30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My newest personal collection...

What do the following people have in common?

Ben Troupe

Leodis McKelvin

Calais Campbell

Jeff Woywitka

Brian Bellows

Ryan Gomes

Cuttino Mobley

If you guessed that they share the same birthday as me, then you're correct. All of these guys were born on September 1st and to celebrate my birthday, I added a new PC to my collection. It's called the Birthday PC.

I liked the idea of this PC, because it was fairly cheap... purchased all of the cards on COMC for just under $15. Yes, I know I overpaid on some these autos... but it'll be in my collection for many years to come, so it's worth it in my book.

Another reason, I decided to start this PC is because I figured it's kind of like a "living" set. It'll continue to grow, without me having to worry about it growing too fast. I figure every year or so, I'll add another player to this collection.

Speaking of collections... by now, if you know me... then you know that I'm addicted to collecting cards and I have a variety of PC's. So this shouldn't be too big of a surprise to my blogger buddies.

However, if you don't know me... and you're bored... feel free to check out a few of my other personal collections:

As I mentioned towards the end of my contest... I want to continue having a "question of the day". Unfortunately... you won't get any points... but at least you'll have the opportunity to read cool comments from fellow collectors.

So... here's your question of the day... Do you have a personal collection that is special to you? It can be a unique PC, an expensive PC, a large PC, a non-sports PC, or something completely different. I realize all of your PC's are probably special to you... but is there one that stands out?

Oh... and thanks to everyone for their early birthday messages... I really appreciate it. Have a great day!

I just checked my mailbox... and look what just arrived...

Tim Hardaway

Yep... he's the 8th addition to the Birthday PC. Too bad this card costs more than the 7 other cards combined. Sayanara!


  1. I have a collection of my childhood hero, Roger Clemens. So, yeah. I might have to find a new one.

    Good idea on the birthday thing, though.

  2. Happy early birthday dude! That's a really cool idea for a collection, I love it!

    As for my favorite collection? Hard to say really. I think Tyronn Lue has become one of my favorites, if only because he has so many wacky cards. There's one where he gets stuffed by Paul Pierce, one where he's posterizing David Robinson, a few with Stephon Maurbury...it's all very cool.

  3. My collections are fairly simple and to the point. But I guess I'm due to add a new collection as well.

    I'm thinking about adding a soccer collection - because I'll have to get creative to do it.

    But Happy B Day. Hope it was fun.

  4. I don't really have a PC that's special to me. I collect Adam Lind because I think hes a good player. No other reason. The birthday PC sounds cool though, think I might just rip that off :)
    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Mark!!! How you have a fun day.

    Awesome Tim Hardaway Card too!!!!

    My favorite PC collection is my Hoopography Top 25. Mostly because I'm blogging about it currently, but there are some really fun cards in there with great memories. I also enjoy the '97 and '98 SPx ProMotion sets im putting together. I'm almost done with '97, I just need the Jordan to complete it. The '98 set still needs a lot of work. I also have a '97 Ultra Court Masters set that's going strong. That's high on the PC list.

    BTW: Nice Leodis Mckelvin Auto. He's a ball hawk!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Fuji.

    I have accidentally started an Albert Pujols PC just from collecting Cardinals cards. And another PC that in it's infancy right now is my Hall of Fame collection.

    Thanks for keeping the 'QOTD' going.

  7. Happy Birthday,
    Mine is on Sunday which I believe is or was the birthday of Freddie Mercury,Jessie James & Nap Lajoie.

    Looking forward to those hockey cards, Thankyou again.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. TJ - One of my biggest problems is that I have too many PCs and I keep finding new ones. Maintaining them can be a pain... sometimes I wish I had only 1 or 2... maybe one of these days I'll cut back. Best of luck on the Clemens PC.

    SpastikMooss - Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was awesome... and I'm going to celebrate it with some friends for a few more days. Do you ever post scans of your Lue collection? I'd love to check it out.

    G_Moses - Thanks for the birthday wishes... you're smart to keep your PCs simple and to the point. I should start cutting back... and possibly cutting some loose. Best of luck on the soccer collection! I've thought about starting a SJ Clash/Earthquakes PC, since there isn't much out there of them. However it's on hold for now.

    Tony Mc - Thanks for the birthday wishes... No sweat if you create your own b-day pc. I'd love it if someone else collected it w/ me. As for Lind... is it bad that I don't even know what team he's on?

    Charles - I agree... your Top 25 PC is sweet. I also like those ProMotion sets too. Thanks for birthday wishes... oh and the Hardaway is one of my favorite cards in my collection. I've been looking for a Warriors autograph of him for awhile now. Now, if I could only find a Richmond in his Warriors uni... I'll have put Run TMC back together again.

    82Redbirds - I'm sure you have sweet cards in your HOF and Pujols PC. You're smart, because your PC's are safe. If you ever need the $$$, it shouldn't be hard to find other collectors who will take those PCs off of your hands. Who's ever going to buy my b-day PC? lol.

    Martyn - Thanks for the birthday wishes... Happy early birthday to you. Jessie James huh? That's pretty cool. Lmk when your cards arrive.