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Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Card Show Keepers

It's been over three weeks and I'm just now getting around to posting my Serramonte Mall Sports Cards, Toys, and Collectibles Show haul.  I could come up with a bunch of excuses, but it wouldn't be anything you haven't already heard... so let's just get down to business.

I went there looking for a 1973 Topps baseball set, but ended up walking away with some 50¢ to $2 items.  The bulk were for fellow bloggers, but there were a few items I grabbed for myself.  That's what I'll be sharing in this post.

Purchase #120 Cards for $12

One of my favorite dealers at this show has these very cool dollar bins.  I ended up pulling out twenty cards from his boxes and he took care of me on the price.  Here are the five I'm holding onto:

1995 Pinnacle Artist Proof #222
2010 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey #UDGJ-RH

1994 Upper Deck #24

Jackass or not... I can't pass up a rookie card of a guy who hit 696 home runs at this price.

2005 Topps Bazooka All-Stars Relics #BA-WJ

1992 Star Pics Autographs #11

And I realize kickers aren't exactly driving the football card market, but Hanson is the 4th leading scorer in NFL history.  No way I was going to pass this card up.

Purchase #22 Cards for $2

1965 Topps Embossed #45

One dealerSeveral discounted boxes.  This Cepeda was the only card I grabbed for myself from his dollar box.  The other card is for one of you.

The next two purchases came from the same dealer with this dollar bin.

Purchase #36 Cards for $3

The guy's 50¢ bin had been pretty picked through, but I did manage to find a few cool cards.  Here are the two that I'll be holding onto:

1954 Topps #119

1973 Topps #400

Vintage stars for 50¢ each?  Yeah, I'll be happy to add these to my vintage binders.

Purchase #4Dollar Bin Autographs $7

Technically these weren't in the guy's dollar bin.  They were in a box labeled 75% off.  It just happened that each of these autographs were marked at $4, so they ended up being a buck a piece.

1988 Swell Dick Lane #65

These aren't certified, but I looked up a few of the signatures and they looked pretty good to me.  

With the exception of Schmidt and Mitchell. all of these guys are deceased.  Haven't decided what to do with these.  I could have my buddy get these authenticated and slabbed, but I'm not really sure if it's worth my time and money.

Purchase #510 Cards for $20

The final purchase came from another popular dealer who is known for his $1 and $3 boxes.  I didn't have time to go through his dollar boxes, but I did manage to put together a nice stack of cards from his $3 bin.  He told me the best he could do would be $2 each, so I cherry picked the ten cards I felt were the most interesting or returned the best value.

Here are the four that'll be staying with me:

2004 Ultra Season Crowns Gold Game Used #29 (#'d 23/99)

2013 Panini Golden Age Museum Age Relics #8

Bill Terry had a career batting average of .341 and was the last National League hitter to eclipse the .400 markLogo or not, there was no way I was going to let this card go.

1995 Best Autographs #NNO

2005 Reflections Dual Signature #DMKY

I didn't think I kept this card in my stack, but it was. Oh well... these faded signatures are destined for my Damaged Card Binder.

Well that wraps up my latest card show haul.  The Serramonte Mall Show returns in September.  I'm hoping to finally cross off the 1973 Topps set off of my wantlist.  If not... picking up some cheap cards for myself and fellow bloggers isn't too bad either.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!

Extra Innings

1999 Fleer Greats of the Game Autographs #NNO

Just read the news about Bouton passing away.  My thoughts go out to his family and fans.  Honestly didn't know much about his career.  I purchased Ball Four a few years ago, but never got around to reading it.  Last year, I picked up this autograph for $3 from Craig.  He's the guy who has the $3 boxes from Purchase #5Rest in peace Mr. Bouton.


  1. That gold Cepeda is beautiful. I've seen others from that set (or those sets?) but never pulled out the wallet to grab one. Might have to snag an example for myself some time. Nice pickups!!

  2. Nice finds here, the Andruw Jones auto and the Bill Terry bat relic are two I would have jumped on for sure. Probably the Halladay and Antonelli, too. Bummer about the Youkilis auto, but it's tough to pass up at that price.

  3. Some nice football purchases there. I agree with you about the Star Pics Hanson auto. Nice find.

    The Namath photo is great. It sure is different than you normally see on cards.

    I think you did a good job with the autographed Swell cards.

  4. "I purchased Ball Four a few years ago, but never got around to reading it."

    DO IT!!!

  5. Andruw Jones has one great looking signature. I really like the Hanson as well

  6. peter k steinberg - the only ones i'm familiar with are the 65T embossed cards, but they might have been released over a few years. they might have been an archives insert as well. the good news is they're pretty affordable.

    chris - he actually had a few of the andruw jones autos, but i grabbed this one, because it was his full signature. i probably should have picked up another one since they were so cheap.

    johnnys trading spot - picked up some braves for you too.

    angus - i'm excited to finally add a vintage namath to my binder.

    defgav - charging up the ipad right now. gonna give it a shot this weekend

    sport card collectors - i was so stoked to find the hanson. it's one of my favorite purchases.

    eric c. loy - thanks. post has been revised.

  7. Those are some great finds!

  8. Ah Topps Embossed. I always want there to be chocolate inside. Also FYI we'll be at SJ Obon Sunday. In Giants happi just like last year.

    1. I don't think I'm gonna make it. My friend bought me this year's shirt though... and it's pretty sweet. Hope you and your family have fun. Can't wait to see the photos on your blog.