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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

More 80's Treats

A few weekends ago, I wrote a post about 7-Eleven Slurpee discs.  Today let's check out another 80's treatMother's Cookies stadium giveaway cards.

When Topps released their team cards last year which featured wide angled shots of stadiums, it seemed to be universally liked by collectors.  And rightfully so... because they're beautiful.  I enjoy them so much, that I decided to track down as many copies of the Oakland Coliseum as I could get my hands on.  However I've shown off the 2019 Topps card #126 more than enough times.

1984 Mother's Cookies Athletics #28

While looking for cards for a Rickey Henderson post I wrote last month, I came across the card you see above.  It inspired me to track down as many Mother's Cookies cards featuring stadiums as I could find for a reasonable price.  

Unfortunately COMC's prices didn't fit into my budget, but there are a couple of dealers on Sportlots who have some in the 18¢ to 28¢ price range.  Those are prices I could live with.

Here is what I've accumulated so far...

1984 Mother's Cookies Padres #28

1984 Mother's Cookies Mariners #28

1985 Mother's Cookies Athletics #28

This is my favorite card of the lot.  This was the Oakland Coliseum from my childhood.  The one with the amazing view of the Oakland Hills beyond the outfield scoreboards.

1985 Mother's Cookies Padres #28

1985 Mother's Cookies Giants #28

I really love this card too with the city of San Francisco in the background.

1985 Mother's Cookies Mariners #28

1986 Mother's Cookies Athletics #28

This is probably the worst looking card of the lot... but I went to the game when they handed these cards out.  I also attended the San Francisco Giants Mother Cookies giveaway game that season as well.

1987 Mother's Cookies Astros #28

1987 Mother's Cookies Dodgers #28

1987 Mother's Cookies Giants #28

I've written about these stadium giveaways in the past, but I'll review it for those who may have missed them.  Back in the 80's and 90's, Mother's Cookies created team sets for the Oakland A's, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, California Angels, and Houston Astros that were distributed to fans in a little paper envelope.

There was one catch.  They didn't give fans complete sets.  Each fan received twenty-something (maybe 21, 22, or 23) different cards, plus six or seven duplicates of one player.  The idea was to trade one of your extras to someone who didn't receive that card in their envelope for a card that you needed.  I've gotta say the idea is pretty ingenious.

 1989 Mother's Cookies McGwire Set #4
1989 Mother's Cookies Griffey Rookie Set #3
1992 Mother's Cookies Ryan No-Hitter Set #4

Later in the decade, Mother's Cookies also started creating special sets of cards to honor specific players like Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr., and Nolan Ryan that were inserted into specially marked bags.  But this post is running a little long, so I'll save those for another day.

Here is your question of the day...

What is your favorite cookie, favorite stadium, and/or favorite stadium giveaway?

I love just about any cookie, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with my sister-in-law's "gross" cookie.  Not sure of the exact ingredients (family secret?), but they're similar to a cowboy cookie.  Each year... my Christmas present usually involves a dozen or two of these and they don't last very long.

My favorite stadium will always be the Oakland Coliseum for sentimental reasons... but I also loved Candlestick Park.  And AT&T is definitely the nicest ballpark I've gone to.

Internet Image

As for stadium giveaways, as much as I love my Mother's Cookies team sets... I think the Run TMC bobbleheads are my favorite.  I'm pretty sure the game I received the Mullin was the last Golden State Warriors game I attended.  The following season, the Warriors started winning and ticket prices started soaring.

Okay... this post has dragged on long enough.  Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Run TMC was fun. Didn't last long though.

    Soft chocolate chip.

    I haven't been to a lot of stadia. Almost got locked in a restroom at Candlestick. I guess I'll pick Petco.

    Well, it was a mini replica of Qualcomm Stadium from the Padres' last game there. It had a plastic protector to show off my ticket stub from the game. But my ticket stub got ruined so I threw it out. Now it's just the stadium replica with an empty slot where the protector used to stand. Got some decent stuff that wasn't unique: floppy hat, shirt, seat cushion, beach towel. I got several years out of the first two. Haven't used the latter two much.

  2. Best cookie = anything with peanut butter.

    I love these Mother's Cookies cards -- most of 'em have come my way via COMC because they don't show up too often here in the Midwest.

  3. Oatmeal raisin cookies are the bomb. I've only been in three baseball stadiums (all Braves). I would have to pick SunTrust Park (albeit SunTrust as changed their banking name to Truist when they merged with BBT). I hope they don't change the park name too.

    1. Oh, they did, Johnny. It's "Truist Park" now.

  4. Nice, I love stadium cards!

    Making cookies is unfortunately one thing that Japan, as a country, absolutely sucks at. The ones they sell at supermarkets here are just awful, tiny little crumbly things bathed in preservatives which just absolutely do not satisfy me at all.

