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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anyone have a pair of "wolf tickets"?

It's on like Genghis Khan wearing a man-thong!  I'm not exactly the poster child of the UFC fan club, but I've been waiting over a year for this fight.  One problem... after watching the pre-fight press conference, I'm torn on who to root for.

A few days ago, it was a no-brainer.  I was pulling for the local boy... Nick Diaz.  I've always been a sucker for underdogs.  Outside of his posse, friends, and family... there won't be many people cheering for him in Montreal.  And to top it off, he's the only UFC fighter I've ever met in person.

Here's the photo he signed and personalized for me:

Diaz was totally cool and seemed genuinely interested in hanging with his fans.

But I saw a different side of him during the pre-fight press conference.  He reminded me of one of my middle school students, who's pretty cool until things don't go his way and the tantrum begins.

Anyways... it made me question whether or not I want to support a guy who's surrounded by drama.

On a positive note, Diaz taught me a new phrase.

I kept hearing him accuse GSP, Dana White, and the UFC of selling the fans "wolf tickets" and that we, the fans, are "eating them right up".  Had no clue what "wolf tickets" were, but I found it to be entertaining.  Later in the video, Diaz clarified that "wolf tickets" are equivalent to "bullpoop".  The things we can learn from a UFC fighter.

Well... the fights are just around the corner.  I'd better figure my "wolf tickets" out and decide who I'm going to root for.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Hey Fuji,
    You meet him and he's local root for Nick! Thanks, Dion

    1. I took your advice and was pulling for Nick. I wasn't impressed with the fight... sort of boring. But GSP impressed me by giving props to Nick after the fight... even if he didn't deserve it. Shows that GSP is the bigger person.

      Actually listening to Nick right now on the post fight and I'm thinking he's a little insane.

  2. I need to start practicing the proper use of the phrase "wolf tickets". That phrase may go over well in my English 102 class.

    1. Me too... maybe I'll try it out on Monday.

  3. never been able to get into UFC. although wolf tickets isn't a bad entry point, I suppose.

    1. I'm not a huge fan either. I might watch 10 fights/year and only when they're people I've heard of. My buddy was one of the guys who promoted the autograph signing with Diaz. Before then, I hadn't heard of the guy.