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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Picture Perfect Week

Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places to vacation.  It was also one of my mom's favorite places to vacation as well.  Growing up, we'd make the four hour trek up into the Sierra Nevadas at least two or three times a year to ski and spend time with family and friends.

Here's a picture of me rocking some plastic skis with my cousin, Papa Fuji, and Mama Fuji:

For as long as I can remember, my mom has wanted to spend eternity either in the Pacific Ocean, on one of the local (Las Vegas) golf courses, or at Lake Tahoe.

My father decided on the latter.  So he rented a beautiful house in Tahoe Vista that had an excellent view of the lake and we had a family reunion to honor her wishes and bond over the Thanksgiving break.

We were all a little nervous about the drive up there, because a snow storm was forecasted.  And oh... did it snow.  However outside of having to use chains and some stomach issues, the trip was perfectMother Nature blanketed everything in over a foot of fresh powder and it was nice spending Thanksgiving with my dad, my siblings, and their families.

2017 Goodwin Champions World Traveler Map Relics #WT-23

Here's one of those map relic cards produced by Upper Deck.  I know these aren't very popular among collectors, but I enjoy them.  It sits on my office desk and for the past couple of years, it has stirred up nice memories of my childhood every time I sit down.  Now it will also provide happy memories of my mom as well.

I love and miss you Mom!

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. thanks for sharing your memories. Tahoe is one of my favorite places. It's just easier for me to go to Colorado since I can drive there in one day so I don't get to Tahoe much.

  2. A very nice way to honor Mama Fuji! I love both pics.

  3. Toddler. Fuji. Is. Adorable!!!!

  4. I’d love to go to Lake Tahoe sometime!

  5. A very nice memory to share!

  6. It is nice to have those memories. Lake Tahoe is a very beautiful place.

  7. I have never been there before, but heard it is gorgeous. Glad you have so many memories there, didn’t realize it was so close for you.

  8. runforekelloggs - no problem. i often use the blog to document important events in my life. this was definitely a memory i'll always cherish.

    dennis - thanks. i'm not sure where the first photo was taken, but the 2nd was taken across the street from the house my dad rented. it had an amazing view of the lake

    jon - lol. yeah. i was probably 3 or 4 there.

    johnnys trading spot - thanks

    the lost collector - it's truly a beautiful place, the locals are really, really nice, and the snowboarding/skiing is awesome!

    sean - thank you. i'll definitely look back upon this post from time to time.

    corky - tahoe is so beautiful. that's a big part of why my mom and the rest of my family loves it there

    sumomenkoman - it's not super close. about 4 hours away. although this time around it took us more that 5 hours each way because of the chains. although i've never been to any card shops, there's a bunch of things to do there during the winter and summer months.

  9. Love Tahoe, still go there once or twice a year for the last 30 years.

  10. I too love Tahoe, made quite a few trips from Sacramento where I grew up. Great way to honor your mom.

  11. sg488 - i don't go up there as frequently since i stopped snowboarding a few years ago, but now i have some extra motivation to go there

    arpsmith - thanks. i'm sure she's loving it there.