30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Long Lost Treasure

I've been cleaning my office for the past week or so.  It's been a slow process, because there were an unbelievable amount of sports cards to be sorted.  There were about a dozen eBay purchases, a few stacks worth of COMC cards, a ton of blogger care packages, and a bunch of cards from last month's card show.

If I didn't have a bad back, I could probably sit down and organize everything in a day or two.  Unfortunately the most I can tolerate is around two hours of sitting down and that involves several sessions of stretching in between.

Anyways... I'm excited to report that I'm probably about half way finished.  In a few days, I should begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It'll be nice to finally be able to walk into my office and find things.

Speaking of finding things... yesterday I found this package under a stack of magazines sitting on the floor behind a box of supplies.  A quick glance at the date revealed that I received this package back on March 6th of this year from my buddy Woody over at CCW.  Now this date might not mean anything to any of you, but that was the day I rushed down to Las Vegas to see my mother.  The next day she passed away.

The next few weeks were kind of a blur.  I vaguely remember Woody reaching out to me about this care package and responding.  But then it just got lost in the shuffle until I uncovered it yesterday.

Woody... if you're reading this buddy... I'm very sorry for the delay.  I ended up waiting one more day to crack it openThis afternoon, I tore into the package and pulled out fifteen team bags filled with cards:

I ended up sorting them by teams:

As usual... Woody hooked me up with A's, Padres, Seahawks, and Packers for my PC's.  He also threw in some 49ers, Raiders, Giants, and Warriors for my students.

I didn't want to delay this post any longer, so I picked my favorite card from each stack of cards:

My students will be excited to see fan favorites like Marshawn Lynch, Buster Posey, and Steph Curry.

Personally... I was super excited to see a six pack of this card:

2019 Topps #126

If the year ended today, I'd pick this card for my Favorite Card of 2019.  I have another one somewhere.  I just need two more for a nine-pocket page.

He also included three hits:

2018 Topps Independence Day MLB Patches #IDML-WM

This is the first time I've actually held one of these cards in my hand and I've got to say that I'm pretty impressed.  I really like how Topps took the time to use a photo of Myers wearing the Padres Independence Day uniform.

2008 Topps Chrome Autograph #TC177

I remember the Seahawks signing Flynn to a big contract back in 2012Some guy named Russell Wilson beat him out for the starting job and Flynn eventually found his way back to Green Bay.

2018 Donruss Rookie Phenom Jersey #21

This is a pretty sweet card of the San Francisco 49er's 2018 2nd Round Draft PickDante's numbers should improve with Garoppolo throwing the ball his way in 2019.

Well that wraps up this post.  I'm embarrassed that it took me so long to open this generous care package.  I hope Woody won't hold it against me.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I need to get those stadium cards.. I was really excited when I saw they were included this year.

  2. Lots to look at in this mail day. Everyone seems to be expecting a big year out of Pettis

  3. The Stadium cards look so cool. I need to display them all somehow

  4. March 6 is my wife's birthday. If it doesn't mean anything to me, I'm in big trouble. But I getcha.

  5. mike matson - they're awesome! my favorite topps subset in years

    sport card collectors - the guys on the radio mentioned him a few times yesterday, but they were also talking about the other two receivers the niners drafted recently

    the lost collector - i really like this set as a whole. i'll probably pick up a factory set and display it in a binder at some point. if you end up figuring out a way to display the stadium cards, i sure you write a post on it

    night owl - it's my best friend's mom's birthday as well.

    johnnys trading spot - i'm pretty sure it was the only brown and gold card in the bunch. sure glad it was goose.

    collecting cutch - woody always hooks me up with a lot of variety.