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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sports Card Bust #21: Trev Alberts

Since 1985, the Dick Butkus Award has been given to the top linebacker in the NCAA. In 1993, Trev Alberts won the award. As a senior at the University of Nebraska, he was a consensus first team All-American, Big Eight Defensive Player of the Year, and the Big Eight Male Athlete of the Year. He even won the Today's Top Six Award (now known as the Top Eight Award) for demonstrating excellence on the field and off the field by earning good grades, modeling positive character traits, and by being a leader to his teammates.

His most memorable college game was the last game he played for the Cornhuskers. It was Nebraska's chance to finish off their undefeated season and beat the #1 ranked team in the nation, Florida State. FSU's Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward brought the Seminoles down to the 3 yard line with a last minute drive, where they nailed the game winning field goal with 21 seconds remaining. Nebraska actually had a chance to win the game with a last second field goal, but missed. In the loss, Alberts had 6 tackles including 3 sacks for a loss of 29 yards. According to Wikipedia, the amazing thing is up until this game FSU quarterbacks had only been sacked 5 times their whole season.

Three months later he was rewarded for all of his hard work at Nebraska by the Indianapolis Colts, when he was selected 5th in the 1994 NFL Draft.

Unfortunately his NFL career was plagued with injuries. Mr. Alberts finished his 3 year career with 4 sacks and 1 interception. During those three seasons, he only started 7 games. Obviously the Colts and their fans were expecting much more from their 1994 #5 pick. But there's a bright side to this story. His career stats has earned him a spot in my Sports Card Bust PC.

Well at least the Colts didn't screw up too bad in 1994. They drafted Marshall Faulk with their #2 pick. But that's another story.

Oh... I almost forgot... here's your question of the day:
Who do you think is the next addition to my Sports Card Bust PC? Now before you answer, I'm going to make it a little contest within the contest. Everyone who participates by submitting a guess will receive the usual 1 point. However, anyone who guesses the correct answer (card is in hand and will be posted either tomorrow or Saturday) will receive 3 points. It's okay to steal someone else's guess.

Expect a few more contests within the contest to help spice things up in the leader board. For now, here's a breakdown of the leaders (as of 7am on Thursday, Aug. 12)

TJ - 8 points
G Moses - 8 points

Hoopography - 7 points
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Redsox101 - 1 point
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longlivethewho - 1 point

And for those who have taken the time to read the whole post (or to those who have skipped my blabbering) here are a few clues to help you with the contest:

A. Go back and check to see who's already in my Sports Card Bust PC (I won't add the same player twice).
B. It's a NFL player (current or retired, I'm not saying).
C. He'll be a top 5 draft pick (one of my prerequisites for being in this prestigious collection).

Good luck... and I look forward to reading your responses. By the way, if you haven't done so already... there's still time to promote the contest on your blog to receive an extra 5 points. Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest!


  1. I'm guessing the most famous bust of all time - Sam Bowie.

  2. I'm gonna go with JaMarcus Russell. My original guess was Leaf but I see that you have one of him.

  3. Mooss stole my guess!

    Lawrence Phillips.

  4. Loving reading your blog.
    Really nice to see a few Hockey players then a few sluggers. I really like the Kurt Suzuki Bat Clubhouse collection card. It's nice Tony Mc sent me one.

    I would post a link however i only have 1 follwer and he's the one who pointed your blog out to me.

    For your question i'm gonna say,
    Jeff Novak just a random NFL player who was a bust.

  5. JaMarcus Russell seems like the obvious choice, so I should probably go with him.

  6. I'm going with the Boz, Brian Bosworth.

    Also, I can't believe I haven't already followed your blog yet. Now I am.

    I'll post up a link on my blog for the contest.

  7. Since your last addition to the Sports Card Bust Collection came out of the '94 NFL Draft, I'm going to bet that you spotted another big time bust from that same draft, namely Heath Shuler, the quarterback drafted by the Redskins with the #3 pick in the first round. ESPN rated him the #4 biggest NFL draft bust of all time. He is now a Congressman for NC.

  8. I've got to go with the #2 pick of the Detroit Lions in the 2003 NFL Draft, Charles Rodgers.

    Once again, my favorite blog post series to read. Thanks Mark!!!

  9. It is one of these 8 players. Jamark Russell, Alex Smith, Charlie Rogers, Joey Herrington, Dave Carr. Health Shuler, KJ Carter and Jeff George.

    I will eliminate Smith and Russell because there is a small chance either can rebounded their career.

    I will eliminate Rogers also because he was not that famous.

    I think George did have some success.

    It comes down to Carter, Shuler, Carr and Herrington. I will eliminate Carr and Herrington because most of your busts come from the 1990s.

    Since Shuler entered politics and could do something extremely good or bad - then the answer is

    Ki Jana Carter

  10. I don't know a great deal about the sport or its players so this is just a guess from the players on your wantlist. I say David Carr.

  11. I'll go with Peter Warrick over Courtney Brown in the 2000 draft based on his hype coming outta Florida St

  12. I'm gonna go with a hockey player and say Alexander Daigle.

    FYI, my link to your contest will appear in my next blog post, scheduled for Friday morning.

  13. Martyn - You have 2 followers now!

    Everyone else - I love it... I've been needing new ideas for the PC and you're helping me out! Keep em' coming.

  14. OKay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rick Mirer

  15. Thanks for everyone's responses... Everyone will get 1 point... however one person called my next sports bust, so they'll earn 3 points... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

    Contest entries (for this question) & contest promotions are officially closed: Feel free to continue commenting, but it won't count for points.

    I'll have the next question of the day & an updated point total tomorrow.

    G'nite everyone!