    When I go back to Canada and find myself in the snack section of a supermarket I just go nuts looking at all the awesome cookies available. Its one of the things I sometimes long for!

  5. Monster cookie, Wrigley Field, team card set giveaways.

  6. Funny, I've been assembling a mini collection of cards featuring stadiums I've seen games in, and I was just looming at a couple of those mother's cards. I've attended games where the mother's partial sets were distributed, as well as games covering a wide variety of giveaways but my favorite sga is the dodger infield bobble head. I love a good chocolate chip cookie and dodger stadium is my favorite venue.

  7. Love the Mothers Cookies sets and giveaways. Also love stadium cards. There's a Sportscaster of Candlestick that I need to track down.

  8. Mother's all the way!

    Favorite cookie: Mother's Circus Animals

    Favorite Stadium: Dodger Stadium

    Favorite Stadium Giveaway: Baseball cards (got quite a few sets of the various Mother's Cookies Dodgers cards)

  9. That is actually a really good looking rookie card of Griffey. You have quite a collection for sure. Hands down, Oreo Cookies rock!

  10. Camden Yards is a high standard to match. I did go to Wrigley the year before they renovated the bleachers. Got the Cubs Archive cards from that game too.
    I remember going to an Orioles game and getting a hat ping way back in the 80's or so. Then we went to another game randomly a couple months later - and got the second pin! We were committed then, so I got the third one too. Still have them.
    In elementary school, they had these chewy peanut butter bars that no one's been able to match since. Partial to chocolate chip otherwise, but they gotta be soft.

  11. Favorite cookie: Maybe just a classic chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin.
    Favorite stadium: I grew up attending games at Shea Stadium in Queens, NY, so that holds some nostalgic value for me. Taking the subway there, jostling through the crowds, the low-flying airplanes. It was quite the experience for a kid.
    Favorite stadium giveaway: A replica batting helmet.

  12. I really like that Mothers card with the city of SF in the distance. I love Yankee Stadium (would have to pick old YS over the new one but I like both). Favorite giveaway would be cards, which I've only gotten twice - at Yankee Stadium last year, and the one time I went to Shea in 1989.

  13. Fave cookie....Vienna Fingers ot vanilla Oreos
    Fave Stadium...Memorial in Baltimore (RIP) or original Yankee Stadium
    Fave Giveaway...picture packs. Long gone now I'm afraid.

  14. elliptical man - it didn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted. by the way, just realized you have a blog. just added it to my reading list. maybe one day you'll write about getting locked in the restroom at candlestick

    nick - try buying them on sportlots, i found them to be much more affordable

    johnnys trading spot - i never keep up with the different park names. couldn't tell you what they call the coliseum or at&t these days.

    sean - speaking of cookies in canada... when i went to butchart gardens, i had these maple cookies with cream in them. they were awesome. wish i had access to some of those right now

    wax pack wonders - my dream is to go to wrigley at some point in my lifetime. what's a monster cookie?

    gcrl - i've been to dodger stadium at least twice (most recently last summer). it's definitely an iconic ballpark

    nick vossbrink - candlestick sportscaster? as soon as i see you blog about it, i'll add it to my list. don't want to bid each other up ;D

    bbcardz - circus animals are awesome. the pink and white ones, right? one of my favorite sga sets are those dodgers cards i've received from you the past two years (from your contest).

    sumomenkoman - griffey had a sga rookie too. i was looking to buy a psa 10 graded copy of that card, but then prices started soaring. just bought some oreos today :)

    gca - chewy peanut butter bars sound amazing. i now what you mean about the pins. my friend and i went and got the first two bobbles and were locked in to get the mullin

    gregory - i'd love to see the low flying planes at shea in person one day. not sure it'll ever happen, but it's on the list

    bo - the 1989 mets set sounds interested. i might need to go out and find the gooden

    commishbob - so jealous of anyone who had the opportunity to watch a game at old yankee stadium. they used to give away picture packs? i think you should write a post on them ;D

  15. I got a statuette on Star Wars night at Fenway Park in 2016. It's BB-8 as a baseball. It's my only stadium giveaway!

  16. Favorite Cookie: My wife makes these chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips and it’s loaded with mocha or cappuccino. They are incredible.

    Favorite Stadium: Busch Stadium II

    Favorite Stadium Giveaway: Any kind of bobblehead is always good, but I will go with the old Cardinals Smokey Bear card sets.

  17. Chessmen cookies are pretty great.

  18. jongudmund - that's a pretty cool collectible. i think i have a chewbacca bobble from a giants game that i purchased off of a co-worker

    the snorting bull - yeah, those 80's smokey the bear sets were cool. i never received one from a game, but have picked up a few at flea markets

    sport card collectors - reminiscent of koufax holding his four balls

    adam kaningher - just ate another bag of those this week