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Friday, January 10, 2014

I Miss Denny's

It's funny how we relate certain things in our lives with certain time periods.  And every time I drive by Denny's, I think of late night study sessions when I was back in college.  Last week, I met a friend of mine there for breakfast and it just wasn't the same as I remembered.

Everything from the decor to the menu seemed different.  I was glad to see they still had one of my favorites... Moons Over My Hammy.  But even that was different.  It seemed 10x greasier than back in the early 90's.

At least I'll always have the memories... and of course my Denny's baseball cards.

In honor of Wednesday's announcement... here's my 1996 Denny's Hologram of The Big Hurt:

It's nice to know that some things stay the same.  This card is just as cool (heck... maybe even cooler) as it was back in 1996 when I stuffing my belly with Grand Slam meals in an attempt to get as many packs of Denny's holograms I could get my hands on.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. Love it! I never got any Denny's cards from that year, but got a couple from 91 and 92. It's too bad hologram technology didn't really improve over the ensuing couple decades.

  2. My wife was hit with a foul ball at a Cards-Astros game year before last. It wasn't serious but she did have a wickedly bruised and swollen ankle. The Astros stadium people got her medical attention and then the supervisor handed me a fistful of Denny's free breakfast coupons. I used one and gave the rest to my father-in-law who loves the place. Just thought I'd share that for no reason other than you mentioned Denny's.

  3. I remember the waitresses used to wear cards in an id holder with their nametags and you could trade with them to get a card you wanted.

  4. I've written about Denny's cards a few times. We had a family friend who always brought them to me. I've gone back and picked up a few of the sets for a decent price on eBay.

  5. If they brought those back, I'd definitely be taking the family to Denny's more often (which is very, very rarely). And late nights- isn't that what Denny's was all about for a lot of us? Great post!

  6. My family never ate out when I was a kid (okay, very rarely) but we ate at Denny's a lot during the early 90's so I could get complete sets.