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Monday, August 23, 2010

Damn... I feel old!

One of my students mentioned that today is Kobe Bryant's birthday. This started a chain of arguments (between students) about who's the best player in basketball.

After a minute or so of boys discussing Kobe and Lebron and girls rolling their eyes, I squashed the arguing and started my lesson.

At break, I went onto www.basketball-reference.com to see if it really was his birthday and if so, how old is he? Turns out that my student was right and today Kobe turned 32 years old.

I'm sure he has a few more years of being one of basketball's elite. But eventually the wear and tear are going to start taking its toll on this veteran, who's headed into his 15th season. Can you believe that he's been in the league for 14 years? Wow.. how time flies.

So today, let's take a trip back in time. Back in 1996, Byron Scott's career was coming to an end and Eddie Jones was getting ready to replace him as my favorite player.

Now it's your turn. Who was your favorite basketball player in 1996? If you're not a basketball fan, who was your favorite athlete during the mid 90's? If you weren't born yet, then share with everyone who your first favorite athlete was.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Saturday's question of the day. I was impressed that everyone who was eligible actually took part in the challenge. Unfortunately, not everyone could be winners. Three people picked The Hawks to win, so they lost 2 points (in reality, they ended up only losing 1, because they received 1 point for answering the question of the day). Five of you correctly predicted the Packers, so you ended up getting 3 points (2 for your prediction + for answering the question). And two of you earned a point for answering the question of the day.

Here's the updated point total:

Spastikmooss - 21 points
Hoopography - 20 points
Tony MC - 20 points

G Moses - 17 points
82Redbirds - 17 points

Sal - 15 points
BA Benny - 13 points
TJ - 12 points
Play at the Plate - 10 points
Cam - 9 points
dkwilson - 9 points
Steve D - 8 points
night owl - 8 points
Martyn - 7 points
John - 5 points
Jeremy - 3 points
Redsox101 - 3 points
(...Joe) - 2 points
Captain Canuck - 1 points
longlivethewho - 1 point
The Ranter - 1 point

I have to apologize for not posting yesterday. I don't really have an excuse other than I needed a day to relax and not think about cards or work. With that... I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I'm going to wrap up this contest a little earlier than planned. I originally planned on ending it during the last week of August and letting the final question run until September 3rd. Unfortunately, my birthday is coming up and I'll be busy that weekend. At first, I was planning on extending the contest. But then, after thinking about it... this contest has run it's course and I'm getting burnt out. I give major props to those who run monthly contests. So with that being said... the last question of the day will take place later on this week (probably Friday) and I'll let it run until Sunday morning.

On Sunday, I'll add up all of the points and contact the point leader to find out which package they want. As soon as they inform me, I'll random off the rest of the packages. Hopefully, I can have everything sent out by the end of the week. It'll all depend on how fast I receive everyone's address.

Oh... the good news is that anyone who doesn't win a prize package will still receive something for participating in my contest. That means, everyone's a winner.

Thanks again for all of your participation.

P.S. Happy Birthday Black Mamba!

Oh... one more thing... At the end of the day, I mentioned to my 6th period that Kobe turned 32 today and one of my students said, "wow... he's old!" I laughed at first, but then I thought about it. I'm 6 years older than he is. That means I'm old too. Damn!


  1. In 96? Easily Jordan. That's the year the Bulls went 72-10. It doesn't get much better than that. Everybody rooted for Chicago that year.

  2. I gotta go with Patrick Ewing. That era was the last one that I actually still liked NBA and went to games at Madison Square Garden on a regular basis, especially when the Bulls were in town.

  3. My Basketball Top 10 in '96:

    1. Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls)
    2. Chris Mullin (Warriors/Pacers)
    3. Chris Webber (Bullets)
    4. Anfernee Hardaway (Orlando Magic)
    5. Felipe Lopez (St. John's University)
    6. Allen Iverson (Georgetown)
    7. Grant Hill (Pistons)
    8. Scottie Pippen (Bulls)
    9. Tim Hardaway (Heat)
    10. Shaquille O'neal (Magic)

  4. Mitch Richmond. I've always loved pure shooters, and Mitch and Ray Allen have two of the prettiest jump shoots I've ever seen. Mitch was my favorite non Celtic player, and remains one of my favorite all time players today.

  5. Gotta agree with BA Benny and go with Patrick Ewing. As a New Yorker, he represented Knicks basketball in the 90's. I think fans appreciate him a lot more now that the Knicks have been the joke of the league for the last decade

  6. Indeed, Eddie Jones would've pretty high on my list in '96. Mitch Richmond is up there too, as is Steve Kerr. But my top guy is either Antoine Walker or Allen Iverson. Iverson was nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, and Walker could do anything. He was big and strong enough to play inside but he could also step out and hit threes at a good enough clip to tolerate him actually doing it. Also receiving votes, KG, Grant Hill, Penny, and Gary Payton!

  7. My favorite athlete by far in the '90's was Emmitt Smith. I had posters and hats and cards and everything of his. My favorite basketball player was Grant Hill.

  8. My favorite b-ball player in '96 was Luc Longley of the Chicago Bulls. I'm probably the only guy in Chicago who was wearing a #13 jersey, instead of #23.

  9. I wasnt born yet 1 year off but my first favorite player was Matt Williams because first I was named after him and i loved watching him play on the old games on sports center

  10. I can remember watching an NBA highlights show on saturday mornings. I also had an NBA 95-96 game.

    I was alway's NY Knicks, no other reason but in friends they were knicks fans.

    I alway's played as a created player, but remember having pts challenges with Mr Ewing.

    Although I just can't watch a game now, to busy with NFL, MLB & NHL.

  11. I'm just two months older than Kobe, and I feel really old.

    Kobe is still the best player in the game. Hands down. He'll add another ring in 2010-2011.

    Favorite athlete in '96 was Michael Jordan. I know it's so easy to pick MJ, but it's the truth. I can't even explain to my children how great MJ was. I have no one to compare Jordan to, but Kobe is close

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  13. Michael Jordan would be an easy one, but for some reason I was a Charles Barkley fan. I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I seemed to have caught a lot of his games in those days. I didn't feel old until Redsox101 said he wasn't even born yet. I was in college and he hadn't even been born. Yikes. I am old.

  14. The argument could be made that Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete of all time out of any sport. I'm not making that argument, but I'm just saying...

    So with that being said, MJ (the ’96 NBA MVP) was my favorite baller of 1996. I'm not a huge basketball fan, but when Jordan was playing, no one could touch him. That guy was larger than life.

    By the way, I don't want to hear you crying about being old. You might be older than Kobe, but I'm older than Brett Favre.

  15. Don't follow basketball at all, but my favorite player in the mid-90s was Raul Mondesi.

  16. Vlade Divac (who by the way was traded for Kobe)

  17. Contest entries are officially closed: Feel free to continue commenting, but it won't count for points.