30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Posting While Driving

I'm writing this post while driving home from Lake Tahoe.  Well... I'm not driving.  My brother is.  But I'll talk about our family vacation a little more tomorrow.

Today I wanted to continue the spirit of Thanksgiving and send a pair of shoutouts to Chris (The Collector) and AJ (The Lost Collector) for the care packages I received earlier in the week.

Chris hooked me up with a PWE packed with variety:

I'm always glad to see San Jose Sharks and new additions to the Japanese Athlete PC thrown into a care package.  But the highlight was this Oakland Athletics team leaders card:

2009 Upper Deck #444

Kurt Suzuki led the A's with 148 hits in 2008 and was third among American League catchers that year.  As his "self proclaimed" number one fan, I'm don't remember this.  But that's the beauty of cards.  You can learn something new every day.

Actually this card is packed with information, but I don't know anyone else out there who actually cares about Oakland A's trivia, so I won't waste either of our time.

Next up, AJ sent me a few team bags filled with Oakland A's cards.  Here are my favorite nine:

Topps loves Josh Reddick.  And although the A's haven't owned the AL West for a few years, I still wear the same shirt Doolittle rocked back in the day.

But if I had to pick a favorite card, it'd be this one:

2014 Topps #8

If I had to guess, I'd say that this card has been featured on at least 25% of the baseball card blogs out there.  It's the Oscar Gamble of this generation.

Coco might have been my favorite card, but my favorite item in AJ's care package was this homemade bookmark:

Pretty awesome, right?  I immediately inserted it into my copy of Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic:  Reggie, Rollie, Catfish, and Charlie Finley's Swingin' A's.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the book with me to Tahoe, so I can't show you guys how awesome they look paired up.

In case you're wondering... AJ used a 1990 Topps baseball wax wrapper for this  bookmark.  Hmmm.  Or was it a 1987 wrapper?

Thanks Chris and AJ!  Both of you guys have been added to The List.

And here is today's question of the day:

Where's the weirdest place you've written a blog post?

Happy holidays and sayonara!


  1. I have to say, they've all been written either at my desk in Ocala, or my desk in Valdosta. I'm weird so maybe that counts.

  2. I've written a blog post from two different continents...although that isn't too weird. Nice care packages for sure...hope you enjoyed your vacation and the traffic isn't nuts.

  3. I've never written a blog post outside of my home. I once took cards with me on a trip to Las Vegas, though. I left a day or two after a show and hadn't really had time to absorb my haul yet.

  4. I have written them all at my computer, except for the one where I got my first smart phone, wrote that sitting on my bed.

  5. Aside from my desk, I think I've written down ideas for blog posts on the train and maybe at the office, but that's about it. (Also, that bookmark is fantastic!)

  6. Lost Collector has made some really cool stuff!

  7. Great cards. I miss Upper Deck baseball...Upper Deck everything. Coco really rocked the hair. I dig it.

  8. Time to make a goal for next year - blog post from somewhere else. The National maybe?

  9. Glad you enjoyed the bookmark!

    I did a post on the bus once while commuting. Otherwise definitely in a few states while traveling, but always from same computer.

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards from both of us "Collector"s. Coco's 'fro is glorious!

    The Yokota card came out of a repack and I thought it was neat but it didn't fit my collection. Cust is a Jersey guy and he was a bit of a folk hero here for a little while.

  11. I wrote several posts at my folks' house this year because of all the various health-related visits. It wasn't easy. The wifi there was terrible, so bad that my brother upgraded it for just a single month, the month we were there after my parents passed.

  12. Most of my posts are done on my home computer but I once did a post on my iPad during one leg of a cross country flight from Baltimore to Sacramento using Southwest's in-flight WiFi. I've also written a couple from hotel rooms in Japan.

  13. johnnys trading spot - no, i'd say you're pretty normal.

    sumomenkoman - we left at 3:30am going both ways to avoid any traffic. it was really beautiful up there and the food was amazing. the only thing that slowed us down was putting on chains and driving 25 to 30mph.

    nick - i've written posts while in vegas. but that's probably something i shouldn't be proud of ;)

    billy kingsley - i still haven't attempted to write a post on my iphone. i have a hard enough time texting

    gregory - i've only taken the train a few times in my life. but maybe i'll try it on a plane one day

    sport card collectors - true. he made me this sweet kurt suzuki sketch card that i'll treasure forever

    bulldog - i miss upper deck everything as well. and that coco is definitely a classic

    runforekelloggs - blogging at the national would be cool. i'd like to go one day, but it probably won't happen unless it comes back to the west coast, which i heard won't ever happen

    the snorting bull - it truly is. as much as i loved the cards he sent... that was the highlight of the package

    the lost collector - thanks again for the awesome bookmark! i've blogged from three states, maybe four. my dad and i are planning a vacation next summer, so i might be able to add one or two more states to the list.

    chris - that's cool that a 1991 bbm card came out of a repack. don't think i've ever seen or heard of any bbm cards coming from the before. thanks again for the package

    night owl - i was fortunate that my parents have good wifi. but then again, i guess i could always use my phone as a hot spot.

    npb card guy - i usually fly on southwest. looks like i'm gonna have to test out their wifi.

    1. The last few times I've used Southwest's wifi it was terrible. I've stopped getting it. It's relatively cheap compared to other airlines but if it doesn't work, it's not worth it.

  14. Awesome package. Love that Coco image