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Monday, November 30, 2020

Mixed Emotions Monday

I'm a pretty forgiving person.  I wasn't always that way... but that's who I am today.  Outside of giving Topps a hard time every now and then... I also tend to focus on the positive things in life.  That's why I don't really think twice about picking up cards of guys like Barry Bonds or Pete Rose.

But recently I found a good deal on this 1970 Kellogg's card of Orenthal James Simpson that had me going back and forth on whether or not to click the "buy it now" button.

1970 Kellogg's #48

Obviously, I did.  But I still harbor mixed emotions on this purchase.  On one hand... watching the ESPN documentary on him made me cringe.

On the other hand... I've been trying to pick up the Kellogg's rookie cards of hall of famers... and this card fits the description.  Love the card... not the person.  Anyways... that's enough attention for OJ for today.  Let's stay in the same lane, but shift gears and focus on a care package from Elliptical Man, who loves to give away cards on his blog: The View from the Third Floor.

He sent me a PWE filled with football cards that appears to be a prize from his Halloween Quadrapalooza giveaway.  Let's start with the latest addition to my Brett Favre collection...

2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP35

Love the player... not the team.  And even though it sucked watching the Vikings beat the Packers on MNF, I'm glad Topps honored Favre with this card.  It's just a shame that they didn't use a photograph from that actual game.

Next up is another QB I enjoyed rooting for during the 2000's...

2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP6

This card references the Colts victory over the Jaguars to secure their 23rd consecutive regular season win streak... which is an NFL record.  Unfortunately Manning was on the road for that win, but is wearing a home jersey in that photo.  

Love the record... not the photo.

Okay... I'm on a roll.  It's kind of fun analyzing photographs.

1999 Topps #20

Topps captured a great action shot of TO juking Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Aaron Glenn in an overtime win at Candlestick Park during the first week of the 1998 season.

Love the action shot... not the player.

And rounding out the rest of the PWE are a few more Peak Performance inserts and some shiny game cards:

Thank you for the care package, Mr. EllipticalLove the generosity!  No mixed emotions here.  By the way... I sent you an email on Friday or Saturday.  Hope you received it.

Well that's it for today.  My back is feeling a little better.  It's back into the Zoom classroomNineteen days until Winter Holiday Break.  Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. "Love the card, not the player." I feel the same with Pete Rose on Reds cards. Then again, betting on baseball (or anything) pales in comparison to what OJ (presumably) did...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'd say it's ok to buy a card for a set, despite what the person did off the field. And in this instance, it is obviously awful what he was charged with. But I wouldn't hold it against anyone for collecting a card for the set - nothing more.

  3. A lot of players have had issues after the game. Perhaps not as high profile as OJ's but where do you draw the line? DV, DUI, drugs, assault? It feels like every time I look up a player from the 80s or early 90s he's gone on to be a felon.

  4. a nice K-card! I understand your mixed emotions but don't let it keep you from enjoying the card.

  5. I collect to document history. That includes both the good and bad.

  6. nachos grande - yeah... i don't even think twice about pete. i love collecting his cards. but it wasn't always that way

    the lost collector - i agree. but this oj wasn't for a set. it's just a small collection of kellogg's and hostess cards featuring hall of famers during the same year their rookie card was issued

    jongudmund - yeah, i'm pretty good at focusing on what the athlete did on the field. a perfect example is kirby puckett. love that guy even though he did some questionable things. but things get a little fuzzy with murder. but honestly i even blocked the negativity about oj until i watched that documentary

    sumomenkoman - thanks homie!

    a cracked bat - i won't. at the end of the day, i love kellogg's lenticular cards way too much

    billy kingsley - well said billy. well said.

  7. A lot of athletes have done terrible things, some we know about, most we don't! Same goes for folks in other forms of entertainment. It's usually best to not think of such things, and just enjoy whatever it is for what it is.

    1. jon - i totally agree. that's why i typically collect athletes for their actions on the field. it's just a tricky situation with oj, because he has that documentary and i chose to watch it.