30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, January 9, 2020

No Brainers

Today the students had a minimum day... which meant that the teachers had the pleasure of sitting through some professional development.  Hopefully 2020 will start off on a positive note and the training will be finished right around the time this post is published.

Anyways... today's post is going to be short and sweet.  In about a week and a half, we'll find out who made the cut to Cooperstown.  As a baseball fan, I figured I'd post my personal picks even though my opinion doesn't count for squat.

Being a "small hall" kind of guy, this year I'm going to limit my pics to the three "no brainers" on the ballot:

#1Barry Bonds

2002 Sweet Spot Signatures #BB

Bonds is my first no-brainer.  He's the best hitter I've ever personally seen enter the batter's box.  In an effort to keep this post a reasonable length, I won't be getting into the PED debate.  My opinion has wavered over the years, but it hasn't changed since 2018.  If you're curious, you can read my opinion on the issue here.

#2Roger Clemens

2015 Orem Owlz Signed Bobblehead

I've never been a fan of Clemens, but my vote (that doesn't count) is based solely on his contributions to his teammates and franchise.  The Baseball Writers' Association of America voted him the best pitcher in his league seven times.  That's enough for me to consider him a no-brainer.

#3Derek Jeter

1999 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Refractor #M3

As much as I dislike the New York Yankees, I truly admire how Jeter played the game.  He was the face of the hallowed franchise for two decades and his numbers are without a doubt Cooperstown worthy.  If Mariano received 100% last year, Jeter should this year.

What about you?

Who'd receive your HOF vote this year?

If my vote actually counted and I had a few more minutes left in my lunch break, then I'd actually sit down and look at a few other guys I think will eventually get in.  But on this "minimum day" Thursday, I'm going to minimize the length of this post.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Jeter for sure. I think Todd Helton deserves a look. I throw a hometown vote to Paul Konerko, though I know he will not make it in.

  2. I hate this year's ballot. I've decided to ignore Curt Schilling and call it "Cheaters and Jeter." (and this is the year I choose to visit Cooperstown?) Hopefully Larry Walker sneaks in there.

    In all honesty these are three legends of the game and they will eventually get their due. Might as well get 'em in all at once. Heck, throw Schilling in there, too.

  3. I'd vote for: Bonds, Clemens, Jeter, Kent, Rolen, and Walker.
    And seriously consider Helton and Jones.
    Yeah I'm clearly not a small hall guy.

  4. I'd vote for Jeter, Schilling, Rolen, Abreu, Walker, and I'd probably flip a coin for the PED guys.

  5. I've got my HOF post ready for Monday. I'm more of a "big Hall" guy, so I've got a fair amount more names than you. Your unofficial ballot is better than the actual voter who voted for Manny but not Bonds or Clemens!

  6. Don't disagree with any of these three Fuji. I used to be much harder on Bonds and Clemens in my younger years but I think I'm going soft!

  7. 01. Bonds, Barry
    02. Clemens, Roger
    03. Helton, Todd
    04. Jeter, Derek
    05. Jones, Andruw
    06. Ramirez, Manny
    07. Rolen, Scott
    08. Sheffield, Gary
    09. Sosa, Sammy
    10. Walker, Larry

  8. No to Bonds, Clemens or PED guys for me. Jeter is a shoe in.

  9. johnnys trading spot - if we ever create a blogger hall of fame, you'll get my vote buddy

    jedijeff - i definitely believe helton deserves a look. i don't believe players should get penalized for playing in certain cities. it's not their fault

    sumomenkoman - i'd hate to be the guy who doesn't vote for him this year

    chris - cheaters and jeter. i like it

    corky - lol. if they start opening the floodgates, buhner has just as good a shot as all of the other hall of very good players.

    nick vossbrink - i picked up a few rolen autographs last year because they were cheap and i figured he has a chance to make it in. although it looks like he might have to wait a few years

    gtt - looks like walker and schilling will be getting in this year

    matt - looking forward to reading it. yeah, that doesn't make sense. it also doesn't make sense that someone voted for bonds, but not clemens

    shoeboxlegends - i feel the same way about getting softer with age. i was really upset with pete rose for many, many years. these days... i like the guy

    adam kaningher - looks like he'll be getting in this year. i'm super happy for him.

    mike - solid list. those 10 would be my top 10 as well. different order though

    sport card collectors - yeah. jeter is definitely a no-brainer

  10. I would vote for Omar Vizquel. Dude was magical.