30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, July 13, 2020

All Hits No Fluff

Today has been a little crazy.  My brother stopped by and hooked me up with two huge bottles of hand sanitizer along with some startling news.  Then within fifteen minutes after he left, my best friend called and told me she lost her phone.  She was pretty freaked out... and rightfully so.  I've been in her shoes and it wasn't fun.  Thanks to the Find My Phone app, she was able to track it down.

After that... I settled down and began writing this post.  Ever since my summer break started, I've been dedicating Monday mornings to writing at least one or two blog posts.

The good news is that I have plenty of stuff to write about.  I've been using my eBay gift cards at least once or twice a week... and making at least one Sportlots order every other week.  There are also cards from my recent COMC order that I'd like to write about as well.  Plus a few of you gave me topics to write about last week.  And if that weren't enough...  I also have a stockpile of care packages that I need to write posts for.

The bad news is that I'm so backed up... that some of these packages are approaching the two to three week mark.  So before I go any further, I apologize to Rod (Padrographs), Alex (Chavez Ravining), and Bob (The Best Bubble) for the delay in publishing "thank you" posts.  I've already scanned and uploaded Rod and Bob's packages.  I just need to sit down and writeAlex's contest package is sitting on my desk waiting to be opened.  Had planned on opening it up this weekend, but it didn't happen.  It does give me something to look forward to though.

Head is killing me.  Gonna lay down and take a quick nap.

Okay.  I'm back.

Today's post covers a care package from Mr. Scott over at Bob Walk the Plank.  He retired from blogging a couple of years ago to spend more time with the family, travel, and live life.  Rumor has it that he's active on Twitter, but I'm one of those old guys who has an account, but doesn't really know how to use it (although I did have a nice chat with Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders while typing up this post).

That means the only communication between us usually takes place within the comment section of each other's blogs.  However last month, he emailed me to confirm my address and a week or so later, a fat padded envelope was sitting in my office.

Inside there were five cardsAll hits.  No fluffSee for yourself...

2014 Topps Tribute Autographs Sepia #TA-JC (#'d 09/35)

This is the sixth autographed Canseco card I've added to my collection.  This card pairs up nicely with the pink parallel that Collecting Cutch sent me last year.

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP113

I miss Josh Donaldson and those early 2010 A's teams.  I'm always happy to add another rookie card of his to my collection

2002 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Materials #118
2006 Flair Showcase Autographics #SC-MK

A pair of "hits" from an era when I wasn't collecting.  Even though I wasn't buying cards, I still attended games and rooted for both of these guys.

2014 Topps Tribute Autographs Gold #TA-DST

The final card is this shiny card of Stew... who was a stud.  He just celebrated the 30th anniversary of his no-hitter against the Blue Jays back on June 29th, 1990.

Thank you Matt for this very generous care package.

Well that's it for today.  I'm hoping to write at least one more post after publishing this one.  Then I'm going to lay down and take a nap, because my head is still killing me.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Lots of nice stuff! That definitely looks like a BWtP special right there.

  2. Voting for Phillies legend Dave Stewart.

    Try chamomile tea. Or green tea.

  3. Wow! Some really nice stuff. Feel better.

  4. Nice cards and nice post. Hope you feel better.

  5. Hope that startling news wasn't bad news. Great cards from Matt as always.

  6. Nice cards! That Canseco is nice. I should add an auto of his, just to have!

  7. Nice additions, especially that Stewart!

    And hope you have a good nap and get over that headache!

  8. Don't think I've ever seen a Dave Stewart autograph before, nice!

  9. Dave Stewart was a force with the A's. Is wild that this is the first auto of his I've seen.

  10. Jose actually has a pretty nice looking auto. Awesome care package!

  11. The Stewart is a beauty. Hats off to whomever designed that card at Topps. Plus, his signature is truly a work of art.

  12. Glad everything arrived safe and sound. I'm sure I'll have more for you as continue to dig in old monster boxes.

  13. Those are some great cards, I especially like the Stewart. Hope you headache went away with that nap!

  14. Wait..Josh Donaldson came up as a cather? I had no idea.

    Stewart's sig is really cool but if you gave me a hundred guesses I'd never puzzle out whose it was.

  15. Some great cards in this post. I really like the Dave Stewart autograph. I think he's one of the few great 1980s/1990s players whose autograph is still missing from my collection.

    I also like the Donaldson card though. It's always fun to see older cards of players where they were playing another position than what you are used to seeing. Jack Flaherty has a bunch of early cards where he was batting, obviously airbrushed over from high school or Perfect Game. Same with Sean Doolittle. I saw him play for USA Baseball and at UVa, picked up a bunch of his Donruss/Panini stuff from 2007ish. All first baseman cards.

  16. Jumping on that Stew bandwagon--great looking card!

  17. It's nice you have a time dedicated to blogging and that you have a bunch of stuff on which to write. That's great for us. Nice cards. I remember when Jermaine Dye was pretty feared. Those A's teams back in the early days of this century were always menacing. Dave Stewart looks so fierce. Nice cards.

  18. dennis - yeah, he hooked it up

    elliptical man - i love green tea. drink it almost every day. but i heard chamomile is good for allergies, so maybe i'll give it a try.

    the angels in order - stew is the man.

    jeff b - pretty sure it's allergies. i was fine after taking a nap.

    bbcardz - thanks. i felt better after my nap.

    gcrl - it was pretty crappy... but things ended up being a false alarm

    johnnys trading spot - very true.

    the lost collector - you should be able to find one for around $10... cheaper if you don't mind a sticker-graph

    sean - the nap saved the day. i don't normally like to nap in the afternoon, because then i end up waking up a lot at night. but i needed it.

    nick - stew has some nice affordable graphs out there. well... just look at the one matt sent me

    nick vossbrink - topps had him sign for a few years, so there are a few different options for collectors to choose from and most are reasonably priced

    sumomenkoman - he was signing at a card show in the east bay last year. the guys i talked to say he was really cool.

    p-town tom - topps did a great job with tribute that year. the autographs really stand out on the extra shiny cards

    bobwalktheplank - thanks for the care package buddy. i'll have to see if i have any pirates i can send your way. if not, i'll go out and pick some up

    matt - it did. naps work better than medicine sometimes.

    commishbob - lol. pretty sure i said the same thing about jd. i don't think i would be able to guess it correctly either and i have four or five of them in my collection

    the snorting bull - i think my only doolittle autograph features him as a first baseman. btw... you should be able to pick up a nice stewart autograph for under $10.

    alex markle - it truly is. stew was the man... and is a fan favorite here in the bay area

    peter k steinberg - i'm sure things will change in a few weeks when have to buckle down and develop curriculum for the upcoming school year. right now i'm just sitting back and waiting to find out how we'll be starting the new school year.

  19. Dang, that Canseco auto with the #33 at the end!