30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pick the winners... win some points!

Good evening... I apologize for not posting something sooner. After the Wild Wild West post, SpastikMooss has taken the lead and is all alone in first place. Just like the Padres, the question is... will he be able to hold the position? Only time will tell.

The contest is nearing its end. I never ended up tying this contest in with my birthday and I don't think I'm going to. This contest is about collecting, sports, friends, and blogging... so I'll keep it that way.

Plan on having the final "question of the day" sometime during the last week of August. From there, I'll let that question run until the 3rd of September (Friday). After that I'll contact the winner and as soon as he/she tells me which package they want... I'll random off the other prize packages.

Just a reminder, every point you earn is worth one spot in the drawing. If you finish with 15 points, you'll have your name entered into random.org and from there I'll randomize it 5 times. After 5 randomizations, I'll list out the top 10 people. I'll then randomize the remaining prize packages and scramble them using random.org (I'll keep it standard and randomize it 5 times).

The 1st person on the top 10 list will then receive the prize package that's 1st on the prize package list. The 2nd person will receive the 2nd prize package. And so on... and so on.

Hopefully this makes sense. It's been a long day and it's late. I'm tired, so I might be rambling.

Anyways... here's the updated point total:

Spastikmooss - 15 points
82Redbirds - 14 points
Hoopography - 14 points
G Moses - 14 points

TJ - 13 points
Tony MC - 13 points

Sal - 12 points

BA Benny - 12 points
Cam - 9 points
dkwilson - 9 points
Play at the Plate - 9 points
Steve D - 7 points
John - 5 points
night owl - 5 points
Martyn - 5 points
Jeremy - 3 points
Redsox101 - 3 point
(...Joe) - 2 point
Captain Canuck - 1 point
longlivethewho - 1 point
The Ranter - 1

So now it's time to get back to earning some points. Instead of a question... I figure I'll make things a little interesting and see how well you are at picking games. The task is simple. Below are five games that will be played on Friday. Pick the teams that are going to win. For every game you call correctly, you earn a point. If you somehow manage to pick all 5 games correctly, I'll throw in an additional 2 points (for a total of 7 points). Don't worry, if you don't get any of them correct, I won't leave you empty handed. In fact, if you're that bad at picking games, I'll give you 5 points just because I feel sorry for you.

So here you go...

Game 1: Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals

Game 2: LA Angels @ Minnesota Twins

Game 3: SF Giants @ St. Louis Cardinals

Game 4: Tampa Bay Rays @ Oakland A's

Game 5: Cincinnati Reds @ LA Dodgers

Just in case this contest is too confusing... your post should look something like this:

Eagles, Angels, Giants, Rays, and Reds.

Since the first game begins around 5pm (PST)... you can expect this to close sometime early tomorrow morning. If not, I'll close it during my prep period around 9:30am (PST). I apologize for the small window. Unfortunately, I'm busy tomorrow night, so I can't risk trying to close it too close to kickoff.

All right... time for me to hit the sack. G'nite!


  1. Eagles, Twins, Cardinals, Rays, Dodgers. You threw me off with that football game.

  2. Eagles, Angels, Cardinals, Rays, Reds

  3. Bengals, Twins, Cardinals, Rays, Reds

  4. Eagles, Twins, Cardinals, A's and Reds.

  5. Bengals, Twins, Giants, Rays and Reds.

  6. Okay,
    Eagles, Twins, Giants, Rays, Reds.

    The Reds @ LAD looks a good game to watch!

  7. Eagles, Angels, Giants, Rays, and Dodgers

  8. Eagles, Angels, Cardinals, Rays, Reds

  9. Okay guys... this might be the only chance for me to log in, so...

    Contest entries are officially closed: Feel free to continue commenting, but it won't count for points.

    Best of luck... to everyone!

    I'll post the results tomorrow morning.

  10. Eagles, Twins, Giants, Rays, Dodgers

  11. awwww nvr mind missed it by like 1 hour

  12. Eagles, Twins, Giants, Rays, Reds.