30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, November 17, 2017

I'm Free

I've had Kenny Loggins' I'm Free in the back of my mind since yesterday afternoon when I read Collecting Cutch's comment on my Kevin Bacon post earlier in the week.  He mentioned one of his favorite Bacon movies was Footloose, which made me immediately think of the song.

Not familiar with it?  Here ya go...

Lol.  Sorry.  The Kids Incorporated version was the only one I could find that would work on my blog.  Anyways... from the moment I arrived at work this morning, I began counting down the minutes until 2:00 when I'd be free to...

1.  Binge watch Stranger Things.

2.  Sleep in.

3.  Cruise.

4.  Scan, sort, and sleeve some sports cards.

5.  Build my Lego Star Wars Droid Escape Pod.

6.  Open up a few blogger packages

7.  Golf at least once... maybe twice.

8.  Head over the hill at least once.

9.  Keep up with your blog posts.

10.  And hopefully write at least three or four blog posts during my nine days off.

What about you?

Anyone have any cool plans for their Thanksgiving break?

Whatever you guys and gals do, I hope you stay safe, eat well, hang with your loved ones, and spend at least a little bit of time enjoying the hobby.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. I really need to sit down and watch Stranger Things, my best friend called me shortly after season 1 was released and told me I need to watch it. Yea...it has been on my Netflix list since that day but I haven't watched it. Maybe I'll take a couple days this week to binge watch it.

    I recognize one of those boxes, and it sure looks like the USPS put it through the wringer.


  2. Working on Thanksgiving and the day after and the day after and the day and the day after. I used to request this week off every year, but with some new work responsibilities I almost have to work this week these days.

  3. Fuji...you and I would be friends in real life. Your plans sync up well with how I'd spend my time.

    We're headed to my parents house for Turkey Day, then keeping up with a family tradition...heading to Hershey Park from Fri-Sun! We go every year after Thanksgiving, and go to the actual park on Saturday. The kids love it.

  4. Man - the school system in your area has a LOT of days off for Thanksgiving. Just 4 days in Illinois.

    My plans? Dog haircut appointment in a couple hours. Then Uber'ing my ass off 5 days straight. But all the money I make Mon, Tue and Black Out Wednesday is mine to spend come Black Friday. Time to delete some numbers of the want lists.

  5. My kids are off all week for Thanksgiving, but I only get Thursday off. Your plans sound awesome though! Love the Stranger Things costumes. I went as Dustin again this year. The only thing I really need to do this weekend is post about the package that you sent. Hoping to hit up a card show and maybe the AFL championship game later today, but I've been a little under the weather so we'll see.

  6. You get nine days? Lucky! We just get a four day weekend at our school.

  7. No plans here. Just keep on blogging and hoping for some mail days lol

  8. Stranger Things is great. That's awesome that you get the next nine days off. I still have to teach half of next week.

  9. Our break was Three Days.. I get a PA Day Friday, so a three day weekend this week..

  10. Florida off Thursday and Friday although Wednesday is a half day, Georgia off all week. Crazy.... I hope you cross off your entire to do list!

  11. Well earned and deserved! I hope you can accomplish it all then some!

  12. Taking a couple days off from work and spending time with family.

  13. Sounds glorious! Stranger Things is a must. I plan on putting a few more posts together. Enjoy the break!

  14. corky - hope you had some free time to check out stranger things. i've been pretty busy this week, but i'm planning on busting open your box tomorrow.

    night owl - i hope you're able to get some rest after working through thanksgiving.

    the lost collector - hope you enjoyed your turkey day with the family. had to look up hershey park. sounds amazing. i can consume handfuls of hershey kisses

    jedijeff - we used to only have thursday and friday off. but a lot of students, teachers, and administrators would just take a few extra days off, so they decided to make it a full week vacation, but tack on extra days at the end of the school year. hope you got some good deals on black friday

    daniel wilson - dustin is my favorite character. hope you're feeling better. one of these days, i'll become one of those die hard baseball fans who follow the arizona fall league. maybe when i retire

    tony burbs - we made the switch to a week off a few years ago. best decision ever. i'll gladly tack on 3 days at the end of the school year to have this week off.

    sport card collectors - hope your week was filled with mail days

    snorting bull - i'm sure you'll be smiling when i'm working through the 2nd week of june and you're enjoying your summer break

    mike matson - hope you're enjoying your 3-day weekend

    john miller - i crossed off a few things, but not all of them (yet)

    b man - thanks buddy. did you make it out to that card show?

    ketchupman36 - awesome! hope you had a great thanksgiving with the family.

    sumomenkoman - thanks. sad that it's coming to an end. now i'm starting to look forward to my christmas break in one month