'd put my money on them

    night owl - was very happy for kershaw and betts. it'd be cool to see one of them win the ws mvp award

    baltmoss68 - i have about ten different issue and i'll cycle through them every few years. they're excellent sources of casual reading material.

    gtt - like the braves. love the a's. dodgers? not so much. but there's a part of me that enjoys rooting for california teams

    jongudmund - i looked at the rays roster and barely recognized anyone. then again, i'm not exactly on top of scouting reports and prospects

    big tone - i'm a huge betts fan. love how well rounded he is.

    sumomenkoman - starting to read the third issue you sent me. thanks again for donating these to my magazine collection

    sport card collectors - one of my favorite tuff stuff sets is the stadium cards. pretty sure i've written about them before. if not, i'm sure i will some day.