30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Nice Reminder

Hope everyone enjoyed their Hallmark holiday yesterday.  My middle school students eat this crap up.  Whether or not it was flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, bags of goodies, or just Valentine's Day cards... I'd say at least 50% of the students had something "pink" on them.

Speaking of "pink", I recently added this Bart Starr card to my collection:

1959 Topps #23

I love this card, because it reminds me of my mom.  My parents met and married while both were attending college in Wisconsin back in the mid 50's.  By the late 50's, they had become Green Bay Packers fans and would attend games at Milwaukee County Stadium.  That's right about the same time Topps produced this card which sixty-one years later is now sitting in my Green Bay Packers collection.

Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate "love", so in the spirit of this holiday I just wanted to let my mom know how much I love and miss her... and that whenever I pick up new Bart Starr cards... they'll always remind me of her and my father.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Fuji, my heart tells me your Mom knows how much you love and miss her. What a wonderful connection to her, right there within your collection. Sending a hug to you!

  2. That is a fantastic Starr! It's always special when cards can remind us of loved ones.

  3. Nice looking card for sure! Great memories tied up in it.

  4. That's a big-time card right there! It's funny to see that even Bart Starr couldn't get away from that stereotypical quarterback pose that was used so often back then.


  5. i just got this card myself not graded and not a 6 mine has a crease at the bottom but still I nice card!

  6. Awesome that you can tie cards of Bart Starr to your parents.

  7. That is a great looking card Fuji!!! Always great when you can attach a memory to a card, really enjoyed the read.

  8. Great card and great way to bring back fond memories of your mom!

  9. acrackedbat - thanks julie! she's the one that supported me when i started collecting back in the 80's, so i feel like as long as i collect, my collection will have a connection to her

    chris - thanks chris! i've picked up a few other starrs and each time that i do, i think of my mom, dad, and how they rooted for the packers back when they first met

    sumomenkoman - thanks ryan! i love the colors on the card

    jon - i know. the post is my second favorite thing about this card. the bright pink background is my favorite thing

    dion's ip autos only - congratulations! i thought about grabbing a non-graded card. but i've been on the whole slab kick as of late

    the lost collector - as long as i have my memory, i'll associate starr with my parents.

    the snorting bull - thanks for the kind words. i love this card so much

    sean - i just picked up another starr last week. might publish it on my mom's birthday which is coming up in a few weeks.