30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, February 10, 2020

Clearing Some Desk Space

It seems like all of the cool kids are using TCDB these days to add new cards to their collections, but not me.  I'm a rebel.  A few weeks ago, I decided to clean up my office and wrap up some sets that were cluttering my deskMy solution?  Sportlots.

I don't purchase cards from that site very often, since I'm way too cheap to dish out 18¢ for commons.  However... dropping $21.73 (+ $13.45 shipping) allowed me to complete ten sets while crossing off cards on a few others.

a list of the sets I completed:

12015 Heritage WWE 2K16
2015 Heritage WWE Rookie of the Year
2015 Heritage WWE Then and Now
2015 Heritage WWE NXT Called Up

52012 Panini Golden Age
62013 Panini Golden Age
72014 Panini Golden Age

82017 Topps Gallery

92019 Topps Chrome

102013 Panini Hometown Heroes

It feels good to clear off some desk space, but I'm not finished yet.  As soon as I wrap up and ship out all of the care packages that are cluttering my office, I'm going to head over to Sportlots again and try to knock off a few more sets.

While were on the topic of set building... I ran into Mr. Haverkamp at the Serramonte Mall Sports Cards, Toys, and Collectibles Show.  He handed me a nice stack of 1984 Topps baseball:

I was able to cross off fifty-three cards from my wantlist, which leaves 187 cards needed to complete the set.  This put me in a pickle.  Before Mr. Haverkamp's generosity, I was planning on breaking this set up.  But for now, I'll continue to work on it.  Hopefully I'll stumble across a big box of 1984 Topps baseball cards at the flea market on the cheap.

Mr. Haverkamp also got me one step closer to completing the 2013 Topps Update 1971 Mini set with this Derek Jeter:

Last, but not least he asked me if I could use these two 2001 UD Decade memorabilia cards:

I haven't officially started building either of these sets, but I've thought about it.  In fact, I enjoy picking up singles here and there and estimate that I'm at least 50% of the way on each of these sets.

Thank you Jim for helping me out with all of these set builds!  I'll try to track down some more Mike Schmidt oddballs for your collection.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Yeah for Sportlots. I use TCDB to track my collection and socialize and to comment on the Random Card of the Day, but I rarely trade or buy from there. My main sources are sportlots and Ebay now-days.

  2. Sportlots is good for dabbling, I haven't bought more than a card here or there from it, but I'll plan to look into it more.

    TCDB is just too much of an investment for me. I have a card community: it's card bloggers. I don't need another one.

  3. I've been meaning to look into sportlots for a couple of set builds I'm just about finished with. Good reminder here, thanks Fuji! (And congratulations on finishing so many sets!)

  4. I've been a member at Sportslots for a few years.

  5. Did the same thing myself. 5 separate orders in the last several weeks. Now if we could only get binders with pages for .18. LOL. I'm in the process of taking my set builds and putting into binders. OUCH OUCH OUCH. Trying to get rid of those dang boxes.

  6. Send me a reminder to look and see if I have any '84 Topps doubles you need. I'm sure that I have some in my trade box, hopefully I can send some your way!

  7. TCDB rules. It’s full of bloggers, and easier to make quick, pointed, PWE swaps. Trading 6-7 cards I have no use for one I want is great.

  8. I'm a fan of sportlots, and I use it to close out team sets or pick up a mini collection card here and there. also, those UD decade 1970s relics are just great.

  9. Hey congrats on finishing off some sets, getting closer to others, and cleaning up some desk space. That's got to feel great!

  10. I am huge fan of SportsLots for sets, especially if you can get some combined shipping. Great site. I have not done a lot yet with TCDB either, but I feel like everyone else is there.

  11. Man I didnt really know you collected wrestling. Do you have a list of cards you need for sets? I have thousands of extra wrestling cards.

  12. captkirk42 - i'd like to one day get on tcdb, but i honestly doubt i'll ever get to the point where i track my entire collection. seems like it'd take forever to input all of my cards.

    night owl - tcdb is way too much of a time investment for me, but maybe one day when i retire. sadly that's at least a decade away

    gregory - i like the site. it's easy to use, but 18¢ for commons is kind of expensive

    friend11 - i've been a member for a few years too, but have only purchased from them maybe 10 to 15 times

    johnnys trading spot - wow, how much are binder pages these days? i think i purchased my case for $110, which breaks down to 11¢ each

    robert - thanks for the offer. if i ever dive into that set hard, i will definitely reach out to you. i'm hoping i can kill off a bunch of singles at the next card show for 5¢ each or something first to make it more reasonable

    the lost collector - yeah, it seems like i see a lot of bloggers writing about tcdb. one day maybe. one day

    gcrl - i can't wait to scan my collection. they're truly beautiful cards

    peter k steinberg - round two will start in about a week or two

    the snorting bull - i definitely take advantage of the combined shipping. problem is finding vendors with all of the sets i'm building

    lee hero - lol. i really don't. i just busted a bunch of wwf blasters a while back, so i decided to build those set. the only incomplete wrestling set i'm still building is 2017 bbm true heart. i appreciate the offer though.