30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, November 23, 2020

Official Card Carrying Member

There's truth behind the saying "when it rains, it pours" as care packages flooded my mailbox last week.  Unfortunately I was so busy with parent/teacher conferences, I didn't have the opportunity to open any of them up until this weekend.

Normally, I'd sit down and open all of the packages up in one sitting.  However this time I'm going to do things a little differently.  I'm going to open them up one at a time and slowroll them for maximum entertainment value.

First up was a small brown box from Collecting Cutch who just wrapped up his very popular Save Second Base Event which takes place annually during the month of October.  He handed out some pretty generous prizes and I was fortunate enough to win one of them.

I'm very excited to show off this lovely lady... but I'll save her for tomorrow's postWhy?  Well... because there was one card that Brian sent me that truly deserves its very own post.  So without further ado... here's my official ticket into the Superfractor Club:

2018 Chrome Sapphire Edition Superfractor #608

Just in case you're not familiar with "superfractors", they're the one of one refractor parallels that collectors who tear into packs of any Chrome or Bowman Chrome products dream of pulling.  Now I've pulled several one of one's over the years... but I've never pulled or even owned one of these.  Although... I did buy wannabe Barry Bonds signed superfractor earlier in the year.

Thanks to Brian... I no longer need to pretend about being a member of the Superfractor Club.  I'm an official card carrying member.  He even took the time to write me a handwritten note that I've actually saved and attached to the penny sleeve protecting the card:

Thank you Brian for this beautiful card.  This was truly an exciting moment on my card collecting timeline... which is why I wanted to cherish it before I reveal the other cool cards you sent... that I'll share tomorrow.

Until then... feast your eyes on the latest addition to my Kurt Suzuki PC:

What about you...

Are you (or were you) a member of the Superfractor Club?

If so...

Did you pull the superfractor yourself?  Did you buy it?  Or was it a gift?

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Afterword:  Giving Thanks

I was originally going to save this "thank you" for Thanksgiving.  However Trevor's challenge, along with a stack of care packages staring at me has motivated me to thank this amazing blogging community a few days early.

We've said it in numerous blog posts that this community of bloggers and readers who support our blogs is very special.  Not only when it comes to collecting cards... but also when times are tough.  And I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, shoot me an email, reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook, comment on my blog, trade cards with me, or taken the time to package and send a card or cards my way.

We may not be family in the traditional sense of the word... but what we truly have something special within our blogosphere and I truly appreciate that.


  1. awesome card! i have no superfractors in my collection, unfortunately. maybe one day i will join the club. happy thanksgiving!

  2. Happy early Thanksgiving and wow what a card! Holy smokes! I'm not a member of this club, I don't think. I have some refractors, but none that can be described as "super".

  3. Sweet card! I have one 1/1 in my collection, but it isn't a superfractor. Congrats!

  4. No superfractors here. Only 1:1 I've ever pulled was a red parallel from 2018 Big League. Sent it off in a trade.

  5. Never owned a superfractor. I've bought a few 1/1s via eBay, but never pulled one.

  6. Last year I pulled a 2019 Topps Heritage superfractor THC-434 Stephen Piscotty of the A's. It's quite a gorgeous card and the only superfractor I have. In fact, you can see my actual card here (I uploaded a scan of my card to TCDb):


  7. I've never pulled a superfractor, but do own some. I'm so glad you enjoyed the card.

  8. Nope. I haven't been all that impressed with them. I suppose I need to see it in hand. But ... I need more than "1 of 1".

  9. Wow, extraordinary surprise from Brian there!

    I've never pulled a superfractor, though I have 4 or 5 that I bought. But they are lesser-known guys I collect who never did much/anything in the Bigs.

  10. Don't own a superfractor, though I do have a few 1/1s (think they're all printing plates). If I pulled a superfractor from a pack I'd probably keep it, but I can't say I'd ever seek them out.

  11. I had to buy my way into the card-carrying club, but I am in!

  12. Whoa, what a gift! Superfractors are cool. I am in the club. I have one Ty Hensley.

  13. Like Nick, I do have a few printing plates, but nothing as cool as a Superfractor.

  14. That was some gift! No super's for me, but I'm okay with that... it just means that there's more for everybody else :)

  15. Figures it would be a Braves card, lol. Congrats on the great get. No, not a member of the Superfractor club.

  16. gcrl - you might not have any superfractors, but that hof and timeless teams pc you have is fantastic.

    pk steinberg - just look for the goldish tint and spirals. and superfractors aren't as shiny as your standard refractor

    the diamond king - thanks. most of my one of ones are printing plates

    nick vossbrink - the first printing plate i ever pulled was given away in a contest.

    brett alan - although i've pulled a few printing plates (one last month)... i'm still waiting to one day pull a suprefractor. although i'll be happy if this kurt suzuki is the only one i ever own

    bbcardz - congratulations! that's a great card.

    collecting cutch - it's super awesome! thank you so much. the other cards are awesome too. those are coming up in today's post.

    night owl - in regards to beauty... what you see is what you get. GCRL sent me the regular version of this card last month and since it's blue and the Braves colors are blue... i think it looks better than this card. however i've always wanted a superfractor... just because of their place in our hobby's history and i'm glad the one i own is of kurt suzuki.

    defgav - dang. 4 or 5 superfractors? commons or not... that's impressive

    nick - if i ever pull one, i'll definitely keep it for sentimental reasons. just like i'll always keep this card

    sumomenkoman - that's awesome that we're both members now

    the lost collector - yeah. i was blown away when i saw it. one of those cards that you just stare at for a few minutes.

    adam kaninngher - printing plates are cool too.

    jon - i was okay not owning one too. i might have searched for one a few times, but refused to pay the outrageous asking prices. that being said... i will treasure this card forever.

    johnnys trading spot - i actually thought of you while i was staring at this card... admiring it.

  17. Congrats on getting the SuperFractor. I’m not a member yet, but I would like to get one one day. Hope you have a good thanksgiving and enjoy some time off.

  18. Wow! Congrats on joining the superfractor club! I don't have a superfractor, or a 1/1 of any kind. Actually, I think that my lowest numbered card is to 50, so I'm not even close.

  19. Generous gift! I don't own any superfractors nor could I afford one. I have a couple 1/1s which were gifts from a friends, and a JD Martinez that Matt Bob Walk the Plank gave me not long before he left the blogs. He was a uber-generous guy!

  20. That's absolutely amazing and very generous!