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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Multiple Meanings

When you hear the words, "blue moon"... what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Some of you might have thought of the Belgian-style white beer.

Others might have started humming the famous song written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934 and performed by numerous artists over the years including Mel Tormé, The Marcels, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Rod Stewart.

If you're into astronomy, then you probably know that there will be a "Blue Moon" on Halloween... which means that it's the second full moon of the month.  I didn't realize this was such a rare occurrence... hence the saying "once in a Blue Moon".  The next "Blue Moon" won't show its face until August 31st, 2023.  And trick or treaters won't see another one until 2039.

But I'm sure many of you thought of this guy...

2020 Topps Archives Fan Favorite Autographs #FFA-BMO

Johnny Lee Odom was given the nickname "Blue Moon" by a classmate back in the 5th grade.  Although he's not a hall of famer... he went on to win three World Series rings with the Oakland Athletics and represented them in two MLB All-Star games.

I'm glad Topps finally decided to add "Blue Moon" to their Fan Favorites checklist.  He doesn't have a lot of certified autographs available, so I was pretty excited when I added this card to my collection last month.

Well that's it for today.  Go enjoy a Blue Moon.  I know I am.  Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. One of my favorite baseball nicknames... My first name, and my favorite color. Awesome baseball card.

  2. wow -that's a beauty! your collection is huge, Fuji! Do you live in a tiny room while your collection takes over the remaining living space?

  3. I saw this card. Always loved the nickname "Blue Moon", and seriously thought about buying this card. Great addition Fuji.

  4. I'm guilty of humming the tune after reading the post's title.

  5. That is a nice looking autograph on a great looking card!

  6. Wait, I could of sworn " Blue Moon" was in the title of this post😂😂. Ok so I hummed it after reading the first few lines 😜

  7. Blue Moon is a favorite beer selection at Coors Field, which happens to be its birthplace.

  8. Great card, and a great nickname.

  9. Nice card. The version of "blue moon" that pops in my head every time is cybill shepherd's version from an episode of "moonlighting"

  10. Sharp looking auto! It's even better with his nickname. I have one Odom card from 1967 Topps, but he's listed as Johnny, not "Blue Moon." (also the card back states he was born in 1046 lol.)

  11. The Marcels version of Blue Moon is one of my favorite 50s songs. At least I think it's a 50s song.

  12. That's a great autograph! Great subject for this set.

  13. Tomorrow is the day you should do something you've never done before. Then, in conversation, you can say say you've done it "once in a blue moon" and be 100% factual about it.

  14. Cool Card. When I hear the term "Blue Moon" I think of that 1950s song. Particularly the Sha-Na-Na Version from The Grease Soundtrack.

  15. I love that he's signed his nickname with quote marks!

  16. What a fun, fantastic card this is. And a great nickname, to boot. Happy Halloween!

  17. Blue Moon is one of my least favorite beers ever!

  18. john sharp - sounds like a good enough reason to become a blue moon super collector :)

    acrackedbat - i have cards all over the place. some in my office, some in my garage, some at my parents, and some in my buddy's garage. heck... even have some in my walk-in closet at school. but i don't have any cards in other parts of my place. but my office is definitely low on space. that's why i've cut back a ton the past few years and have donated close to 100k cards to goodwill

    the snorting bull - don't think they're expensive. picked up mine in a lot that broke down to about $4.50 per card. my guess is you can find a copy on comc for much less than that

    big tone - lol. had the song stuck in my head when i wrote it. i actually went and listened to a few different versions.

    craziejoe - gotta love old school athletes who have signatures where you can actually recognize all of the letters

    johnnys trading spot - thanks john!

    big tone - lol. i figured that's what you meant.

    adam kaningher - i did not know that. then again... i'm not exactly a beer expert. never really acquired the taste.

    sean - i know, right? very cool nickname.

    gcrl - i hadn't thought about moonlighting in years. shepherd was hot! just looked her up... can't believe she's 70 years old.

    chris - they might have gotten the name wrong, but at least topps wrote "blue moon" in his writeup on the back of that card.

    billy kingsley - if it isn't... it definitely sounds like the 50's.

    the lost collector - yeah. i'm glad to finally cross his name off of the list. hmmm... maybe they'll have gene tenace sign in 2021

    matt - wish i would have thought of that. could have used it with my students when we discussed blue moons

    captkirk42 - another movie i haven't watched in decades. need to go back and watch that again

    jongudmund - the only thing he's missing is his first name. not complaining though. he has a beautiful signature

    peter k. steinberg - thanks. hope you had a happy halloween.

    jon - lol. never tasted it. probably never will.

  19. Replies
    1. It's been a long time since I've watched the Smurfs. Had to look it up on Google.