30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The San Diego Padres & the Wild Wild West

Every morning and every afternoon I listen to KNBR 680 AM on my commute to and from work. They are the flagship station for the San Francisco Giants and I enjoy listening to all of their radio personalities. I don't always agree with everything they say, but for the most part it's entertaining to say the least.

On Sunday morning, I was driving over to my brother's house and they were discussing the Giants win in extra innings over the Padres. I was already bummed about the loss (FYI - I'm a Padres fan), but became frustrated to hear caller after caller talk about how the Padres have no business being in first place and that it was only a matter of time before the Giants take over first place.

Three days later, the Padres have won 4 in a row and the Giants have lost 2 in a row (they're losing 5 to 1 to the Phillies and are on the verge of making it 3 losses in a row). Surprisingly, they currently have the third best record in major league baseball.

Hopefully the Padres can continue to shock the rest of baseball and make it into the playoffs.

So today's question of the day is...
Who do you think will end up winning the NL West? Don't worry, I won't be offended if you say the "Giants", or the "Dodgers", or the "Rockies". Regardless of their outcome, I never thought the Padres would put together this type of season.

Here's the daily update for the contest:

82Redbirds - 14 points
Spastikmooss - 14 points

Hoopography - 13 points
G Moses - 13 points

TJ - 12 points
Tony MC - 12 points
Sal - 12 points

BA Benny - 11 points
Cam - 9 points
dkwilson - 9 points
Play at the Plate - 8 points
Steve D - 6 points
John - 5 points
night owl - 4 points
Martyn - 4 points
Jeremy - 3 points
Redsox101 - 2 point
(...Joe) - 2 point
Captain Canuck - 1 point
longlivethewho - 1 point

Thanks again to everyone who's participated in the contest. I look forward to seeing who you think will come out on top in the Wild Wild West.


  1. Definitely the Padres. The offense is suspect, but the starting pitching is for real, especially Clayton. Whether their youth will come back to bite them in the playoffs is the true question though. I'm pulling for the Friars, but it's hard to put postseason faith in a bunch of 20-somethings.

  2. I alway's though the NL WC should be called NL West runner's up, however with Atlanta & Phillies going well, This year I think one of that division will take the Wild Card.

    I don't really support one team, but put a few dollars on a bet for SF, I think it'll be close within 1 game, I'm gonna say the Giants, by .5 of a game.

    Sorry Fuji

  3. Pads are going to win it. Funny, the year I stop following them - the Padres end up taking off.

    Oh well, we're losing their AAA club, so following them doens't feel like it used to. I saw Headley and Blanks and Everth Cabrera play here in Portland long before they went to San Diego.

    I still root for the guys, but haven't 'rooted' for the team like I used to. Kind of bittersweet.

  4. I'll say the Giants, but it comes down to the last series of the yr

  5. Has to be the Padres. They're the best in the NL!

  6. I think the Padres are legitimate...at least as far as the West goes. I don't know about them beyond winning the division, but I think they'll do that at least.

  7. As a Dodger fan, I hate to say it, but there's no way the Padres don't win.

    I still don't understand how they're doing it, but they'll do it.

  8. I still hope the Giants will regain the lead in the NL west. But the way the Padres are playing I dont think its going to happen. So as much as I hate to admit it, I think the Padres have it in the bag.

  9. I'm going with the Padres on this one.

  10. I have to say the Padres. everybody talks about their pitching being far better then anybody expected which is true but they are also one of the top defensive team in the major leagues. Offense wins games but pitching and defense wins championships.

  11. I would have to say the giants they have hit a slump with Tim lincecum being bad all the sudden but I think in the end the giants are the better team this year but the padres also have a good chance

  12. Thanks for everyone's feedback... it should be a close finished. Hopefully the Padres will pull it out.

    Contest entries are officially closed: Feel free to continue commenting, but it won't count for points.

    Next post... with a contest update in a few minutes.