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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My (Updated) Wall of Fame

I hate clutter.  Sometime during my childhood, I evolved into a neat freak and it's been a blessing and a curse ever since.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with my OCD and the fact that I love to sort and organize things... which is why collecting sports cards is the perfect hobby for me.

The problem is... I'm a "pack rat" too.  I knew I had to figure out something fast or I'd end up going insane.

My solution is to keep my house completely clutter-free, except for my office.  This is the one place I can relax and let myself go.  And over the past two years, that's just what I've done.  Here's a look at my main wall of memorabilia:

The Oakland A's Shelf

This is probably my favorite shelf.  My allegiance to the Athletics spans nearly four decades... longer than any of my other favorite professional sports teams.

The Los Angeles Lakers Shelf

I don't really watch basketball anymore and when I do, I cheer for the Golden State Warriors.  But I keep this shelf intact as a reminder of my childhood.  Plus, Kobe is still my favorite player to watch.

The Green Bay Packers Shelf

Useless fact:  this is the only shelf in my office that has more McFarlanes than SLU's.

The San Diego Padres Shelf

I know... it's a little empty.  One of these days, I'd like to add at least one more Tony Gwynn SLU or maybe a nice Padres bobble head.

The San Jose Spartans, Sabrecats, and Giants Shelf

As my students would say... I've got to represent the 408.

The Seattle Seahawks Shelf

Mr. McFarlane, if you're reading this...  When are you going to make a Steve Largent figure?

The San Jose Sharks Shelves

Out of all of my PC's... my Sharks' collection is easily the largest and most cluttered.  The problem is, I'm always finding cool things to add to the shelves without getting rid of anything.  But that's the life of being a "pack rat".

 Alright... time to spend the next two hours dusting all of the shelves.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Just think of it this way: you have a TON of cool stuff.

  2. Really cool set up Fuji. I have been slowly putting shelving around my man cave, hoping to go the full 360 around the room, but I do not have my bobbles and memorabilia organized outside of a wall of game used bats. I might have to borrow a little bit of this for my space.

    1. A wall of game used bats? That's pretty awesome. I'd love to own just one game used bat... preferably a Kurt Suzuki or Tony Gwynn.

  3. Excuse me - let me set fire to the Packers shelf.....

  4. If you ever come across an extra 20th anniversary Sharks puck let me know. I have most of the anniversary ones so far but that one. I think I have about 8-10 different Sharks pucks. Let's get a win tonight and come home up 3-2. GO SHARKS!!

    1. The De Anza Flea Market is coming up. If I see one, I'll grab it for you. You can also find them on eBay in the $5 range + $5 shipping.

  5. I thought My room was sick but yours easily topps mine. I got a bunch of Mcfarlane figures I don't even use anymore Maybe we can workout a trade for some cards/Autographs or other Mcfarlanes you may have. If you have Charlote Hornets anything from cards to Autos or Mcfralne figurenes we can definetly work something out

    1. One of these days I'll get my tradelists updated. I'm sure I have a few Hornets laying around. As for McFarlanes... I'd be willing to trade for any Seahawks, A's, Packers, Padres, and SJ Sharks ones I don't already own.

  6. I'll go through and see what I have on those specifif teams and let you know

  7. Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Do you have room to expand the Padres shelf if need be?