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Monday, July 15, 2019

The Dreaded eBay 1 of 1's

Some bloggers call this a scan dump.  I choose to think of it as the product of hours and hours of cleaning my office and sorting thousands of cards.  Neither of us are wrong.

Today's post will showcase thirteen additions to my Prime #'s PC, which consist of serial numbered cards that are the last card in the run... or the first.  In other words... eBay 1 of 1's.

Here are the #1's:

2018 Topps Major League Materials Black #MLM-DG (#'d 01/99)

The majority of the cards in today's post came from my buddy Ben.  Some of you may know him as the guy who sells cards out of his garage.  But I'm pretty sure this Gordon jersey was purchased at a card show at some point.

2008/09 Topps Hardwood Wood #42 (#'d 001/299)

2010/11 Panini Gold Standard Golden Anniversary #18 (#'d 001/299)

2010/11 Playoff National Treasures Century Silver #149 (#'d 01/10)

2008/09 Topps Hardwood Maple #61 (#'d 001/175)

2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity Gold#230 (#'d 01/75)

2015 Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks Limited Edition #5 (#'d 1/5)

2010/11 Panini Threads Century Proof Gold #83 (#'d 01/99)

2009/10 Donruss Elite #134 (#'d 001/499)

Out of all of my #1's... the card is my favorite.  I grew up watching Run TMC.  Plus when it comes to my Prime #'s PC, the larger the serial number run, the more interesting the card is to me.  In other words, I'd rather add a card #'d 001/499 to my collection than a card #'d 001/100.

Moving along... here are four cards that were the final cards in the run:

2012/13 Panini Threads Proof Platinum #147 (#'d 10/10)

2018 Topps Archives Blue #208 (#'d 25/25)

I recently purchased a "lot" of 2018 Topps Archives on eBay for the Fan Favorites autographs.  This card was part of the mix.

2009/10 Donruss Elite Gold #26 (#'d 100/100)

2005 Panini Prizm Limited Edition #175 (#'d 5/5)

I didn't discover any "jersey number" serial numbers during the sort.  Then again... I didn't take the time to look up any jersey numbers, so I might have a couple that slipped through my fingers.  I'm just happy to get the bulk of the sorting finished.

The next step is filling my binders, completing sets, and scanning some more cards.  After I finish doing this stuff, I can start building care packages for some of you.

Well... I'm off to review "primes" and "composites" with my students.  Only two weeks left of summer schoolYee haw!

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Nice cards. I do like the numbers on numbered cards that mean something. First, lady and player number. Maybe a year or stat accomplishment. Good post.

  2. I have found that I happen to own a fair number of cards numbered 42/xx. I don't seek them out, and so I find it a bit odd that I have so many. Not a bad number to have though. I have paid a premium in the past for a few steve garvey cards numbered 6/x so I am part of the problem.

  3. Woo! Rare Wiz sighting! I don't really follow my hometown Wizards (or the sport in general), but I've noticed that they almost never show up in trade posts that I've seen.

  4. Several really "LOW" numbered cards in there.

  5. Toronto fans love Jose. He was at some of the playoffs games this year.

  6. Crazy how many of those you have!

  7. That's a lot more NBA than I am used to seeing from you but I like it. I have a list of all my 1 of cards on the Database, I have 34 of them. Provided I remembered to include them all. https://www.tradingcarddb.com/List.cfm/lid/618/We're-#1

    I should do a last of list at some point. Even though I'm addicted to serial numbered cards and have thousands of them, I believe I have only two that match a jersey or car number, and I can only think of one of them so it may be the only one... luckily, I pulled it myself.

  8. I seek out jersey number Cutch cards, but that is generally the extent of it. The first or last of a print run don't interest me much.

  9. bulldog - thanks. they're just one more thing for me to keep an eye out for. most of the time it's just a matter of me stumbling across a card, but every now and then i'll seek one out

    gcrl - i just discovered a really cool card sitting in a box this past week that's numbered 42 (out of 250 or somthing). i'm gonna write about it soon. and i understand the garvey thing. i'd pay extra for a card #'d 19/xx if it's gwynn.

    gca - yeah... outside of maybe a michael jordan card, this might be the first wizards card to appear on my blog.

    johnnys trading spot - yeah... it's kinda like shooting fish in a barrel looking for #1's when the cards are numbered to 5.

    the lost collector - lol. i know.

    jeremy - i honestly hadn't thought of him until i saw this card. good to know toronto fans haven't forgotten him

    sumomenkoman - this makes up a nice percentage. i'll pick one up here and there if they're cheap. plus my buddy ben sets them aside when he's sorting through his boxes

    billy kingsley - 34 is awesome! that kobe you have #'d to 1999 is my favorite. i don't have many jersey number cards either.

    collecting cutch - if i had to focus only on one thing... it'd be the jersey numbers. but i don't add them to my collection very often.