30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, October 19, 2020

Gum Stains and Denny's Cards

With the World Series scheduled to start tomorrow, my plan was to break down the series by featuring cards from each team.  Sadly... upon further inspection, I don't have as many Tampa Bay Rays as I originally thought.

Another thing that screwed me up was I didn't find out who the Rays would be facing until after 9pm last nightWho schedules these games?

Anyways... congratulations to all of the Dodgers bloggers out there and the pair of Rays supporters I know of.  I'll give you my thoughts on the 2020 World Series tomorrow.

Today I'll be recapping on a pair of PWE's I opened up over the weekend.  First up is a card I mentioned in my post on Saturday...

1987 Topps #125

Chris over at The Collector opened up some packs of 1987 Topps football last week and pulled this hall of fame rookie card.  I think normally Chris would have held onto this card, but fortunately it had this gum stain on it:

That's right... I said "fortunately".  I'm all about gum stains.  He sent the three other cards with gum stains too... along with some Packers and A's cards that were perfectly clean:

Thank you Chris for this nice addition to my wax/gum stained rookie card collection.  And the Marcus Allen is already sitting in my Damaged Card PC binder.

The other PWE I opened was sent by Daniel over at It's like having my own Card Shop.  He reached out to me on Twitter... which is a social media platform I still don't really understand or utilize and offered me some Denny's Star Wars cards.  Thankfully I have just enough Twitter skills to be able to hit reply.  A few days later, voilà...

As you can see... he also threw in a few A's cards like Chris.  But the main card I wanted was this beauty...

2018 Denny's Solo #NNO

The lovely Emilia Clarke plays Han Solo's girlfriend, but honestly... I'm more familiar with her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones.  My friend actually had to point out that Qi'ra was Clarke during the movie.  Regardless... this is a beautiful addition to my Star Wars collection.

Thank you Daniel for hooking me up with these restaurant cards.  I think it's pretty awesome that Denny's decided to have a trading card promotion again... after the huge success they had in the 90's with their baseball holograms.

Okay... I seriously need to wrap things up and get ready for my home room class that's starting up in less than thirty minutes.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I still need to see Solo. But I heard they botched Lando, so I'm not going out of my way to see it.

    1. Elliptical Man - As a Star Wars nut... I liked it. It's not my favorite movie in the franchise, but I've watched it at least twice (and will probably watch it again at some point).

    2. I thought Lando was fine. They botched the story. It was written as a comedy, but they decided to make it serious, and didn't rewrite the plot to make it work. So it's just a bunch of stuff that happens, without much depth or character development. Also, they tried to "explain" the whole "made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs" thing, in a way that makes it make less sense. Still better than The Rise of Skywalker, though.

  2. I didn't know Denny's was still doing cards, although I have zero interest in Star Wars so that's probably why. What I wouldn't do for some 2020 Denny's baseball holograms.

  3. I've have so many Star Wars movies that I haven't seen yet.

  4. My 87 Topps football set has a bunch of gum stained cards. Moreso than any other set I have.

  5. In 87 I bought 3 boxes of rack pack football,by then I didn't care about the gum and never cared for wax stains.

  6. If you hadn't told us that was Emilia Clarke I never would have guessed.

    It's good to know that someone appreciates those old gum stained singles. If I open up any more '80s wax I'll let you know :)

  7. I have a card somewhere and other has a gum imprint on it. I think someone must have pressed down on the packet and there's and outline of a stick of gum across the card. I'll have to dig it out and show it to you.

  8. I must have some gum stained cards. You only collect gum-stained rookies? Would be a fun thing to look through to see if I have any. Solo is definitely an under-rated movie. I think she was better in Solo than in GoT.

  9. bret alan - whoa. you could teach a film class. nice breakdown of solo. the next time i watch it i'll have to look at it from a comedic point of view

    the lost collector - me either. it's been probably four or five years since i've gone into denny's though. but i haven't seen any cards other than these solo ones in over two decades

    johnny's trading spot - what are you waiting for? clear a weekend and start binge watching ;D

    commishbob - nice. did you build it from busting packs? now that you mention it, i bet my 1987 topps baseball set is filled with gum stained cards

    sg488 - i never appreciated the gum/wax stains until a few years ago. and honestly... didn't really start chasing them until recently. it's just a novelty thing. i'm not going to build a collection around it or anything

    sport card collectors - heck yeah they were

    chris - she was also in this terminator movie i just saw. it took awhile before i realized she was in that movie. and thanks again for hooking me up with those cards.

    jongudmund - do it. i've actually thrown cards away that had gum stuck to it. wish i had them all back, because i'm sure there are a few i would like to have back

    bo - the gum/wax stained thing is sort of a novelty pc. that's why i'm only going to hold onto the rookies and stars. don't have to space to keep every single gum/wax stained card i come across. i thought she was pretty awesome in game of thrones. didn't like how things rolled out in the final season, but she was easy on the eyes.